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( Violet_systems_ )

" What? She's out of order again?" There was that edge inside his voice when he looked at Alisa on Lars' arms. " And this awful mess on her chainsaw. Who had she injured? I know Alisa wouldn't do such a thing."

" The stun gun that Anna used on her must've caused a disorder. She shouldn't have done that with her own mind."

" Ah...Anna..that red bitch." Lee gave a tight smile. " She deserved an excellent injury. Besides her, I suppose this will take a week for her to be fixed. I haven't exactly gotten used to her late father, Dr Boskonovitch's ways."

" I see. But as long as she's fixed as soon as possible, do inform me."

The man with an unique silver hair smirked, and posed. " Do I receive a thank you from my dear adopted brother? "

Lars laughed. " Of course. Really , thank you."

" You're welcome. Though what started all this? I heard everything came from a child's house."

The captain gave a un-easy look to him. He knew Lee Chaolan wasn't exactly a Mishima, though it doesn't mean that him alone was already a genius. Because Lee was a genius. And usually genius knows almost everything.

". . . Lee, you already know how Mishimas do their things. Kazuya, Heihachi...what you do when you have women surrounding you."

" So who's doing is this? Kazuya again? One doesn't exactly satisfies him I guess, just like that old fart. "

He scoffed at Lee's words. " You're right about those 2. But you're wrong on one thing."

It took a few seconds for everything to click for him. He pursed his lips slightly and knoded. " Really. Don't 3 of them know how to use safety? At all?"

" Too late. They'realready 3 months." Then Lars know what's the next question Lee was going to ask.

"I know what you're about to ask. Alisa thought it was Anna...but that's impossible, because she tried to get them at the orphanage few days ago, and tonight. Kazuya already had plans."

" Anna a mother is impossible...and that reason made it even more."

" Looks like it. Why Alisa thought Anna was the mother was because of her eyes. One of them had them clear and blue."

" ...I don't mean any offense, but, that wouldn't be too likely. Any kind of whore and whatever deluded fangirl thinks that he's a sttractive young man, so like I said, the fangirls part, any race would flock to him like lovely colorful birds. " Both of them shifted their gaze to the android. " Anyway, I should start work...and tweek that naive mind of hers a little. "

Lars laughed for a while. As much as he hated to admit, Alisa was a little too naive. Maybe adding more knowledge to the world than just feeling her brain with tekken data should work.

"Just don't change her personality entirely." Ofcourse, he still, and always will prefer the gentle Alisa Bosconovitch. That was how they both were when they met.

" Excellent." After Lars really left the building, Lee started thinking of what Alisa seems to have stated.

A scenery then sets on a halloween garden. The sky an evil sepia grey, variety sizes of pumpkins with thorns and crimson roses alore. There she stood, in skin tight golden leopard prints. Stunning , but her reason to take part in the 5th tournament was nothing less than serious. And it was there. Those eyes that can send anyone to a sub-zero zone.

Anna 's eyes are blue, but it can never compare to Nina's."

Then Lee stopped thinking. There was another impossibility.

"No. Jin would have his balls sliced to half already."

( Asuka's point of view )

At first I was thinking of a very disoriented flat. I mean really, just looking at the delinquent aura he casted you could've thought of it that way.

" Here he is girls! This is where he lives! "

There was this normal tae kwan do dojo, and right beside it must be the real house. So it means someone else leaves with him? Because all that space and himself only is such a waste.

"Hey Xiao, is Hwoarang living alone?"

"Naw! he has a nice sensei! His name is Baek Doo San, but I just call him Baek and he doesn't seem to mind! " Xiao giggled as she pressed on the doorbell.

I got off from my bicycle, and waited for someone to answer. Speaking of transport, just notice Panda was no where to be seen. " Where's Panda?"

"She told me she had a stomach ache and she wanted a rest. She'd been having them alot lately."

" I have to come and bother to fetch her. " Lili rolled her eyes.

"Why don't you take Panda to see someone that knows Pandas?" I won't say vet, because they only look after home animals. Like cats and dogs etc.

"Grandpa can take care of her for me. You know, give her chinese medicine? Grandpa's an expert with it! "

( Ling's home )

*A pot cracked *

" Pandaaa! I need help!"

" Alright, if you say so." I shrugged. I couldn't exactly care less for the baby ditch-er.

The door opened for a quick second and I caught a glimpse of red hair. Once Ling looked back, it closed.

" Open up please?" she knocked on the door gently.

This was one side we never seen of her. She's more polite. And Lili know what I was thinking. We knoded at each other with rubbing our chins.

" What are you doing here?"

" I wanted to visit you, is that wrong?"

"Yeah it's wrong. Look I'm really busy right now, I have lessons with students."

"Isn't that Baek's job?"

"Xiao, can't a lesson have 2 teachers?"

"No." She teased him.

I heard footsteps suddenly, and then there was a string of Korean words coming from inside. One of them sounded older, and I guess that could've been Baek Doo San.

" Now where are your manners Hwoarang? Think of how much trouble it must've took them to come and visit you.

"I saw a rich looking brat outside and I bet she rode her friends with a fancy limo."

Both of us stiffled a laugh besides Lili. She "hmph"ed and looked the other way. We heard a "doh!" and the door open. He looked to be in his mid-50s, but wow them muscles. He's definitely fit as a fiddle.


Almost everything in the house was wood, or maybe it's just furniture., almost everything is wood. The lamps, the windows, the cups, the walls and floors, the bath room (I was really desperate.),more but not all.

" So had Hwoarang offended your friends or something? Besides this lovely lady over here."

Lili's face immediately brightens. I swear that girl...urgh.

"No! Not at all, I just want to show them who my rival is at the tournament, and it's Hwoarang!"

"I'm not your rival. So quit it."

"But you and I are always after Jin, doesn't that make us rivals too?"

"Ah- No! The way I chase Jin is waaaay different than you, stalker. But let's just say that between me and a little complicated."

"Then that means you guys are in a relationship."

"NO. It's not what you think! Look Xioa, I already have a girlfriend anyway."

Baek already went back inside the dojo. I could hear echoes of "hiyaas" and some Korean wordings. Though back to their conversations.

You know, I actually pouted, and quite sadly. So did Rochefort. We actually thought Xiaoyu and Hwoarang made a cute pair, seeing how she's actually...well, behaving at his presence. Then he did it. OH must he pat on her head? It ruins everything!

" And dang she's a hot and smart one. But enough about me. So..can you guys really leave now? "

" Can't we just stay here for a while? Watch you practice with your student? Watch them call you... what was that Korean word again?"

" Seon-saeng-nim." Hworang said.

" Yes! Seon-saeng-nim...pleeeeaaase?" I don't expect him to fall for it.

" Stop doing that and I'll let you in."

I, Asuka Kazama, am not surprised to see almost all their students are girls. Them very typical ones. We took a little sneak peek before Hwoarang enters. The girls did multiple kicks on air, and then they switch stances. Later back to high kicking. That's where we entered. They almost lost balance.

" Had all of you been practicing while I was away?"

"Y-yes , seon-saeng-nim~ "

Maybe that was just me but I swore I can see something pink emerging from them. I mustered a "hi" but I guess they don't like that. Pffft, retarded fangirls. Lili was pissing them off more though. She's the only eurasian in this area, and you know how guys tend to like a girl they don't see everyday...well maybe not Katon, but he isn't exactly pure Japanese either.

" Right then. Now let's start with the white belts. Basics first."

The white belts step forward and did a few stunts and moves. Meh, contained too much openings and everything was high-based.

" What was that? " One of them turned at me.

OK. So I was secretly thinking how much fail tae kwan do can be, I shook my head. Slightly. The one with lower pig-tails come at me with a cocky look.

" Tae Kwan Do must've sounded easy to you isn't it? Well it isn't! Look at you, I don't think a type of girl like you can fight at all!"

That's it. Xiaoyu and Hwoarang tried to hold both of us back, with the exception of me and him raising our voices. He must've been nagging her to not get pissed off easily, but then she was pleading it out. In the end we settled to one thing. Hwoarang came foward and ask me.

" What's your name by the way? Asuka isn't it?"

"Asuka ...Kazama." I was hesitant for a reason, if I can't stress this enough.

"Woah woah, you're related to Jin?"

I sighed. "Yes." I guess admiting was fine, BUT not about him. Seriously he should've heard it over the news by now. During the 6th tournament everyone wanted to"execute,kill,assassinate,destroy and etc " Jin Kazama. And then the press came onto our house like some papparazi.

" OK, But back on track, it doesn't hurt to spar now does it?" He gave me a smirk. And I like that. I knew what he wanted to see and I would definitely love to show off some moves.

"You got yourself a deal."

He called forward the Korean . Her name was Gun-Nin-Chi. Then she started on her stance impatiently. Yeah bring it on you stupid black belt.

My arms sets out to 90 degress, open palms. All the students backed out, and Baek...well, he wasn't convinced with the fight, but after looking at my stance. He looked as if though he recognizes it. We waited for about a few seconds. I could hear how her heart was beating in speed.

She was getting ready. Her foot launched straight to my face's direction. Side stepping quickly I grab hold of her foot and she fell straight down on the mat.

"Too straight-forward." I let go of her, and she almost kicked me from ground. I summersaulted backwards and in timing she stood up. She received a elbow and it sent her back on the mat. Gun stood up quickly and sliced my neck. Shit she's quick, but not strong. She wanted to swipe me off ground again and I squatted. Her free foot almost nailed me if I hadn't used my arms. I gave a hard push and she changed her stance to the right, doing a falcon dice kick. I got my face bruised. She kicked once more and I performed " Heaven's Hammer " and then " Heron Dance". I moved gracefully within each step, and everything ended with " Haze Palm Fist".

She stared at me, panting. I was panting too. The dojo was immediately silent at our performance, I don't really know wether I did something right or wrong. I hope I didn't injure her too badly, but seriously, she asked for it.

Baek was the first to come. I released my grip from her stomach and massaged my wrist. She didn't look at me after that.

" Was that the traditional Kazama arts you had just performed?"

I was shocked in all honestly. This martial arts was kept only in secret to the Kazama clan.

"How did you know?"

" I've attended almost all of the tournaments...and there was one fighter who shared the exact move you have, Asuka."

Hey, I'm only a newbie with all these dumb sheez. But yeah, seriously. Surprised though. I asked Baek if he would discuss the situation with me later, and he agreed. I reached out a hand for Gun.

"You're all show. So don't get cocky next time."

Gun-nin-chi. 16 years old and thinking she can really fight. She's not exactly getting anywhere yet. Still needs good timing.

The class was dismissed at 5.

We sat back at the dining table. Tea cups re-filled. Baek's small eyes closed in a serious manner.

" She started attending at the 2nd tournament. The time when I first joined too."

I placed my chin on my palm and watched him. Everyone was listening. I guess Hwoarang hadn't heard of her before.

" Jun Kazama was her name, and she worked as a WWWC officer. She attended the tournament because the former head of Mishima Zaibatsu, had been smuggling animals for experiments. You see, Kazuya Mishima had taken over that company at the 2nd tournament. It was because he defeated his father, only then."

"... what kind of family is a Mishima?" I mean really, I get friendly sparring, but that was plain evil. He puts up a hand to stop me. I pouted angrily and looked away.

" With the exact techniques, she was able to fight until the last battle. But mysteriously afterwards, she had disappeared and so as Kazuya. In the end Kazuya's father, Heihachi took back the company. "

"Yay!" Ling clapped at the mention of Heihachi winning. We all gave her a strange look, but Baek was patient. " 19 years passed after that. And the 3rd tournament begun."

"Yep! That's where me and Hworang and Jin started!" She interrupted again and we hushed at her. The story was already getting very intense and she had to spoil everything. Geez.

" The stories had unfolded this time. Aftermath, Jun decided to stay far away from the Mishimas as possible. But Kazuya then had gone through another trip. Heihachi sent him into a volcano after the finishing of 2nd tournament. That's how he reclaimed Mishima Zaibatsu."

All our breaths hitched. Lili's eyes widened way bigger than Lings. "That's impossible! How was the leader of G-corporation still alive till this day?" She suddenly asked in denial. I stood up immediately with her.

" I know!"

"Guys sit down and just listen. If you girls want to know everything rather than play tea party, then just sit."

The way he talked wasn't all fun and tsundere anymore. There's something about how his eyes glared deep into us. Even Xiao isn't doing anything. She looked very disappointed and upset.

" It was G-corporation themselves. They discovered his body during a research. Amazed at how he had only suffered scars and scratches on his body, they took him back and healed him. Once awaken, he destroyed everything and kill anyone on his way. I hope that satisfy your question Miss Rochefort."

Lili knitted her brows. " This is really a abnormal tale."

" As I told,The Mishimas aren't normal human beings. They have this evil aura surrounding them, and when they fight, a certain kind of electricity flows through. Something definitely inhuman."

"Tch. At first I really thought of it as some magic trick. But Jin was a serious asshole."


He scowled. It must've hurt for him to see Jin like that, and maybe Ling too. But something tells me that she had just found out, like we did.

" Seong-san-nim, you aren't the one who knew everything about Jin. Whatever that crazy-ass family of his had done, they had really made him screwed in the head. I still remembered how it happened."

Suddenly, the story was switched, but it was moving on. " OK, I thought he was a nice bastard. It was the 4th tournament and I won everything and the company itself. Shit didn't interest me and I sold it off. Then, some cops were after me but Jin helped out. We still promised to fight again in the next tourney. That's when strange things happen."

There was a small pause.

" I was riding around. Upset how the 5th went. It sucked horribly alright. Then out of no where Jin appeared infront of me, and everything went blank. The last thing I remembered was that there were horns protruding and like Baek said before, an evil aura. I ended up in the hospital after that."

Everything then came. It was exactly how it happened, but I'll cut out the stupid part. I was almost to victory but before the last stage. He stood there with another guy, and both looking demonic. So it wasn't cosplaying after all.

" I remembered how Jin looked like in that form. Like you said Hwoarang, he had horns, but his back was spreaded with big black wings, and there were these strange markings on his body."

I'm confident to say Lili and Ling were completely lost. And were just listening.

" Do you think he could've dealt with the devil? You know for power?" I suggested.

"I don't know. Now he's more of a jackass than before, and after everything he'd done he just disappeared like that. He's seriously an idiot."

" This is all we can say. The Mishima and their business are nothing to be joked with. See how complicated things had become for them? Everything inside this tournament is about them and their plans."

I bit my lower lip. This story wasn't exactly convincing, but it still had a few pieces missing from the puzzle. Baek heard the stories from rumors, and Hwoarang was only his rival, doesn't mean they will be close. The missing parts was starting to annoy me. I really need to find someone who's close to Jin, but I just don't know who.

" ...I didn't know Heihachi was so evil..." Xiaoyu started crying. " And I thought he was the right one out of this entire time."

She must've felt pathetic for not knowing. I'd like to ask what was her relationship with Heihachi. But I guess I'll only have to use my brain. Maybe he invited her to the tournament and she respects his doings and all. Besides everything, Jun was actually my late aunt. I never knew she actually participated.

I still remembered when the family was held at the shrine. Everyone was seated in rows with a white chrysanthemum on hand. Each flower and prayer was gently placed before her portrait.

A simple white headband to frame her hair, and a gentle smile for the camera. Or for the funeral.

I was only 15 back then. They told me she passed away because of a fire in her house of Yakushima, until today. Non of us even realized that she had a son, or my dad had a nephew, and again, until the 6th tourney. That Kazuya was my uncle-in-law, unfortunately.

After dinner, I was back in my room, racking my brain. Trying to unsolve everything.

My aunt was just some animal-protecting cop, and she met Kazuya in TEKKEN 2. They...tangled..don't know for what reason but I don't think they're in love either. I MEAN SERIOUSLY who falls in love at first sight? It isn't Romeo and Juliet and NO Kazama women behaves like a main character from a horribly written shojo manga. THIS IS A FIGHTING COMPETITION.

A one night stand. And she was very fertile. Yeah, Asuka, you're getting it right.

Then..maybe she moved to Yakushima and raised Jin. Jun already know Kazuya was an asshole and he won't pay for 15 or 22 years of child support anyway. Then Jun went missing and Jin go to his grandpa to train and fight but WHO told him to do that and how did Jun go missing?

SHIT. THIS is really a pain!

OK. Get a grip. Maybe Jun told Jin to go to his grandpa when she became missing. Everything wasn't clicking at all. Devil..something evil...

"Maybe Jun's missing was caused by somethin' evil?" I suddenly said.

Maybe it was Jin's evil side out of this entire time? Trying to get rid of his own mother? What the f*ck...

OK. I give up.

I wrapped myself around the blanket and grumbled about how I ended up being connected to all this just because of a stupid one-night stand.

" I'll sleep first...I'm just too tired. "

Author's note : This story is getting lame for some reason... ~_~