This started as a one-shot that came from a plot bunny that wouldn't leave me alone. I think it spawned one night when I was reading Anne Rice's new werewolf story. (Okay story with a blah ending. It was too much like reading Vampire Lestat and jumping to the end of Queen of the Damned for the last chapters.) This story however has nothing to do with that story.

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Werewolf of Hogwarts

19 June, 1989

"But uncle, where am I supposed to go?"

The large, fat man's face purpled at the child's plaintive question. "I don't care, you little freak! I just want you out of this house well before the Howards are due to arrive. The Bolson account is too important to risk even stuffing you into the cupboard. Now get out!"

The tiny boy flinched back from the oafish figure of his uncle before scurrying out the door. His uncle didn't hit him often but it was best not to take chances. The one-time to the emergency room for a broken arm was enough for both the boy and the man. The man didn't want too many questions about the source of the boy's injuries and the boy didn't want to talk about it. So now the man relied solely on emotional and verbal abuse coupled with subsistence level feeding.

In most ways, the physical pain was easier to tolerate.


The park was dark and abandoned when little Harry Potter sat swinging aimlessly. The sun had long since set and the moon was rising to bath the park in shades of grey. The park was completely quiet save for the metal screeching's of the swing as it moved slowly back and forth. In fact it was almost supernaturally quiet. No sounds of distant cars or voices. No bats or owls or other creatures of the night going about their business. Not even any wind. Just a still calmness and a lonely boy on a swing.

Harry was too wrapped up in his internal musings to consider the stillness around him.

He tried to be a good boy and get his aunt and uncle's acceptance and approval. Harry was called a 'cheat' when his grades were better than his cousin Dudley's. He was branded a 'hooligan' and 'bully' for the actions of his cousin and his cousin's little gang of friends. No one ever saw Harry do anything wrong but was more than willing to believe every lie spread about him by his relatives.

It would be many years before Harry learnt the cause of this acceptance was an unintentional side-effect of protections placed on him by his mother and sealed when he was sent to live with his aunt. This effect would last until his magical maturity at age 17.

The protections were meant to shield Harry from magical beings with harmful intent; especially the one that triggered the protections: The Dark Lord Voldemort. Lily Potter created the protections but it was the Killing Curse from the most powerful wizard in almost a millennium that activated them. The protections would repel the Dark Lord and his followers for as long as Harry Potter lived with his mother's blood. When he was at his aunt's house, the Voldemort and his Death Eaters could not even approach the house. Away from the house, the protections still gave him an edge; making his very touches deadly to the Dark Lord.

Unfortunately, the protections had an unintended side-effect. Lord Voldemort's deep hatred for his prophesized opponent infected the protections he'd unwittingly activated. It acted as something of a Confundus Charm or hypnotic suggestion on those magical weaker than the one to trigger the protections. Since Voldemort was impossibly strong, this meant everyone outside of Lily Potter's blood relations was impacted to some degree. Now this side-effect was neutral by itself. It was Petunia Dursley that made it a negative. By spreading maliciously rumours and lies about her nephew, Petunia created a magical predisposition to accept a negative view of the small boy on the flimsiest of evidence. Thus teachers, neighbours and doctors all ignored the obvious signs of abuse. Later this easy acceptance of negative information would influence the students of Hogwarts and the wider magical population during Harry's school years.

Only those with over-whelming positive emotions towards the boy would manage to overcome the Confundus-like effects. The stronger the positive emotion the weaker the protection's side-effects were. This would cause the wildly fluctuating public opinion during the boy's teen years.

But Harry wouldn't learn this for many years. For now he was just a small boy alone in the darkened park feeling sorry for himself.


The first sign Harry noticed that all was not right in the park was the low growling coming from just inside the tree line of the small forest that bordered the park. Years of dealing with the various dogs of his uncle's sister made Harry understandably wary of strange dogs. Harry loved dogs but he'd learnt to keep a safe distance until he'd learned if they were friendly or not.

Harry dismounted the swing and started to slowly back away from the growling sounds. Now he could see sickly yellow eyes of the dog reflecting in the full moon's light. Harry knew that if he turned and ran the dog would chase him down. Instead he continued backing away as quickly as he safely could. Harry may have received poor grades but he paid attention in science class. A dog with eyes like that could likely have rabies or some other disease. Rabies wasn't supposed to exist in Britain but it was better to be safe than sorry.

Harry had managed to place several metres between himself and the treeline when the creature suddenly tore out of the brush. Harry only had a brief impression of slathering jaws and growling as he quickly turned and sprinted for all he was worth. The only though in his mind was to get away.

Harry leapt over the see-saw when the beast caught him by the ankle. Pain shot through the boy as the teeth crushed his ankle like a paper cup. The beast wrenched its head around flinging Harry back the way he came.

Through the pain and panic, one thought screamed in Harry's brain. 'I need to get away, NOW!'

Harry hit the ground in long soft grass but he sensed a wall of some type behind him. He instinctively curled up into a ball to protect himself but no attack came. After what seemed an instant and an eternity simultaneously, Harry forced himself to look up.

He was someplace else. It wasn't the park. It was his school yard. How did he get here? Where did the beast go?

That is when the pain hit.

It felt like liquid fire was rushing through his veins bringing pain to his whole body. Harry wanted to scream but was in so much pain he couldn't inhale to do that.

Then it got worse.

The liquid fire had almost completely enveloped his body when it reached the odd lightning-bolt shaped scar on his forehead. The fire's spread seemed to pause for a moment and the pain lessened. Then the scar erupted; spraying blood over the boy. A cold blackness started to push back at the liquid fire. The blackness burned with its coldness as badly as the liquid fire. Where they clashed was hell on Earth.

The agony forced Harry's immature magical core to react. It had automatically contained the intruder trapped inside the scar for years. Now a new intruder was attacking. A three-way battle ensued between the magical core and the two magical infections. The three forces struggled in a swirl of battle though out the boy's body.

In the end the small fragment of the Dark Lord's soul lodged in the scar was too weak to survive. The cold blackness was destroyed by the native core and the liquid fire. Yet the cold blackness did not go quietly.

The liquid fire also took significant damage in the battle. It was severely weakened and altered. Weakened liquid fire and the remnants of the cold blackness were absorbed by the immature native core. The liquid fire connected and blended with elements of the magical core

The result was something the world had never seen before.


29 October 1993

It was the night before the full moon and Remus Lupin could feel it in his bones. His inner wolf was excited to be released. After more than thirty years of lycanthropy the pain was familiar if still highly unwanted. At least Severus's potion was taking the edge off the pain and would allow him control over the beast the next night.

Professor Lupin was patrolling the Hogwart's halls and grounds as part of his responsibilities to the school. Prefects patrolled until an hour after curfew. Then one professor each night patrolled until 2.00 in the morning. The ghosts of Hogwarts also kept watch during and after the professors' patrols.

As he patrolled the area outside Hogwarts near the greenhouses, the man considered his friend's son, Harry Potter. Harry was not what the older wizard expected.

Harry was a bit shorter than his father had been in Third year, but quite a bit more muscular. He also lacked the Potters' trade-mark poor eyesight although he did have James's hair and face. His eyes were pure Lily.

The younger Potter also seemed to lack James's notorious charisma. Instead Harry maintained a small group of very close friends; isolated from the rest of the school. Many of the students seemed oddly split. They barely tolerated Harry while respecting the Boy-Who-Lived. It seemed rather strange.

Harry also seemed to have an excellent grasp of practical magic. His written assignments tended to be sparse and the absolute minimum length, but he excelled with a wand in his hand. Minerva and Filius agreed with his assessment. Severus of course had nothing positive to say about any Potter while his Runes and Magical Creatures professors hadn't had him long enough to make an assessment. (Although Hagrid assured Remus Harry would be brilliant in his class based on how Harry handled Hagrid's many 'pets'.)

Remus's musings were disrupted when a familiar large black dog ran past. Padfoot. Remus drew his wand to call send a Patronus message to Professor Dumbledore when he received the shock of his life.

The large werewolf sprinted around the corner on all fours at a much higher rate of speed then Padfoot managed.

"Bloody hell!" Remus gasped in shock as he brought his wand to bear. The full moon wasn't until tomorrow night! How could a werewolf be out tonight?

The werewolf seemed to hear the soft exclamation. It abruptly came to a stop and turned to face the Defence professor. It rose to stand on its rear legs and seemed to tower over the currently human professor.

With his experienced eye, Remus could see now that it was still an adolescent werewolf not yet into his full growth. Fully grown the werewolf would be even bigger than Fenrir Greyback! Next, Remus noticed the creature's eyes. No sign of the yellow tinted eyes that indicated the lycanthropic madness he'd expected. Instead the green eyes seemed amused.

Remus slowly lowered his wand. Dumbledore never mentioned that he'd accepted another student infected as a werewolf. Why wouldn't he mention it? And after what had happened during their Sixth year, how was Severus accepting it?

The massive werewolf made an odd hurmph that seemed to contain humour and resignation.

It was not until the sound of a barking dog that Remus remembered the first figure. Before he could act, the werewolf made the same hurmph sound before sprinting off in the direction the dog had gone. Before he knew it, the Defence professor was alone in the darkness again without ever casting a single spell.


It was early the next morning when Remus Lupin appeared in Professor Dumbledore's office well before breakfast was even served.

"Come in, Remus," the old wizard greeted him. "What brings you to see me so early? Did you have some trouble last night?"

"Well, I spotted Sirius briefly if that is what you mean. But first, why didn't you tell me you have a werewolf as a student? Who is it?"

Dumbledore paused from sipping his tea to peer over the cup's rim. "I'm sorry. Did you say we have a student with lycanthropy?"

"I figured you knew," Remus answered. "Somehow he was transformed last night and chasing Sirius. He stopped when he saw me and I could tell he was on wolfsbane. The human mind was in complete control. I reckoned Severus must be making it for him too."

Dumbledore looked concerned. "I did not know anything about this. Are you sure it is a student? The wards wouldn't allow a rabid werewolf through that was not a student, but one on wolfsbane might be able to pass."

Remus made a small shrug. "I am fairly sure the werewolf was only a teenager based on his size and development. I can also tell you the wolf in me knows he is an alpha."

"I will, of course, defer to your expertise," Dumbledore murmured. "I find it highly unlikely that a student could have hidden such a condition from me for long. A First year maybe?"

"Too big," Remus answered. "He was too old. I would say Third through Fifth year would be the most likely.

Dumbledore bowed his head slightly in acceptance. "Once again I will defer to your opinion. Would you be willing to look into this matter for me? With your background it would be easier for you than any of the other current staff."

Remus nodded his acceptance. The student deserved an education but the school staff needed to know about his affliction. While the student seemed to have managed to maintain control this could be a recent affliction. A novice made mistakes. Most attacks were made by novices or the truly evil wolves like Greyback.

"Now, are you sure our friend was male?" Dumbledore asked. Remus resisted the urge to make a snarky comment. How would he have missed that?

"Yes," he answered.

"Excellent. That leaves us with 57 students within the years you indicated. Anything else you noticed about his wolf form that seemed different to you?"

Remus considered for a moment. "Most werewolves are still men that have taken on wolf characteristics. This one looked more like a wolf that had taken human characteristics. The would usually indicate that the wizard as embraced the lycanthropy, much like Greyback. But they are also usually the ones that abhor taking the potion and he was a bit young to have reached that stage too."

Dumbledore nodded. "Interesting. I shall call a meeting with the House Heads for later today. No danger exists during the day so the need is not immediate. Would you be willing to share your memory of the encounter with the rest of the senior staff? Excellent! Now I suggest we make our way down to breakfast."


2 January, 1994

Remus was once again on late night patrol. He enjoyed the quiet darkness of the Hogwarts halls. It reminded him so much of his time at Hogwarts with his friends. James was like the cool big brother that would help you through anything. Peter was quiet but always willing to volunteer to help out. The traitor was fun and the social driver of the group.

It had been James that recognized Remus's monthly absences for what they were in their First year. The traitor suggested a way to help Remus and stole a text on becoming an animagus from the Black family library. Peter was able to slip out and (with James's money) gather the ingredients and other materials needed to brew the animagus identification potion and then train themselves to make the transformation.

The Marauders had made a magical pact in Second year never to reveal Remus's condition or the animagus training of the other three to those not already in the know without the individual's permission. The pact should have been broken once the traitor betrayed James and Lily. Remus still couldn't tell anyone about the traitor's animagus form. Something must have been off in the wording of the pact. James had kept it in the Potter family vault so Remus couldn't verify it. When he had shown his memory of the encounter with Padfoot and the werewolf, the dog was replaced with the traitor's human form.

Remus moved on to thoughts of his own encounter with their mystery werewolf from October. The last full moon was six days past and the third full moon that the full Hogwarts staff had fruitlessly searched for any sign of a werewolf on the grounds. Between the dementors, the traitor, and the mystery werewolf, the staff was getting very nervous about their ability to protect their students. Well, except for Albus and Severus. Albus just proclaimed that everything would be taken care of and ask if you want a lemon drop. Severus just didn't seem to care.

To distract himself, Remus cast the spells the Marauders used to move unobserved through the school: a Disillusionment spell to cover the visible, a Silencing charm to cover the auditory, and an Oderless charm to cover his scent. Remus allowed himself to pretend he was 14 again and off on another Marauder prank adventure.

Remus had just entered the Entry Hall and stood at the base of the great stairway when he heard an odd rushing noise. A flash of blackness in the dim light of the hall passed overhead.

It was in complete disbelief that Remus watched the mystery werewolf leaping from landing to landing moving up the stairs to be lost in the gloom at the top of the stairs. To make matters worse, the werewolf had a school bag casually thrown over one shoulder. The Gryffindor and Ravenclaw towers were in that general direction. Was their mystery student in one of those Houses?

Remus dropped his spells as he quickly made his way to Dumbledore's office. This sighting confirmed the impossible: the student's transformations were not dependent on the full moon and might have been completely voluntary. How many times had the other Marauders used their animagus forms to sneak back to Gryffindor tower after a late night prank or rendezvous? Remus bet the student must have made a run at the Restricted Section. Maybe they could find some evidence of who it was by searching there.

Over the next five months, Remus would have four more sightings of his elusive werewolf. He never came close to capturing the beast and came to the conclusion the infected student was playing with him. No other professors ever so much as spotted the creature. If not for his memories, most of the staff would have suspected the old Marauder of playing a prank on them. Instead it seemed the prank was on him.

One incident in March confirmed the student was a prankster. Remus had been checking a bathroom for out of bounds students. He opened the door to find himself nose to muzzle with the werewolf. The professor let out a scream reminiscent of Gilderoy Lockhart and fell back on his arse. When he looked up again the wolf was gone.

Remus wondered if werewolves could laugh hysterically. He hoped the brat bit his tongue.


23 June 1994

The odd group marched through the tunnel leading to the Whomping Willow. Ms Granger's orange cat led the way followed by Ron Weasley and Remus Lupin shackled together with Wormtail. Remus was keeping his wand on his former friend. Sirius was behind them using Snape's wand to levitate the unconscious Potions Master down the tunnel. Harry and Ms Granger brought up the rear.

Remus could hear Harry and Sirius talking about plans for the summer. It warmed Remus's heart to hear Harry's immediate acceptance of Sirius's offer to live with him. He could almost feel the joy in his old friend. A joy denied so long without even the dignity of a trial. Even now Remus could feel the guilt gnawing at him for turning his back on Padfoot without even talking to him first.

The group reached the end of the tunnel and Crookshanks scurried up the ladder and onto the school grounds. Not hearing the Willow moving around, Remus motioned for Mr Weasley to precede him, next was Wormtail, and then Remus himself.

Clearing the ladder Remus led his student and former friend a couple metres away to allow the others room to come up. It was as Remus was looking back towards the Willow that he felt it.

The moon.

It was up already. It was up and he had forgotten to take the wolfsbane potion in his panic over protecting Harry from Sirius. Oh merciful Merlin forgive him.

Remus felt his body lock as the change set in. He felt his consciousness being pushed back as the wolf, Moony, came to the fore. The pain started in waves as his body altered to accommodate the wolf.

Remus let out a horrible snarl as he heard his prey shout, "Leave it to me – RUN!"

The still human part of Remus was shocked to hear Harry confidently say, "No, Sirius. I won't leave Ron. I'll handle Remus. You take care of Pettigrew."

Through Moony's eyes, Remus could see Harry break past the stunned Sirius. But what happened next stunned even Remus and his wolf.

Harry quickly ripped off his school robes with practiced ease to reveal the baggy, worn muggle clothing underneath. Then he started to grow. The fur erupted from his skin as his head and body quickly morphed into the huge black werewolf Remus had been been hunting all year.

Harry bound forward and was on Remus instantly. Remus felt Moony break the manacle holding him to Peter just before Harry hit him. The smaller werewolf threw Remus into the air and away from the two manacled wizards.

The older werewolf landed on his feet and immediately charged forward to meet this upstart in his territory. The werewolf dove in going for the throat only to get redirected into a tree. It was dazed from the collision and attempted to shake its head clear.

The werewolf froze when it suddenly felt jaws close almost gently around its throat. Remus could feel the sharp teeth poised to rip his life out. More importantly, so did Moony.

Moony felt the power of the younger and stronger werewolf. Moony made a whimpering noise of submission to the stronger wolf. Remus felt the teeth release slightly and then Harry's wolf backed off slightly. Pack instincts were strong even in werewolves. Moony knew this strange wolf was his alpha now.

Moony suddenly spotted the prey creatures moving quickly away. He moved to rise to chase them only to receive a strong cuff to the head that knocked him right back down. Moony looked up at his new alpha in shock. The midnight black furred werewolf merely raised a powerful hand with wicked looking nails that looked like black daggers. Then it raised one digit and merely wiggled it from side to side while shaking his head. Remus and Moony both got the message.

"Bad doggie."


Madam Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, was summoned along with Aurors Kingsley Shacklebolt and Hestia Jones to Professor Dumbledore's office. Dumbledore had Floo'd Madam Bones with the report of an Animagus being caught while living in the boys dorms in Gryffindor Tower. Few things motivate LEO's anywhere like the chance to arrest a sexual predator that preys on children.

Madam Bones arrived to find Dumbledore along with a red-haired boy that could only be one or Arthur's sons and a girl the same age with thick, impossibly bushy hair. Based on Susan's reports of school she deduced the girl must be Hermione Granger. Bound in a chair in front of them was a short balding man; a little stout and very slovenly looking.

"What do we have here, Albus?"

"Mr Weasley and Ms Granger came to me tonight with this man and a most extraordinary story."

"He's my rat, Scabbers," Ron burst out. "The creepy git's been sleeping in my bed for years. And before that he was my brother Percy's."

"Ron!" the girl hissed. Then she turned to the DMLE Head. "Hello Madam Bones. I am Hermione Granger. I was doing some reading about Animagi and I came across a spell to identify an animagus in their animal form. I wanted to try to cast it for myself. I was more than a bit surprised when it caused Scabber's to glow. Fortunately he was asleep and I had a bit of time to do some more research. I found the spell to force an animagus back into human form. That is when this man appeared."

Madam Bones nodded her understanding. She was impressed a Third year in class with her niece could work such obscure magic. It wasn't particularly hard to cast but with so few animagi not many bothered. It was however in keeping with Susan's comments on Ms Granger's personality.

"We don't have any rat animagus listed in the registry," Auror Jones commented.

"The last one was Adam Budd who died in 1803," Ms Granger supplier. Then she blushed when the three Aurors turned to look at her in surprise. "Um, we found out Harry's dad was an unregistered stag animagus. So I looked up the registry."

Madam Bones was shocked again. "This would be James Potter, Harry Potter's father?" The two students nodded. The old witch let a small smile escape. "That crafty little bugger. James always thought rules were more guidelines than anything else. He never even mentioned it to me when I was his training officer.

"Now, who do we have here?" she asked turning back to the bound man.

"I believe I can be of some assistance with that," Dumbledore spoke up. "I believe he is a former Hogwarts student, a former Gryffindor even, but one long taken for dead."

Bones looked up at the Headmaster. "And that is?"

"Peter Pettigrew, the man Sirius Black was believed to have murdered after betraying the Potter's to Voldemort. In fact it was his last shouted statement that was seen as key evidence against Black."

The three Aurors looked at the balding man in shock. The possible ramifications of this information were going through each of their heads.

"Right," Bones said. "Kingsley, get back to the office. I want a vial of Veritserium and a deposition quill." Once the Auror was gone she turned to the two students. "And where would Mr Potter be? I understand the three of you are rarely apart."

"He had detention with Snape," Ron provided with a shrug.

"Professor Snape, Ron!" Hermione corrected him. The youngest Weasley male winced slightly.

"Mr Potter was not involved in this discovery so I do not believe his involvement is required at this time," Dumbledore offered.

"Yes, well, the repercussions of tonight if this is indeed Pettigrew will involve Mr Potter," Bones commented. "Now, I don't believe we should keep these students up any longer, do you professor?"

"No, of course." Dumbledore turned and dashed off a quick note that he handed to Hermione. "Please go directly to Gryffindor tower. I shall inform you of what we find out after breakfast tomorrow."

"Yes, professor," Hermione acknowledged. The two students walked out.

After they were gone, Madam Bones asked, "Do you believe all of that?"

Albus chuckled. "For the most part, yes. They may have been a bit hazy with the details and I suspect Mr Potter played a bigger role in this drama than they indicated as I suspect you would agree. But the core story is undeniable. This is indeed Peter Pettigrew. He is missing the finger found at the site of the explosion. I was not Chief Warlock at the time of Sirius Black's arrest but this significantly increases the doubts I've had of Mr Black's guilt."

The conversation was interrupted by the return of Kingsley Shacklebolt with the requested items. Within ten minutes the Headmaster and the law enforcement personnel in the room was appalled at the gross miscarriage of justice that had occurred.


Remus Lupin woke with the familiar morning after pains of his transformation. He winced as he struggled to sit up. Oddly, he didn't feel as stiff as most of these mornings. A holdover result from taking wolfsbane the past several months? Maybe.

"Hey Moony! You're awake!"

Remus turned his head slightly to see a grinning Sirius Black sitting with his back to the wall. Remus realized he was back in the Shrieking Shack in the room they had confronted Peter.

"Merlin, I hate morning people," Remus groaned.

Sirius slid a potion bottle towards his friend. "Here. Harry's little friend thought to send this out for you. A pain relief potion with a muscle relaxant. Just like Lily used to make!"

Remus hurt too much to snicker. Instead he drank down the potion Ms Granger had helpfully sent out.

After the potion was gone, Remus asked, "So, what happened?"

"You missed all the fun, Moony. I got to Oblivate Snape! Hope I didn't do too much. I am a bit rusty. Plus, we stunned poor little Peter a few times before Hermy and Ron took him to Dumbledore's office. Amelia has the bastard now. Like a pitbull that one. He was in official custody and questioned before Fudge even got wind of it. They've already called off the Dementors and the 'Kill on sight' order."

Remus returned Sirius's delighted smile with one of his own albeit mixed with pain. "That's great, Padfoot. But I meant with my change? Its jumbled but … is Harry a werewolf too?"

"Oh, that. Well, first you went all Captain Wolf-n-whine on us. I was all set to by the brave Gryffindor animagus and lead you off when Harry suddenly goes Wolfman Jack and bitch slaps you into being a good puppy. Then he took you into the Forbidden Forest to play."

Remus felt one of his greatest fears coming true. "So, he's infected too?" he asked in a trembling voice.

"Not exactly," a familiar voice answered. Remus turned to see Harry entering the room with a box with some delicious odours coming from it. Harry set the box down on the floor and started to pull out plates with full breakfasts already served.

"I asked Dobby to bring these out. Figured you two could use them," he explained.

"That's the Lily in you. Prongs wasn't that smart," Padfoot announced as he grabbed a plate and started to eat.

Remus however was just looking at Harry with a scared expression. "Harry, can you explain what happened?"

Harry settled down against a different wall so Remus was on one side and Sirius was on the other. "Well, I was bitten when I was almost 9. The curse started to infect me but then it was like something in me was fighting it. "

Harry paused and smiled briefly. "Hermione researched what could have happened but found nothing. She hated that," he confided with a smirk. "When I woke up the next morning, I was starving and had black ichor of some type drying on my face and chest. It seems to have come out of my scar. It used to be bigger and bright red but now it's just the thin white scar you see now.

"Hermione tested me for Lycanthropy. The charm makes werewolves glow red. I was blue. The animagus detection charm does the same thing but I was green. Hermione's theory is that the lycanthropy somehow interacted with leftover Dark Magic from the Killing Curse and it made me a freak werewolf animagus. It really paid off with the basilisk last year. But the full moon means nothing to me and silver only gives me a rash. We don't know if my bite is infectious or not."

The two adult Marauders sat speechless in their places. Harry's casual revelations locked up their brains. A werewolf-animagus hybrid? And what did a basilisk have to do with his form?

It was Remus that finally managed to ask a rational question.

"And Dumbledore knows nothing about this?"

Harry shrugged. "The Headmaster has never spoken to me about it, but I wouldn't bet against his knowing. Ron, Hermione and two others are the only other ones I've told."

"And the wolf doesn't try to take over?" Remus asked curiously.

Harry shrugged again. "There isn't a divide between us really. Hermione calls it a symbiotic relationship but it isn't really. That is too separate. It's more like getting nudges from my subconscious but instead of a human subconscious it is one for the werewolf form. He really hates Snape and the Malfoys. Every time I have another run in I keep getting funny images of what the wolf wants to do to them."

Sirius grinned at the other two wizards. It looked a bit ghastly on the emaciated and dirty wizard but his eyes reflected his joy and excitement. Looking directly at Remus, he said, "Mr Moony, Mr Padfoot submits this young wizard as member of the Marauders. He has the animal shape and has shown his ability at pranking."

Remus laughed before schooling his face into a serious expression. "That is a serious request, Mr Padfoot. Being that the wizard in question has seen fit to prank me all year," Remus paused and threw a mock glare at Harry. "I would have to agree he meet both requirements. Do you have a name for our newest Marauder?"

"I submit 'Mr Jack'."

Remus nodded. "Representative of his form but not immediately apparent. I approve."

Sirius turned to Harry and said, "Welcome to the Marauders, Mr Jack."