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Charlotte straightened out the ruffles embodied in her dress, a pale crème color, contrasting nicely with her mocha hair which was in ringlets, apart from her usual neat bun. Henry clasped one of her hands, glancing from time to time at his heavily pregnant wife, busying himself with her every need. Charlotte laughed it off, placing her free hand on her large belly, rubbing soothing soft circles to her unborn child.

They were sitting at the front pew at St. Paul's Cathedral as Shadowhunters began filing in for the ceremony. A bedraggled Jessamine sat on her other side, staring lifelessly out at the distance, her hands were shaking uncontrollably. Her eyes were sunken, face hollow and breath erratic. Charlotte looked at her in concern but a voice replayed in the back of her mind "She brought it upon herself". Charlotte's heart twisted, but she settled for grazing Jessamine's hand softly and giving her a small smile. Jessie looked back at Charlotte and placed her hand on Charlotte's stomach.

Softly, Jessamine's voice hitched, "You're going to be a wonderful mother." Charlotte smiled at Jessamine one last time before looking back at the alter. James stood nervously, fiddling with his sleeve, but a large grin played on his face. Will stood near him, onto the side, looking eerily distraught. Charlotte couldn't help but notice his behavior changing in the past few months. The past few months...ever since James proposed to Tessa, Charlotte gasped. Will couldn't likeTessa, could he? But as she glanced at him once more, Will was laughing along at a joke with Jem, his face as angelic as always, an arm around hisparabatai's shoulder. No, he couldn't. Will could be rash, but he wouldn't do anything in the world to hurt Jem.

Settling her mind at ease, the choir began singing and the grand piano playing as the bridesmaids and groomsmen proceeded down the aisle. First was Gideon and Sophie, her arm resting lightly on his, a grin lighting up her face. Charlotte certainly approved of the two, because however strict she may seem, love didn't have boundaries. Who was she to discriminate? Next came Bridget and Cyril. An odd pairing, but Cyril, ever the gentlemen, had a soft smile on his face and Bridget's red locks looked stunning when curled. Finally came Gabriel and Cecily, Will's sister. Now this was the pairing of the century. Jem and Tessa had insisted that the less favorable Lightwood brother be also included in the list of groomsmen. Cecily had happily accepted the job of becoming a bridesmaid, saying that if Gabriel was anything like his older brother, Gideon, she would be in heaven. Although it took Will some convincing. Actually, a rather bucket full of convincing. He had personally threatened Gabriel, that if he lay a finger on Cecily, he would never see daylight again.

Gabriel seemed alright with that. The pair flowed down the aisle and took their positions. Suddenly, the music grew softer. Tessa, with Magnus escorting her, came into full view at the foot of the aisle. Heads turned, and Charlotte heard herself sigh, Tessa looked flawless. A nervous grin playing on her lips, Magnus liked arms with her as they slowly proceeded down the aisle. Charlotte had to crane her head over the sea of people smiling and gasping at the sight of Tessa. Eyes also wandered towards Jem, who's mouth was slightly open. Henry noticed this and slightly chuckled, holding Charlotte's hand lighter now.

Tessa blinked rapidly. How many people could be here? Two hundred? Leave it to Charlotte to chose the venue. The Cathedral was certainly lovely, glass windows and rows and rows of pews. At the alter, she could see Jem staring at her with those pure, silver eyes. Near him, she say Will. His blazing blue eyes widened for a moment when she caught his eyes, but he quickly turned his head and swallowed slowly. You know what to do Tessa. This wedding was never meant to be happy. I'll be breaking one of their hearts one way or the other. I should've been wearing white, mourning. I'll end up breaking my heart wherever I go, it's better to end it here.

Tessa froze. Magnus, not noticing, pulled her forward, but then stopped, glancing back at her. Whispering grew, murmurs filling the room. She saw Jem looking at her in worry, his mouth about to speak. Will watched her every move, his eyes dancing up and down her dress.


The piercing cry ripped through Tessa's words. She moved out of her jolted position and saw Charlotte sprawled on the floor. Sobs escaped her face as Henry hovered above his wife, frantically trying to find out what was wrong. Jem and Will rushed over to Charlotte, kneeling down, speaking silent words. Shadowhunters got up of their positions, forming a loose circle around Charlotte, voices growing louder.

"THE BABY!" Charlotte yelled in the most un-lady like manner possible. Her legs kicked violently, revealing skin that should never be seen by anyone but your husband.

"Oh, god..." Henry frantically spoke, "Oh, god..."

The whispers grew into full-out conversation and rescue missions as all the Shadowhunters frantically looked for supplies. Will and Jem gave out directions, although in their minds, they had no idea what to do.

"BLANKETS! For Raziel's sakes get blankets!"

"Someone get water, she needs water! Her water broke!"

"No you idiot, God Gabriel, what are we going to do with you?"

Charlotte gave a small smile before screaming out in pain again. Magnus shoved in front of the crowd and knelt beside Charlotte. Henry took the collar of Magnus's sleeve and spoke in a deathly voice his ginger hair flying wildly.

"You save my wife and my child," Henry spat, "Or I'll make sure you never see daylight again, warlock."

Magnus shoved Henry out of the way, with so much force that Henry fell backwards, momentarily stunned. In a soothing voice, Magnus spoke, his hand resting on Charlotte's stomach.

"You're going to be okay, Charlotte." Charlotte shook her head, tears falling out of her eyes. "Yes you are, you're strong."

It had grown quieter, except from Charlotte's strangled cries and whimpers, everyone was silent. How quickly this day had turned upside down. Jem and Will stood around Magnus, their faces filled with worry and stress. They pushed people back, demanding that Charlotte needed space.

Magnus closed his eyes. He moved his hand in circles around Charlotte's belly. Her back arched and she broke down. Magnus began softly, "I can feel the baby's strength."

Charlotte looked up towards Magnus. He smiled down at Charlotte, wiping the tears from her eyes. "He's just like you. Strong, determined, and a fighter. Charlotte, he's ready to be your son."

Charlotte smiled through her distress, choking a little. Henry placed her head in his lap and calmly stroked her head.

"I–I can never have children. But you Charlotte, I envy you. Please, for your child. Don't cry. He's coming. It's only a bit longer."

Charlotte nodded and pushed. Slowly at first, but every time with more strength. Her face twisted, Charlotte screamed every time. Magnus urged her to keep going. Slowly people began cheering Charlotte, telling her to stray strong. Will and Jem each took one of her hands and smiled down at her.

Suddenly, Charlotte let out a gasp. Her head rolled towards her side and all went silent. Her eyes closed and for an eery moment, there was silence. It was broken by the wail of a child.

The room erupted. Shadowhunters whooped for joy and Henry started tearing up. Charlotte opened her eyes as Magnus's blood stained hands raised the baby for everyone to see.

He handed the baby to Henry, who just sobbed, Charlotte crying and laughing at the same time. Jem and Will hugged each other and knelt beside their new family member. Jessamine placed her hand on Charlotte's shoulder and smiled. Gideon and Sophie were laughing and holding each other's hands their faces filled with joy. Once the excitement had died down, a wave of relief washed over. Things seemed a bit normal. Magnus washed the baby and Shadowhunters fawned over their newest addition.

Gabriel swiftly hugged Cecily, careful that Will didn't notice. But he didn't. Will was too busy looking around for the lost bride, who had been forgotten in the heat of things.

He noticed a trail of gold leading down the aisle and onto the steps. Leaving the circle of people, he spotted Tessa racing through the entrance tears streaked down her face. What is she doing? Where is she going?

Questions raced through Will's mind as he ran after her. A scream shot through the air. Will frantically searched for Tessa. Looking out through the main door, Will could only see a flash of gold and metal as the army approached. With Tessa tied up in the hands of Mortmain. Her grey eyes wide and scared. And the gold of her ruined wedding dress.

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