Author's note: Hey guys_and girls! And here I re-write this ridiculous fic. I'm pretty sure you readers remember how everything went *coughs* thus I decide to re-write the entire fic based on the view of a more funny and quirky, typical schoolgirl. They're pretty much the only tekken characters that shows alot of fun and easy to write with, since I myself am only 18 and all.

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How did I end up having my hands more complicated, was a long story. This veeery long story.

I was only this very typical schoolgirl that tries to get back at a chinese man, win some money at a fighting contest, so that I can pay for my dad's hospital bills and build back the dojo.

Alright. So I'm not as typical as I believe I am.

My cousin was this evil person that owns a powerful company. And he was making huge trouble all over the world with our name. So I want to get back at him too, because it's bringing us shame. Great shame. I didn't get the chance to smack some sense into him though. I was halfway there when the tournament was canceled off, declaring G-corporation the winner as Mishima Zaibatsu be-falled.

I still remembered how that woman who was beside him all the time, declared the news like a robot. Like she couldn't care less. What a bitch.

I know I have a great dislike to my cousin, as irritating as he can be, but still, I thought she could've cared.

Now that Xiaoyu actually mentions it. ME BEING HUGE? She should've seen how butch-for-a-woman that secretary of Jin's IS.

I thought I'll have a normal life again, but I guess it didn't...

That's what made me explode and scream.

Ding Dong~

"What? At this time?"

I thought it was bread from my neighbour. They own a bakery and business was good, they'll drop some fresh ones for us from time to time, knowing how they always see me cycling with a toast hanging my mouth.

My head became dizzy. I thought it was...2 long wholemeals...

They were sleeping peacefully between cushions, I don't even dare to take them out. Hell hath no fury like babies wailing.I was going to faint until my mobile started ringing Stereo Hearts by Gym class heroes featuring Adam Lavigne. It was Lili.


" Do you want to skip school tomorrow with me and Xiao? There isn't any interesting subject. Thought you'd love to tag along?"

The idea of skipping was bad, and I diss the fact I'll be held in detention or something later. I sure do not want to go down that road.

"Where are we going?"

Well I have no choice. I found a basket of twins at my front yard's bushes and I don't suspect it to be the baker's doing. Both of them are a elderly couple and their kids are away at London for further studies. And mailing babies from London to Japan is stupid.

" She suggested the amusement park, saying that there was this latest roller coaster she wanted to try on." Lili giggled over the phone, and I know she was looking forward to it. Spoilt princess.

" Again?"

They went there together a few times already. Don't they have other ideas? And a mall wasn't exactly interesting. I bit my lip, giving 2nd glances at the basket and back to the phone animatically.

"Hey, I've got something to show you both tomorrow, so Lili, please keep calm when you do alright?"

" What are you trying to show us exactly?"

"Tomorrow, you'll see."

Author's note: Hello! This will be the end of chapter 1. Next chapter coming.