I got up the next to day to the front door slamming. I looked over at the curtains as they opened, I smiled and walked over looking out the window. I saw my mom's car back out of the drive way and speed of down the road. I sighed and slipped on my slippers. I walked into my sisters room to see her already sitting up in bed reading my copy of the original Alice In Wonderland. I leaned on the doorframe.

Tess looked at me from over the book, her eyes looked much like mine. "I'm making breakfast, I'll bring some up when I'm done," I told her smiling. I walked out of her room and down the stairs.

I stood over the stove making pancakes, I sighed as my phone started to ring. "Hello?" I said down the phone, carefully flipping the pancake.
"Hey Scar, I'm going to Matt's you coming?" Steve asked "Hey Steve, I can't. I'm taking care of Tess, Mom took off again," I explained, plating up the last of the pancakes "Okay, I'll see you tomorrow when we hang out, tell Tess I said hi," Steve said, I smiled.
"Sure, but I gotta go, tell Matt I said hey," I told Steve, before saying good-bye and hanging up.

I took a plate of pancakes up stairs for myself and Tess. I walked into Tess' room handing her a plate then sitting in her desk chair as we ate together. After eating I put the plates in the sink and ran upstairs to take a shower. I changed quickly before I helped Tess get changed, she had decided to stay in her room, reading her book so I left her to it.

I walked into the living room. I smiled when I saw my Chinchilla sitting in it's cage, all brown and fluffy. "Hey Chewbacca," I cooed, I poured food into his bowl. I watched as he nibbled some of it then turned to stare at me. I gently lifted him out of his cage. The doorbell rang, I sighed. "Come on," I said to Chewbacca, even though he had no choice but to come with me. I opened the door shocked to see Steve, Matt and Andrew smiling at me.

"What are you guys doing here?" I asked, adjusting my hands under Chewbacca's stomach.
"Well Matt and I were bored, and Andrew had to take his mom home, so we picked him up and came here," Steve explained smiling. I moved to the side to let them in. I lead them into the living room, we all sat in a circle. Andrew set his camera on the coffee table pointing towards us. I set Chewbacca on the floor, he started to run around, he stopped and looked up at Andrew before running towards Matt.

"What's it's name?" Andrew asked "Chewbacca," I said proudly, Matt looked at me. "Chewbacca?" He asked, I nodded. I pointed to his cage to show the small Han Solo figure inside it. Steve smiled as Chewbacca nibbled the aglet of his shoes.

Steve phoned me Monday morning asking me to pick Andrew up, since Matt and him were going to pick up my birthday present. I pulled up outside Andrew's house and beeped the horn not really wanting to knock the door in fear of who would answer the door. Andrew walked out the house looking extremely confused to see me waiting for him. I turned down the music that was blasting through my speakers- which happened to be Marilyn Manson Coma White. "Get in the car," I said smiling. Andrew slowly got in the car, dropping his bag at his feet. "Why are you picking me up?" Andrew asked as I pulled away from his house.
"Matt and Steve went to pick up my birthday present," I told him, running a hand through my hair.
"It's your birthday?" Andrew asked shocked, pointing his camera at me. I smiled, looking over to him.
"Err, yeah, it is," I said, looking back at him. "You didn't tell me," Andrew said, keeping his camera pointed me, smiling slightly.
"It's no big deal," I said, pulling into the school parking lot to see Steve and Matt waiting by Matt's car.

We got out and walked towards them. "Hey," I said, smiling. Steve handed me a small box with checks on it. "It's from both of us," Matt told me. I nodded and pulled the red ribbon off the box. I smiled and laughed as I pulled a giraffe charm bracelet out. "It's awesome!" I exclaimed, trying to put it on; Steve helped me. I dropped the box in my bag. I walked ahead with him as he told us that he was had been looking up telekinesis

"You didn't tell me it was her birthday," Andrew mumbled to Matt, who gave a small smile.
"Why do you care if it's her birthday?" Matt asked quietly, Andrew looked at him then looked back at his camera screen.
"Just cause," Andrew answered.
"Telekinesis," Steve started reading from his phone as we walked. I had my hood pulled up over my hair as I walked along side Andrew and Steve. "The ability to move, lift, vibrate- ha, that's my favourite-" Steve joked, I shook my head as Matt pushed him jokingly, "Spin, break, or bend objects through mental power or other non physical movements," Steve read, looking more confused by the minute. "Sounds famillar," Andre stated. "Very famillar," I agreed.
"Wanna see direct influence? Hey Andrew," Matt smirked.
We looked over to a group of girls. Matt started to move the leaf blower that was set down next to them, turning it on. They screamed as we laughed "They're wearing black today!" Steve teased I shook my head just as the bell rang for first lesson.
"I'd love to stay and chat but if I'm late to social studies one more time I'm kicked out of class," I told them, walking backwards away from them. I waved as I turned and rushed towards the building.

After my lesson, I found Steve waiting outside my classroom for me. "Wassuuuuuuuuuuup?" I asked as we walked out of the building together, towards the bleachers where Andrew and Matt sat. Steve and I walked up the steps towards Matt and Andrew. I sat down next to Matt, setting my bag on the step infront of me. "I think our powers are like muscles. We need to work them. I think that's why we're getting stronger," Matt explained as I flicked a pringle into my mouth-using my powers, completely unnoticed.
"How about this for a work out?" Steve smiled, shaking the pringles to cause them to fly into his mouth. I laughed, sipping my bottle of water. Steve let out a small burp.
"Classy," I remarked, causing Steve to smile back at me.
"Maybe it's time we took this out of the back yard..." Andrew said cautiously.

I walked out of school to see Andrew awkwardly standing next to my car. I smiled as I walked over to him. "Hey Andrew, what's up?" I asked, unlocking my car.
"Matt asked if you could drop me home," Andrew told me, awkwardly keeping his camera pointed towards me. I smiled.
"Sure, get in," I reassured getting in the car. I hooked my phone up to my stereo and started the car. Andrew cringed as Avenged Sevenfold Nightmare blasted through the speakers. "Sorry," I apologised quickly, turning it down.
"Do you like that kind of music?" Andrew spoke, I'm guessing to make conversation. I nodded. "Yeah, you should listen to Marilyn Manson- he's awesome," I advised him, glancing at him.

I pulled up outside his house. "Here you are," I told Andrew. He smiled at me. "Thanks for the lift," He said, picking up his bag.
"No problem," I whispered after he had gotten out of the car.