Chpater 1

Just the Beginning

Most nights had been windy and cold for the past week. Rain had been blowing in every direction and splattering against the window. Unless you were used to the rain and wind it was very hard to go to sleep as the wind was very loud and making whooshing sounds and the rain was banging loudly against the glass of the windows. Branches from trees were scratching against the glass and everything seemed to be much more frightening during the night.

This night however there was no wind and there was no rain. Everything was quiet and peaceful. Everyone was in a calm and peaceful sleep, except one 16 year old boy. Harry James Potter was laid on a thin mattress in a small box room. Compared to other rooms this room was cold and damp. His guardians had never liked him and they had always treated him poorly. They had treated him like a slave and made him do all the work in the house and all the cooking. He was made to wear his cousin's old clothes that were round about four times bigger than he was and they looked like rags on him. Harry was laid on his back with a thin blanket in a tangle around his limbs. He was sweating and shaking and whimpering ever so slightly.

He had been fine and having a dreamless sleep until suddenly when the clock struck midnight. Once the clock had struck midnight a sensation so powerful and painful shot down his spine and leaving him gripping the sheets and arching his back in the air. It was so painful he didn't seem to be able to get enough air in to his lungs to scream. He had been in pain for three hours now and the pain seemed to be decreasing. Ever so slowly the burning fire that had been lit inside him was put out and he slumped against the bed. He then fell back into a dreamless sleep.

When Harry woke around three and a half hours later he felt something was different. He didn't know what it was and shrugged it off. He got out of the bed and frowned. He suddenly remembered the pain he was in last night and wondered why he wasn't in any pain now. Surely it would hurt to move after what he was put through? Maybe he had dreamed the whole thing up; maybe he was just going crazy. He rubbed his eyes and quickly got changed and went downstairs to make the Dursley's their breakfast and clean all the things he used and the benches down before they came.

He placed all the food on the table and walked back up the stairs and into his bedroom. He shut the door and as soon as he did that he heard another door open. He sighed in relief and plopped down, face first, on the bed. He heard Hedwig hoot and turned his face to the side. She was in her cage and wanted to get out. He sighed and got back up off of the bed and made his way to his first friend. He had always had a good connection with his familiar, he seemed to know what she was thinking and she could do the same to him; it was amazing. He got a pin from a drawer and picked the lock. She jumped on his arm and he opened the window and cringed at the squeaking noise it made. Once it was open he lifted his arm into the air and watched as Hedwig soared into the morning sky.

He went to his cupboard and opened the door and froze as he looked into the mirror. It was him but it wasn't him that was looking back at him at the same time. His usual black messy rat's nest that he called hair was straight parted down the right side. It was still midnight black but no longer messy. His usual vibrant green eyes were no longer that colour, instead they were silver. Unlike the Malfoy's and Black's silver that were kind of flat, his were very standout-ish. They were bright and welcoming, not cold. His face was a little different aswell. His cheekbones were higher and his lips were a little fuller and pinker. He had put on some more weight as well. He had already had some muscles thanks to his Quidditch training but now there seemed to be more. How did he not notice this? He pulled up his top and looked at it. Now there was a clear six-pack. It would still need work to get it to be fuller and better but you could still clearly see the muscles for a six-pack there.

His shoulders were broader and his arms were musclier. He was also taller, something he was rather please about. He was now around 5'9 instead of 5'7. He frowned in confusion and wondered what had happened. Everything was so strange. The horrible agonizing pain last night, the new look and now he felt as if something was different inside; to do with his magic. It felt as though it wasn't his usual magic, it felt stronger and more alive. Unlike his magic before it felt like it was just there for the sake of being there. He liked this feeling of his magic.

He looked back into the mirror and smiled slightly. He like this new change and he felt free for some reason. He even looked handsome compared to what he looked like before. The only think he liked about his appearance before was his eyes. Suddenly a thought occurred to him and this made him realise that he was in such deep thoughts about his appearance that he had not realised it. His vision was slightly blurry. He hesitantly raised his hand and slowly pulled his glasses off, perfect vision. He smiled wider this time. He already loved the fact that he didn't need his glasses anymore; they were such a distraction and were no good in a fight if they broke or got dirty. His smile widened.

Then it dropped when he saw he still had the lightning bolt scar on his head, great, still there. He sighed and shrugged. At least I don't have to wear glasses anymore, he thought. He chucked his glassed on the bedside table and sat on the wafer thin mattress. He picked up his wand from under his pillow and just held it. He nodded. His wand still felt good and connected to his magic and that was good. He really liked his wand. He lay down on his back and closed his eyes.

It had been one week since his looks had changed albeit that wasn't the only thing that seemed to be changing. Hedwig had changed too. Now that was a surprise, but what was more was that he loved her new look. Her feathers had gradually started to change colour and her beak had gotten longer and her talons had gotten razor sharp. Her talons were needle-like and there were no feathers around the talons, instead it was covered by amour-like scales. She was an eagle and a serpent eagle at that. She had dark brown feathers and looked very graceful when she flew in the air. He didn't know why she had change but he figured it had something to do with that fact he had changed.

He was able to do small pieces of wandless and wordless magic. Before the change he had started on wandless but had only managed the fairly easy spells. Now he had managed to all the ones he was trying, but was having trouble on the slightly harder spells. His thoughts were changing as well. His hate for muggles had gotten stronger. He had never hated all muggles but now he seemed to have a hate for them, even though he may like the odd one or two. He was beginning to think in a more selfish way. Not to say he was selfish because he was still Harry James Potter and wanted to help people, but he seemed to think beyond that and see what was in it for him first. It was all so strange and thinking about why this was happening gave him a headache so he stopped and just forgot about it.

His relatives had been a bit freaked out when they had seen his new look and they seemed to be a little nervous around him, he didn't know why. His birthday was in one week and he wondered how Ron and Hermione were doing. Dumbledore had wrote to him and said that he was going to pick him up tomorrow morning and take him to the Weasley's home. For some reason and he didn't know why, he had a feeling he would not be seeing Dumbledore tomorrow.

Narcissa Malfoy was sat in her bedroom sorting through some old photos when she came across a certain photograph that was taken sixteen years ago. She smiled sadly when she saw it. It was of her at the hospital the day her sons' were born. She was laid on the bed, looking like a total mess but she didn't care. In her husband's arms was her son Draco Lucius Malfoy. He had blonde hair and grey eyes. He looked like his father, even more so now that he was grown up. In her arms was her other son. She had, had twins, fraternal twins. Draco was the eldest twin; he was two minutes and thirty-nine seconds older than his brother. The adorable little boy in her arms was Stefan Cygnus Malfoy. He had black hair that he had gotten from her side of the family and silver eyes. She had never seen silver eyes so bright before and knew just looking at him that he was going to be so beautiful as he grew up.

Unfortunately he never did get to grow up. He died a few hours later. She was so heartbroken. Her beautiful son was dead and she would not be able to raise him. She was lucky that they had twins because without Draco there she probably would have had a breakdown and then where would she be? She sighed and put the photo in the back of the photo album. Draco never knew about his brother but he had always wanted one. Narcissa couldn't handle if she lost another child and made sure she never got pregnant again. Lucius was a bit upset as he had wanted another child but he had understood and got over it, for which she was thankful.

She got up and put the photo albums in a box and then walked over to a picture of Lucius and Narcissa on their wedding day. She moved the picture aside and behind was a safe. It was a bit like a muggle safe except that it needed your touch to activate and it could tell if the person was disguised and had traps set into it if someone tried to get in. She shut the portrait and smoothed down her hair. She was about to leave the room when there was a tap at the window. She frowned and saw a owl perched on the window sill. She opened the window and watched as the owl dropped the letter on the bed and flew back out. So they didn't want a reply, she thought. She waved her wand and when she deemed it safe she picked it up and ripped it open.

Dear Lord and Lady Malfoy

I first off want to apologise for what has happened and what you have been through. At first I did not know what James had done and so I obviously did nothing about it. However I did find out and I was livid. I can't tell you how disgusted I am with myself for letting James persuade me to leave it and not do anything about it. You are probably confused and so I will start at the beginning. I was pregnant with a son and was so happy. I was going to have a child with the man of my dreams. Nothing could have spoiled that or taken my dream away from me; except the baby itself. My son died in childbirth but I did not know. I was out of it at the time and the nurse had taken him away. James came back looked nervous with our son, but at the time I thought he was just tired.

After a while I had found out what he had done. He had stolen some woman's child. I was livid and disgusted and I tried to get him to take the child back. He persuaded me to keep the baby boy and so I did, but not without a heap load of guilt. He had told me who the parents were, but I want to make sure. I have sent you the results of that and it also told us that the boy had a soul mate.

I wrote this to you because there is a huge chance we will die and I need you to know this before we go. I don't know exactly when this letter will get sent off but I hope soon. I am sure you have guessed but I will say it anyway - the son is yours. James had told me how you had, had twins and he didn't think, he just acted. I am deeply sorry and I do not expect you to forgive what we did, I would not forgive myself either.

Again, truly sorry,

Lily Evans-Potter

Narcissa's mind was blank. She started to hyperventilate. She sat on the edge of the bed and clutched her chest. Lily Potter had stole her baby? But then that meant he was still alive! She shook her head and grabbed the other sheet of paper and quickly read it through.

Stefan Cygnus Black

Mother - Narcissa Druella Malfoy

Father - Lucius Abraxas Malfoy

Soul-mate: Tom Marvolo Riddle

Narcissa gripped the parchment tightly and stormed out of the room. She walked swiftly down the corridor and turned left and then came to a stop at a dark wooden door. She knocked twice and waited impatiently. "Enter." said the voice of her husband. She pushed the door open and practically slammed the door shut. Lucius's eyes widened, he had not seen her this angry since forever, something terrible must have happened.

"Cissa? Are you alright?" She slammed to pieces of parchment down on the desk and he quickly read them through. His eyes widened as he read the first one. His son was alive? His son was Harry Potter? He then quickly went on to the second one and nodded his head. He didn't know who this Tom Marvolo Riddle was but he had a feeling his lord would as he remembered the diary he was given by the dark lord. That had the initials Tom. M. Riddle carved into the binder. He got up and hugged his wife. She started to shake and he moved her to the couch and just held her as her sobs were let free.

After a while she had eventually managed to calm down and they got up. "I will have to show this to the dark lord." he said slowly. Narcissa nodded albeit she was scared for her son. The dark lord wanted to kill her son! Lucius kissed her and walked out the study and up a set of stairs to a mahogany door. He knocked and patiently waited. He heard the hissed voice telling him that he would be able to be come in and cautiously went in the room. His lord was sat on a leather chair next to the fire. Nagini was curled up on the floor by his feet.

"What is it, Lucius?" Lucius gulped and walked further into the room and bowed. He didn't say anything he just simply handed the letter and results to him. Voldemort reached out and he shuddered as his cold had rubbed against his own. Voldemort silently read through the information, but Lucius couldn't tell what he was thinking or feeling as his face was kept blank. "Interesting." he said at last. His voice was soft and Lucius gulped. That usually meant danger. "So Harry Potter is your son?" Lucius didn't answer as he seemed to be talking more to himself. However he did not in case Voldemort was trying to catch him out. "Stefan." he whispered.

He turned to look at Lucius fully and tilted his head to the side. "Go and get your son, Lucius." he said quietly. "I will not kill him." Lucius bowed and walked out the room. "Not like I can anyways." he whispered to the empty room.

Harry had everything packed and he had shrunk his trunk and put it in his pocket. He was still wearing the rags that belonged to Dudley but he had put his black robe over the top of that. Hedwig was on his shoulder and her cage was shrunk and also in his pocket. He heard a knock at the door and frowned. In the letter it said Dumbledore was coming for me at twelve at midnight, he thought perplexed. It was only ten pm right now and he didn't know who it could be. He heard the front door open and then Vernon yelling.

"What are you freaks doing in my house!" he was yelling and Harry sneered. He hated the word freak. He walked to the door and stopped when he heard a voice he recognised. Lucius Malfoy.

"I am here for your nephew!" He didn't know if it was his imagination but it sounded like Malfoy was mocking him when he said nephew. He shrugged and he didn't know why but he opened the door. He stopped at the top of the stairs and saw three people; Lucius Malfoy, Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy. He frowned again.

"Potter!" Draco said, but it sounded strange coming out of his mouth, like he was forcing it out. He briefly wondered why. Severus quickly stunned the large man when he was distracted by looking at Harry and he fell to the ground. All three looked at him and Harry was surprised at the lack of hate in their expressions like they usually wore. And for some strange reason Harry felt safe near them and that they wouldn't hurt him. That was the only reason that he walked down the stairs calmly. They looked shocked when they managed to see him properly and Harry swore he saw Lucius smile slightly. Where was the yelling, the screaming? Where was the Avada Kedavra? Crucio? He was completely lost. Severus ushered Draco back outside the house and moved aside. Lucius looked at Harry hopeful and held out his hand.

Harry stared at it warily and then into the hopeful eyes of Malfoy. He cursed in his mind but grabbed it and let the man take him outside and apparate him away. Severus stayed behind and renovated the large man and then obliviated him, and then finally apparated away with Draco.

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