Maybe We Could Find New Ways to Fall Apart

Chapter Eight - Little Talks

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"It was perfect, 'Cedes, just perfect!" Kurt gushed over coffee the following morning before school. "He made a beautiful picnic and there was cheesecake – and you know how I feel about my cheesecake – and then when it got colder we snuggled underneath a blanket, and it was –" - he paused, searching for the right word - "- Wonderful. He's wonderful. And he's mine."

Mercedes just grinned into her latte, thinking of her own date with Sam. While less grand a gesture (they went to the drive-in movie theatre two towns over and well, didn't watch the movie), it was still time spent with her soulmate, and that time was precious indeed. The two friends made quick work of their coffees, and hopped into Kurt's car to make their way to school, Kurt counting down the hours until he could see Sebastian again.

Kurt had managed the drive to school quite quickly, despite the traffic – and Mercedes' questioning about him and Sebastian. He had just reached his locker, retrieving his French book for first period, when a squealing and crying Rachel Berry hurtled down the corridor towards him, dodging people left and right and almost running straight into the old history teacher, Mr Matthews, all the while waving a large piece of paper in the air. "I, oh my god Kurt, I just – I can't believe it!" She panted, still half sobbing. "I'm a finalist!" And with that, she flung her arms around Kurt in a too-tight hug, almost choking him and getting tear stains over his (new) Givenchy shirt that he'd managed to find for an absolute bargain on eBay.

As she finally let go of his shirt (now ruined, thanks Rachel), the small brunette gave Kurt an expectant look, one that asked 'okay, now how about you?' He just shook his head silently, saying, "I haven't got my letter yet Rachel, but congratulations. If anyone deserves to get in, it's you." She gave her friend a reassuring smile and linked his arm, dragging him along to French class, all the while jabbering on about NYADA and "I'm sure your acceptance is at home, just waiting for you to open. I can't go to New York without my best gay."

School went by without a hitch until 4th period; he hadn't even crossed paths with Blaine – who was still bitter, and had turned a few people - namely most of the Warblers - against him and Sebastian. He had just settled into his English Lit class, his essay on The Great Gatsby coming along nicely, when an announcement came over the PA that he should come to the auditorium immediately. Kurt's mind automatically went to the worst – as the last time he was called out of class, his father was lying comatose in a hospital bed.

When he got to the auditorium, Kurt's eyes were drawn immediately to his father in relief, who was standing nervously next to the stage, a large envelope clutched in his large hands. He let out a breath he wasn't even aware he was holding, with a gasp of "Dad, what are you doing here!?" Burt just held out the envelope to his son, Kurt knowing exactly what it was at first glance, the NYADA logo standing proudly against the white of the paper. Both Hummel men shared a nervous glance as Kurt opened the letter slowly with shaky hands.

Dear Mr Hummel,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been called back for a further audition as a finalist for our 2012-2013 academic year…

He was a finalist. Kurt Hummel was a NYADA finalist.

Kurt couldn't help the bright smile that broke out whilst he read the words written for a second time, his father hugging him tightly as he regaled the news. Kurt lost count of the amount of times the word 'proud' was used in the next five minutes, the large grin never leaving his – or his father's – face. Needless to say, he got straight on the phone to tell Sebastian and Rachel the good news.


After school that day, Kurt was in the middle of compiling his 'possible audition songs' list (with a maybe to 'Music of the Night' from Phantom of the Opera, and a no, absolutely not to anything from Cats), when he was distracted by a soft knock at the door, and a strange feeling of dread. Weird, he thought, as he made the short trip to the front door. Opening the door quickly, he was greeted by the sight of a very nervous Sebastian, who was rocking back and forth on his toes, emerald eyes clouded over.

"Hey, Seb what's the-" was all Kurt could get out before an envelope (not dissimilar to his NYADA letter) was thrust at him with a shaky hand and an even shakier, "Please, I can't open it, will you just?" Sebastian gestured to the letter in Kurt's hand as he was ushered inside and guided to a seat on the sofa. Kurt glanced down at the return address on the envelope where COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY ADMISSIONS was stamped on in large, bold letters. He cautiously looked at the letter for a few seconds before meeting Sebastian's eyes, questioning, with a look that said 'Are you sure you want me to do this?' Sebastian simply nodded quickly, staring at Kurt with pure terror on his face, suddenly gripping the other boy's hand in a vice-like hold.

"Sebastian, I'm really going to need both of my hands intact for this," Kurt spoke out, laughing softly. The Warbler bit his lip and let go of Kurt's hand, fingers sliding slowly against his palm and cheeks tinged pink with a slight blush. God, he's so adorable when he's nervous. As Sebastian let go, Kurt opened the envelope with delicate hands, taking great care not to rip or tear the paper in any way. All the other boy could do was watch as Kurt's eyes skimmed the letter, not giving anything away until a giant beam broke out across his face.

"You got in!" Kurt squealed excitedly as he hugged his soulmate as tight as he possibly could, waving the letter around in the air with glee. "You got in!"

Sebastian felt like a freight train had just hit him full on in the chest. He'd gotten in to Columbia, his dream college. He could become a doctor, just like he'd always wanted. It was the biggest 'fuck you' to his father and he absolutely loved it. All he could do was hug Kurt back firmly, letting out quick sobs into his shoulder as relief rolled off of him in waves. Kurt felt the taller boy's stress melt away as he held him close, not even caring about the tear marks that were sure to stain his Paul Smith shirt (that was two shirts cried on in one day). All he could think about was the pure joy that Sebastian was radiating, and the overwhelming pride that he felt for his soulmate at that moment in time.

After a while (or was it merely minutes?) of the two boys simply holding each other on the sofa in the Hummel's living room, they were interrupted by the sound of the X-Box blaring from upstairs. Great, Kurt thought. Finn's home. Apparently the giant of a boy had managed to make it into the house and up the stairs without him and Sebastian even noticing, simply content to stay wrapped up in each other for as long as they could. They broke apart slowly and Kurt turned on the TV, flipping through channels until he got to the Project Runway marathon on Oxygen, Sebastian grinning quietly at Kurt's choice of TV show. Both boys sat comfortably for a few minutes, listening to the contestants argue over Cerulean vs. Duck Egg blue, until Sebastian finally spoke.

"I just – thank you for opening that letter for me, you have no idea how much I was dreading what was inside. It's my whole future, Kurt – I just didn't want to be a disappointment, not again." The tall boy bit his lip nervously, waiting for Kurt to respond, which he did immediately by wrapping his arms around Sebastian's waist and holding him for the second time that day; just breathing in the intoxicating scent of his cologne – sandalwood, cinnamon, and just a hint of boy that smelled so amazing to Kurt.

"You should be so proud of yourself Bas, because you're not a disappointment, especially not to me. You got into freakin' Columbia University - that's an Ivy League school, and one of the best schools for medicine in the world, let alone the country. I'm so proud of you right now," Kurt whispered to Sebastian, lips occasionally touching the shell of his ear, giving the boy in question shivers right up his spine. As he pulled back to look at his soulmate, Sebastian's face suddenly fell, as he burst into tears, but not of relief this time.

"Kurt," He choked out. "Kurt. God, it's been so long since anyone said that to me - that they were proud of me. I - thank you, so, so much for that." He paused, trying to find the right words as he stared into Kurt's eyes, icy blue and oh, so caring and patient and sweet and kind and -

I love you, is what he wanted to say.

"Just, thank you, Kurt. You're amazing," is what he said instead.