My first foray in the Hunger Games! A small insert into Mockingjay, after Peeta is rescued from the Capitol.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Hunger Games.


Every night for two weeks, Katniss dreams of their reunion.

In her dreams, she walks into his room again. And he's still there, sitting stoically on the bed; she calls out his name and his arms reach out again. She flinches each time, waiting for his hands to wrap around her throat, but instead they gently touch her jaw, caress her face, feather down her sides to touch her waist, her hips. And his eyes, still so heartbreakingly blue, don't look hollow and angry. Instead they are tender and happy, so happy to see her, to touch her.

Her own eyes fill with tears and she whispers words she doesn't even know she has in her—I miss you. I need you. I love you.

And he breathes back the words she never knew she needed to hear—I love you. I'll never leave you. Always.

Their lips meet then, puzzle pieces finally locking together, the world falling back into place. She can't get enough, taste enough. The warmth she felt in the cave and on the beach spreads through her, the hunger returning like never before. Every part of her is alive and whole and perfect, here with him; she can't believe she never saw it before.

The moment is perfect but fleeting. She doesn't care; they have forever, and his promise of always lingers sweetly in the air. The war is insignificant, the scars they both have are unimportant. All that matters is this moment and every moment after. He is here, he is back, he loves her. Always.

He lays back in the bed and makes room for her in his arms, and she goes to him. She will always go to him. They lay there together, hearts beating in sync.

When she wakes up, there are no screams. She hasn't dreamt of blood and fire and murder. She didn't see the Games, didn't see death all around her. Then she touches her throat and feels the bruises, remembers that Peeta hates her.

Somehow it's worse than any nightmare she's ever had.