Chapter 7


Hermione was sat in the kitchen of the Burrow and was holding a warm cup of tea in her hands. She watched as the steam rose and melted into nothing. She took a sip and smacked her lips, feeling the tea warm her up easily. She was really worried about her friend right about now. She had been terrified when she had heard that Harry was missing when the headmaster had gone to pick him up and she had cried. She didn't want anything to happen to him and she wanted him to be safe. They had been out looking for him and nothing; he had not been found. He had been missing for about five days now and she was praying in her mind that he was not dead.

She was annoyed at Ginny and sometimes felt like slapping her in the face. She was the only one that was not really worried. Well she was, but only because her hero was missing. How she could have deluded herself to think that Harry would be with the likes of her is astounding and a mystery to Hermione and she knew it would never happen as Harry was gay. And if Ginny had not realised it, he had never shown any interest in her, in all the years they had known each other.

Ron was really worried as his best friend was missing. The twin's pranking partner was missing and brother, Molly's other son was gone and she was working herself up into a frenzy and Remus was a mess. He had lost everyone; James, Lily, Sirius and now Harry was gone. Hermione didn't know how much the poor man could take. She took another drink and looked up and she heard some footsteps. She smiled as she saw Mrs Weasley come into the kitchen and start up the cooker.

"What are you doing up this early?" Mrs Weasley asked.

"Couldn't sleep." She replied. The woman nodded and started on making some food. There was a silence as she went about her business and was broken by Ron.

"Morning." He yawned.

"Good morning, Ronald." Hermione said quietly.

"Morning son." Ron sat down next to Hermione and put his arm around her shoulders. He rubbed her arm soothingly and she put her head on his shoulder. Ron tilted his head so that his cheek was pressing against hers.

"How are you doing?" he whispered. Hermione closed her eyes and let go of the cup.

"I just want him to come back."

Remus was sat in his ratty apartment and was sorting through some boxes. He came across a box that held a load of pictures in. He pulled the lid off and tipped the photographs on the bed. He decided to sort through them and order them. He smiled as he did so; putting his school pictures in one pile, family in another, Harry in one and when they had grown up. He smiled sadly at the picture of Sirius and put it down. He grabbed a photo album and started to place them inside.

An hour later he was done and he put the album aside and went to the window. He looked up into the morning sun that had yet to rise fully and sighed. Why was his life such a mess? He thought. What good had really happened? The only thing he could think of was his friends. Even though he was made to become something he despised, he had still made friends and become his family. He was thankful for that but why was it ripped away from him?

First James and Lily. Murdered by that horrible bastard and then to find out Peter had betrayed them. Then Sirius was killed and taken from him, his only friend left. Now Harry was missing and no-one could find him. He was miserable.

He moved from the window and walked out the bedroom and outside. Everyone was in a panic because Harry was missing and they were suspicious because Voldemort had not made any move or attacked anybody and they were confused but pleased about that. Though some still had in their mind that he was planning something and soon something was about to happen. Remus didn't know what to think.

He only wanted Harry back.

Dumbledore was sat in his office.

Minerva was sat opposite him and was frowning, looking at a letter.

"Dumbledore? Who is this Stefan Malfoy?" she asked confused. Dumbledore shook his head, he had no idea.

"I had no clue, Minerva." He said aloud. "However he will be joining us this year at Hogwarts and is somehow connected to the Malfoy family." Minerva nodded her head and put it down.

"Any news?" she asked. Dumbledore sighed and shook his head.

"No, there is nothing. But wherever he is, I am hoping he is safe and unharmed." Minerva looked down and stood up.

"I best go headmaster." She said and left the room. She stalked down the corridor and to her office. She wanted Harry to come back safe. He was in her house and was one of her lions and she didn't want to think about the fact that Harry might be hurt somewhere, or worse, dead. She closed her eyes and shut the door behind her. She took a breath and opened her eyes once more. She re-lit the fire and walked to her desk and sat down. She needed to finish her lesson plans.

Dumbledore watched her leave and sighed, sitting back in his seat and intertwining his fingers. He looked out the window and looked as the morning sun began to rise up high into the blue clear sky. Obviously today was going to be a nice sunny day, but he felt that the weather was mocking him. With everything that was going on, the weather should not be nice. At least it was a substitute. The only good thing that was happening lately; the weather.

Stefan woke up and groaned as the light shone through his window and on to his face. He pushed himself up and dragged himself to the bathroom to get washed up. He turned the shower on and looked at the mirror. He saw a blush staining his cheeks as he remembered last night. He grit his teeth and scowled. The kiss was amazing but he didn't like that he was been teased right before he went to sleep. Then again, this was Voldemort that he was talking about. He got undressed and jumped into the shower. He let the hot water run down his body and sighed contently. After he was done he got out, dried and dressed.

He wore some black trousers and boots to go with them. He put on a white top and a dark green, almost black sweater on the top of it with a thin dark blue robe. He grabbed his wand and left the room. He stopped outside his brother's room and knocked on the door. He waited and smiled as the door opened. His brother was wearing black slacks, white button up with a vest on top and a simple black robe. His hair was done to perfection as always.


Draco nodded in agreement and they made their way to the dining hall. Stefan loved the dining hall. It had a huge table in the middle of the room with a huge fireplace to its right and a huge window to the left. It felt calming and peaceful to him and he loved it. They walked in and he had a look around the room. His parents were there along with Severus, who was wearing black as usual. Marvolo was there, sat at the head of the table looking gorgeous. From what Stefan could see he was wearing a black button up top and a jacket over the top and a robe on top of that. His hair had small curls at the end which Stefan thought were kind of cute and if you looked at him, you wouldn't think this was the most dangerous wizard.

Voldemort looked up when the door opened and grinned when he caught sight of Stefan. He pointed to the chair at his left and Stefan immediately went to the seat, Draco sitting next to his brother. He put some food onto his plate and started to eat. Voldemort grinned and smirked at the same time to Stefan and was delighted in the blush that followed.

The youngest Malfoy was relieved when breakfast was over because Marvolo kept giving him side glances that did him no good and was happy when he could get away. However that didn't happen as he saw Hedwig soar through the open window and land in front of him. He frowned and patted her head. He grabbed the letter that was tied to her leg and started to read.

Dear Harry,

Now I have no idea why I am writing because if it is true and you have been kidnapped or killed, it isn't likely that you will be getting this letter but I am hoping neither of them are true. Wherever you are I do hope that you are safe and happy, Harry. You are my best friend, my brother and I only want what is best for you and I only want you to be happy, so if wherever you are, if you are happy then I am glad and thankful. You of all people deserve whatever happiness you can salvage and I would not hate you or curse you for that.

I hope you get this and can write back because I miss you and I am out of my mind with worry about you. Everyone misses you... well, Ginny misses her hero but everyone else TRUELY misses you and wants you back. Though if you are happier where you are then stay; but I do hope you will write and tell me you are ok so I don't have to worry about you so much.

I love you,

Your sister,

Hermione x

Stefan's face was blank as he read over the letter and dropped it on the table. He had honestly forgotten about his friends as he had so much to think about whilst he was here. He frowned as he thought over what Hermione said. She seemed to really miss him and he knew she was probably getting herself all worked up. Ginny, he grimaced at the thought – her hero! It made him sick and he was glad Hermione had told him the truth on that. He did miss the twins though, he loved thinking of new pranks and telling them. He never did them he just came up with them.

"Who is it from?" Draco asked curiously.

"Hermione." He said bluntly. Her frowned and Stefan rolled his eyes and pushed the letter towards him. He looked up to see Marvolo looking at him curiously. He smiled weakly and handed him the letter when his brother was done with it. Marvolo showed no emotion as he read through the letter so Stefan had no way of knowing what the letter had meant to him. Marvolo dropped the letter and folded it up. Stefan looked at him with wide curious eyes and Marvolo stood and announced he needed to be somewhere.

He was now very confused. What could he possibly feel from reading that, which made him have to leave? Or maybe he really did have something to do and Stefan was over-reacting. Stefan grabbed the letter and excused himself from the table; he needed to go and write a letter.

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