The virus started taking over, slowly consuming me. I was scared, nervous... and at the same time, I didn't know if the feeling was real.

"Alex!" I cried. He had to be here somewhere. "Alex!"

Hours must've passed before he sauntered into the room. "Settle down, kid. You're fine."

I wasn't fine. I was far from it. He should've known, he's been through this! "Alex, make it stop. It hurts, Alex... please... end it now!"

"For someone in such pain, you're doing an awful lot of talking. Stay quiet and just breathe. It helps it go over faster."

"You don't think I've tried that?"

He mutters something under his breath before a black void overcomes my vision.

I can't see. Alex, I can't see!

I can't talk, either.

I lie on the operation table, writhing in pain, unable to speak, scream, or combat this infection. It'll all be over soon, I think. It'll be done and over with if I just...