A/N: I feel I should apologise for the absence of both Charles and Erik in this prologue, please don't be put off, this is definately a Cherik fic. I just felt that this was necessary to the story in that it establishes a certain atmosphere and sets the story up without actually being part of it as such. Hence I suppose why it's a prologue, not a first chapter.



Agent Hank McCoy mumbled a string of irritated curses under his breath and shoved his head under the pillow in an attempt to drown out the shrill ring and echoing hum of his cell phone as it vibrated against the surface of his nightstand. It didn't work. Throwing the pillow on the floor with another mumbled curse he groped blindly for the phone and hit 'answer' instinctively.

"Hello." He snapped, angry at having his sleep disturbed at… He couldn't be bothered to open his eyes and read the actual time on his alarm clock because he was tired and it was too damn early, …stupid o clock.

"It's me." The caller's gruff voice said and suddenly Hank was not tired any more, he was fully awake and very very nervous.

"Logan?" He sat bolt upright, switched on his bedside lamp and reached for his glasses. "What's wrong?" He asked perching them awkwardly on his nose.

"I've been made. I don't know how, but Shaw found out I'm a fed."

Hank dragged his fingers through his hair and sighed heavily.


"Yeah, that's kinda what I thought too. " He paused for a moment. "We're gonna need to get someone else on the inside."

"Already done. Moira sent one of her guys in a while back… She didn't want to take any chances."


"Just give me your location and I'll send a team in to get you out."

"Too late for that Hank. I'll be dead before they get here."

"What? Logan no… Don't say that."

"Sorry Hank. But they're right on my ass. I've got five minutes tops before they find me and I got nowhere else I can run to. I just wanted to say goodbye and…"

"Just tell me where you are Logan, we can still get you out." The agent's voice was tinged with panic.

"Hank please. You ain't kidding anyone but yourself. I knew what the risks were when I took this job. I'm done, I know it and I'm okay with it… kinda. I just wish I could…" He trailed off briefly his usually gruff voice becoming suddenly soft, Hank thought maybe he heard a small sob but he wasn't sure. "Do me a favour buddy."

"Sure, anything." He choked back a small sob of his own. He and Logan had been colleagues and friends for seven years now and it hurt to know next time he saw him would probably be on a slab. That Logan wasn't the first friend Hank had lost in the field and probably wouldn't be the last either didn't make it any easier.

"Tell Marie I love her would ya? And see that she gets my badge."

"I will, I promise."

"Thanks." There was a brief silence then Hank heard raised voices in the background. "Shit, gotta go Hank, I'm sorry. Don't forget about Marie…"

The last thing Hank heard before the phone went dead was a gunshot.