Part 2

The season had changed from fall to winter, and things weren't any better. "How could they be so cruel?" I asked my brother. Tomorrow was Christmas, and it wasn't going to be a wonderful one like we've had in the past. I hate it here. Jasper was locked up into a closet for a week because he stole a sweet from the kitchen, the Grandmother broke two of my fingers with her wheelchair when I was trying to pick up a fork she dropped.
"I don't know, they are just evil people Alyssa. The world is full of them. Look tomorrow they are having their christmas party right? That's when we leave, ok?" Jasper had this plan that when the party starts we grab the grandmother's car keys. It obviously hasn't been driven in years so it maybe a little hard to get started but as long as it starts.
The next day Grandmother Charlotte hired extra help around the mansion. The place was decorated beautifully I must admit, but I couldn't wait to get out of there. Around seven o'clock people started to arrive, by eight the place was packed. Lots of important looking people, businessmen wearing expensive looking suits and their wives were even more expensive jewelry.
My brother and I went up the stairs, sneaking off into the Grandmother's bedroom. It was bigger than mine and Jasper's combined. "Look around, take any keys you can find ok?" He instructed me. I searched in the closet first, hoping they would be left in a coat pocket from years past. About ten minutes of looking around, Jasper called my name. He was holding a leather looking journal. "Alyssa...I'm not your brother." He swallowed hard. "Gertrude is, it says in here that she gave me to her sister Clara, mom, your mom. She had me out of wedlock, that's why I look like her!"
"Oh, Jasper you are my brother, not matter what. And Gertrude will never be your mother." He told me that there was more, that our mother had another sister named Victoria who had been sent off to a dance school in Maine after her baby died the day it was born.

"It says that the baby was put into the well to keep its evil away from the house. Grandmother threw the baby into the well, and let it die!" I knew my grandmother was evil, but this was unbearable to even think about. "'It was an abomination to mankind, but that is the result of her sleeping with her cousin!' God, who are these people?"

"Horrible people, and you know what? They aren't getting away with it either. Come on." Jasper grabbed the journal, and we headed back to the party. The room was quiet, except for Gertrude in her wheelchair making a speech about the joys of life and importance of family. "You're a lying hypocrite!" Jasper shouted. Everyone in the ballroom cleared the way for us. "You keep on preaching on about how you much you love family, but if that was true you wouldn't have had me locked up, you wouldn't have broken Alyssa's fingers and above all you wouldn't have murdered your daughter's baby!" Whispers started to breakout in the crowd of people. Gertrude came rushing over to us.

"How dare you, you little monsters are ruining everything!"

"Shut up, mother! I have nothing to say to you!" Jasper pushed her out of his way and we walked right up to the Grandmother.

"You've been lying to everyone for years. Victoria's baby was fine wasn't it? You dropped it down the well and it was still alive!" I shouted at her. I could feel everyone watching me, but the one face I will never forget was John's. He moved slowly towards us, with a look of anger and remorse combined.

"You lied. You said that our baby had died when it was born, that you had it buried properly." John was the father? I couldn't believe that he was the father, my second cousin, we are family and he raped me! "That was my son!" he picked up a bottled scotch and throw it towards a wall, knocking over one of the lit Christmas candles the servers set up.

The flame set the large Christmas tree on fire, and soon the curtains as well. Chaos had broken out, people were screaming, and running like crazy. "Alyssa, where are you?" I could hear my brother shouting for me. The fire had blazed around the room, some people had gotten out through a window, but it was now surrounded by flames. I looked over, searching for him, but saw John with his hands around Charlotte's throat. "There you are, come on we have to go."

"Look, we have to help her!" Jasper told me that there was nothing we could do for her, that she was already dead. He and I ran out the door we came in, the main lobby had caught on fire as well. We ran up stairs and into my brother's room, he had a trellis outside his window we could climb down from. He got down first but when it was my turn I felt someone grab me.

John was there. "You're not leaving me too!" I kicked him in the groin and we both fell to the ground. I got up and ran for the fire poker by the fireplace in the room. He came towards me but I smacked him on the side of the head. He went down hard, and to make sure he stayed down I jabbed the poker into his hand letting him scream for as long as he wanted to.

I escaped the fire, we both did. Six people in total died during the Christmas fire at the manor. My grandmother and John being two of them. We never knew the fate of aunt Gertrude, but it haunts me everyday. Even though Kinsley manor was never rebuilt after what had happened, I still feel as though she is still there, waiting for me to return.

***I hope you guys liked the story, it was a lot of fun to write and I look forward to seeing what everyone thinks. I am currently working on a Prequel called "Black Widow" which is the story of grandmother Charlotte, and her whole crazy family. It's going to be a lot longer than this one was because there is so much to the story that I wanted to put in here but couldn't because it just didn't fit right. That's all for now, I hope you liked it!****