Maybe We Could Find New Ways To Fall Apart.

Chapter one: Realisations.

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They say you just know; when you touched them, you know. They were your soul mate, your other half; the person you were meant to be with. It was different for everybody: for some it was like butterflies, like falling in love a million times over; for others, it was like a cold, hard slap to reality.

You just felt it.

And Kurt felt it, by god, he felt it.


This was not happening.


Kurt had always dreamed about his soul mate, ever since he was young, dreaming of a Disney prince type, to come and take him away from dreary Ohio and sweep him off his feet. You see, Kurt had always known he was gay, and he was proud of it; proud of who he was. And even after a few bumps and bruises along the road, he had the full support of his family and friends, including his new step-brother, Finn, and his soul mate (and Kurt's best friend), Rachel. He couldn't help but feel a little left out when his friends were finding their soul mates. First it was Finn and Rachel, then Tina and Mike, and now more recently, Santana and Brittany. They just looked so damn happy all the time, making plans with each other, and leaving Kurt on the sidelines. Then Blaine came along.

In all areas, Blaine fit Kurt's Disney prince fantasy to a T. He was polite, had a great sense of humor, was courageous, and just an all around gentlemen. Not to mention that he was absolutely gorgeous. The only problem was that he wasn't Kurt's soul mate. They had known since Blaine first grabbed his hand in the halls of Dalton Academy. Yes, they were happy together, and very much in love, but Kurt couldn't help think that something was always missing, some spark between them, igniting a fire within him, to make him forget the world and just feel.

One person not lacking to stir a fire within him, for all the wrong reasons, was one Sebastian Smythe. He continued to try to steal Kurt's boyfriend, and insult his face and his clothing choices. Just because he looks like he gets dressed in the dark, that stupid smirky little meerkat, Kurt would think to himself.

So when Sebastian Smythe walked into the Lima Bean one day after school, as Kurt was getting his Wednesday after school caffeine rush, he found himself not in the best of moods. Usually Blaine accompanied him, but he was rehearsing for yet another duet with Rachel, so he was riding solo for the moment. Was he always here? Kurt wondered to himself. Surely there were other coffee shops closer to Dalton. I should know, I went there for six months! Kurt tried his best to ignore him, which was difficult when he took the seat across from him.

"Hey there, Gayface," Sebastian greeted him, a crude smirk dancing across his lips. "where's your tub o' gel boyfriend? Finally got sick of looking at you and went off to find a real man?" Sebastian asked, sipping his macchiato.

Kurt glared at him. "Oh joy, it's you, I almost couldn't see you over your giant ego. And it's none of your business where Blaine is." Kurt replied, sarcasm heavy in his voice.

"Don't be so glum, Gayface; I see you got a great deal on your clothes from the JC Penney womens department this week," Sebastian teased, gesturing to Kurt's outfit.

"Listen," Kurt bit back sharply. "I'm sick of this. Of you insulting my clothes and calling me a girl with your smirky meerkat face, and your boyfriend-stealing agenda. So just please, leave me alone before I do something I really regret."

"Oh, don't get your panties in a bunch, Hummel." Sebastian waved him off, not believing Kurt for a second. "What? Is baby gonna c-" SMACK. Kurt slapped him hard across the face; the sound reverberated off the wall. Both males stared at one another, too shocked to speak after such a movement.

Kurt stalled, catching his breath and trying to form words, but nothing was coming out. This was it. The feeling he had been waiting for all his life. Rachel had tried to explain what it was like, how it felt for her, but she hadn't prepared him for this. It was like little electric shocks had taken over his whole body, bringing his very skin to life; making him feel real, feel significant for the very first time. It was an adrenaline rush, taking away his ability to move and to think, and all he could do was feel.

This was how he was supposed to feel with Blaine...but it wasn't. Not even close.

By the look on Sebastian's face, he wasn't expecting this either. He was staring into the distance with a strange look on his face, fingertips ghosting the spot on his cheek where Kurt had slapped him. Both of the boys only came out of these semi-trances as the manager of the Lima Bean came over, snapping at them to leave the premises, violence here was not condoned. They were ushered out into the parking lot, and Kurt and Sebastian finally stopped to look at each other. Kurt could see the passion burning in

Sebastian's eyes, and at that moment, they both knew what the other was feeling. It was incredulous, the bond that had developed from just one touch. They had both felt it, the rush of electricity thrumming through them, making them feel complete, like two halves of a whole. It was what Kurt had always wanted, and never expected, not in Ohio at least. It was what Sebastian never wanted at all. He had always wanted heat, passion, nameless faceless men he'd picked up at Scandals, but now this feeling was here, he never wanted to let it go.

It was love at first touch.

The only problem was that Kurt and Sebastian both hated each other.