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46 years after the discovery and reverse engineering of Forerunner technology…

The droppod impacted, sending blackened soil into the air. Commander John-117 glided in after it using his armour's atmospheric re-entry systems. The thrusters slowed down his descent to acceptable levels while his manipulated energy shields directed the flow of air around him. The Spartan flipped himself around and landed onto the dirt with a crunch, he peered at the charcoaled dirt and found that he had landed on glass. He expected as much considering the 7th Fleet's prior orbital bombardment. He took in a deep breath as he unslung his Superior Adaptive Battle Rifle (SABR - sabre), and swept low. The rest of Blue team arrived just seconds later, they fanned out and formed a perimeter.

John glanced at his HUD, his orders were to take a butte and cover the advance of the 10th Armoured Battalion and 203rd Mechanised Infantry. The Commander made a gestured with his left hand, ordering the team to retrieve their heavy equipment from the pod.

Cortana wasn't with him for this mission much to Blue team's dismay, but she was assigned to more pressing tasks.

"Overlord, this is Sierra One-one-seven, we've made landfall. No casualties, how copy, over?" John whispered into his COM.

"Solid copy," answered the Operator, "advance to the butte and await further instructions, out."


The Spartan then nodded lightly to his team, gesturing them to follow.

"Engage active camo," he ordered.

Green acknowledgement lights winked on as the team faded away from sight. Blue quickly fell into a light jogging pace, visually scanning the environment for any Covenant Loyalists, as they approached the massive land formation.

John motioned his team to move into position. Linda silently crept to a rocky outcrop under the cover dusk, and set up her SRSM420 Railgun. Her acknowledgement light winked on John's display, indicating her level of readiness.

"What do you see?" he asked.

Linda switched to the scope's thermal view and swept across the butte.

"One Brute Chieftain, two platoons of Brute units, four Jackal snipers, a couple of Shade Turrets and a load of Grunts," she answered.

"Fred, you're with me," said John, "Kelly, you're the rabbit, pull their fire. Linda, take out the snipers."

"Copy," they replied.

"Three, two, one, go!"

In an instant, Kelly speed off, firing her sabre with unnerving accuracy at the Loyalists' positions, lances of ion rounds took out scores of Grunts. The rounds melted through the cannon-fodders' armour, rupturing their methane tanks, causing them to explode. The Covenant quickly trained their weapons on the Spartan, but she moved too fast for them. Plasma bolts just splashed harmlessly in her wake.

Linda quickly lined up her sights, and in a split second, all four snipers and the Brute Chieftain fell.

"You're clear boys."

"Thanks," said Fred.

The both of them charged the butte directly; lances of ion rounds lashed out like angry tongues and cut down a great number of Brutes and Grunts. Upon seeing a more pressing threat, the enemy turned their weapons on the advancing Spartans.

John and Fred quickly disengaged their active camo to reduce power requirements and continued on firing. Their weapons barked like quick successions of violent electrical discharge as dozens of soldiers clutched their burning wounds.

After Kelly had reached the other side of the butte, she made her way up the hill, throwing the remaining forces in disarray.

A small number of Covenant soldiers made a mad dash to the Shade turrets, but were swiftly killed by Linda in her concealed position.

The skirmish had only lasted a few minutes; the defenders had been overwhelmed with terrifying precision and firepower.

"Linda, move up," ordered John.


"Overlord, the butte has been taken, over."

"Copy that Blue team, all battle group elements are advancing at this time."

In the distance, John could see the Ares Ultra-Heavy tanks open fire on the Covenant positions. Air sorties flew overhead while the mechanized moved in closely behind.


A few hours later

The offensive was successful, but the Loyalists were bound to counter-attack with shocking force later. John had been ordered to make a sweep of the lower depths of the base, just to make sure the previous tenants hadn't left behind any nasty surprises. Knowing that the sweep would be relatively easy, the Commander assigned Fred and Linda to aid in the defence of the base, while he and Kelly clear out the remainders.

A team of ODSTs stepped aside and opened the passage into the base as John and Kelly passed through.

The interior was like any other Covenant base, it was dimly lit with a purple hue, and the violet walls curved towards the ceiling. The two swiftly combed through the areas, resistance was light as the vast majority had been eliminated during the attack.

Large dual doors hissed as they entered a cavernous room, a Brute Chieftain stood in the centre.

"Demons!" he snarled, a device behind him began to beep.

John swore instantly. He quickly grabbed Kelly and tossed her through the door. The female Spartan was still flying through the air when the device detonated. She watched in horror as a violet-black void washed over her old friend, while he engaged armour lock.

"John!" she cried as she rushed back to his former position. Except nothing was there, but a smouldering crater, with smoke curling up from the molten metal.



"Sir," said an Operator, "we have a massive energy spike just outside of San Francisco."

The admin of the Avengers looked closely at the readings picked up from the satellite network. It was too high to be of natural or manmade causes. Fury feared that it might be another alien invasion.

"Has any other departments responded?" asked Nick Fury.

"No sir, they say it's in our ballpark."

"Who do we have in the area?"

"Stark, Rhodes, Rogers, Wolverine and Walters."

Fury nodded lightly, "call in who we can to check it out, tell all other departments to remain on standby."

"Yes sir."



John awoke to the smell of ozone; the air seemed to crackle around him. Black dots swarmed his vision as he fought off unconsciousness. The Spartan shook his head to increase his alertness, but was rewarded by a sharp burning pain in his neck. He exhaled as he moved the rest of his body, which seemed to cry out in protest at any form of movement.

His vision began to clear, the pain was fading away, and the positronic brain lattices within his body began the healing process. The Spartan then grabbed his rifle and made sure that it was operational, the weapon made a satisfactory whir as he flicked the safeties back and forth.

"Kelly?" he called out, "Kelly are you there?"

John heard nothing but the reply of a soft breeze and rustling trees. Trees?

The Spartan pulled himself up and looked around. His sight adjusted to the night, he could see the moon shining brightly, and the evergreen trees that surrounded him. He remembered being underground, not outside.

That looks like Luna he thought as his gaze focused onto the moon.

A strange feeling began to ebb into the Spartan's gut. Something was wrong. The platform he stood on, was part of the Covenant base, however there was a massive smouldering hole in the centre. John knew that was where the Brute must've been standing. The Commander quickly came to the conclusion that the device was a slipspace rupture bomb. By all rights he should've been dead; the EMP blasts from his armour must've disrupted the rupture, causing him to be transported elsewhere.

"Overlord," he keyed into his COM, "Overlord come in."

Nothing but silence came across the channels. It was as if, there was no one there.

Looking around, John decided to move due north, however his sensitive hearing picked up movement. He quickly switched to Promethean vision to see the world beyond his vision. There was a green humanoid like shape that slinked through the undergrowth of the forest. It seemed to have a feminine figure, not that the Spartan really cared.

He carefully lined up his sights and squeezed the trigger, firing a warning shot. The lance of savage blue energy slashed through the night sky and burned straight through a redwood tree. The figure immediately stopped and threw itself behind the cover of a boulder.

The Spartan engaged active camo, the wet grass beneath his boots squelched lightly as he advanced forward slowly. He was in an unknown situation, and the most logical thing to do was to subdue and interrogate. This figure he had just fired upon seemed to have a semblance of intelligence, which meant it would provide some much needed answers.

Jennifer Walters, also known as She-Hulk swore as energy rounds stabbed through the darkness of night. An entity was advancing on her position, firing suppressive shots. Normally Walters would've taken her attackers head on, but it was hard to fight back against someone who you couldn't see.

"Tin-boys," she whispered into her COM, "can you get a fix on this guy's position?"

"Doing an overhead pass right now," answered Rhodes, with Stark in tow.

The two men soared through the air, their armour's advance scanners combed through the immediate area to pick up the unknown entity.

"Jennifer, target is about thirty metres to your west," Stark said. Two white figures appeared on his HUD, one was tagged as She-Hulk, and the other unknown. The entity may have optical camouflage; it was by no means able to escape X-ray detection.

"That's great," said Walters, "but there's no moon, and I don't have a compass."

"To your left," sighed Tony.

"Thank you point-dexter."

Jennifer swiftly vaulted over the rocks and smashed through a couple of trees before slamming the entity.

The Spartan didn't expect that move, and that annoyed him. He had the advantage first, now this green being had turned the tables on him. The MJOLNIR's first shield layer sparked and flared gold as it beared the brunt of the shock. Wooden splinters flew in every direction as the massive timber broke against him, the active camo was not designed to resist this type of attack and thus failed, revealing the armoured warrior to the naked eye. The SABR fell out of the Supersoldier's hands and landed with a dull thud on the grass.

John took a quick glance at the attacking figure whom had pinned him down; it appeared to be a female, green skinned to be exact, with long dark green hair, emerald eyes, her facial structure resembled that of a Caucasian, she would have to be approximately seven feet tall.

He was surprised that she possessed this much strength, and that, she was green. What kind of human is green? But the Spartan didn't dwell on the matter for long as he brought up his arms, and shoved her in the chest. The momentum of his attack temporarily stunned her, allowing the Spartan to use his legs to push off her.

John landed about twenty metres away from her and took a low fighting stance. The air around his hands began to shimmer and crackle as plasma blades began to take form in the shape of shortswords. Magnetic projection fields in the MJOLNIR's gauntlets allowed the user to form plasma blades without the need of a hilt, it also allowed the user to fire plasma bolts, albeit to a limited range.

The Spartan held both blades in a reverse grip, and charged the green woman. She managed to duck in time as a blue plasma blade skimmed over her head, with wisps of ionised air trailing right behind it.

The green figure rushed John with acrobatic attacks to overwhelm the Spartan, but he kept his stance stable and went on the defensive. The Commander then attempted gain the advantage once more, and went on a shock and awe offensive. Using precision and overwhelming speed, he moved with fluidity and accuracy that would've brought some of the Covenant's greatest warriors to their knees. But to his surprise, every time the blades made contact with the woman, no damages occurred. The blades warped, transferring their immense heat into her flesh, but there were no signs of damage.

The Spartan swore as he realised the blades were ineffective and deactivated them. As he advanced onto the green woman, he delivered a series of fast punches and palm attacks in an attempt to throw her off balance. The tactic paid off as John struck the woman's right temple with thunderous force, causing her to stumble, allowing him to send her reeling end over end, with a kick.

The Supersoldier then took a quick glance at his HUD's sensors, which revealed another being approaching. John double timed to his fallen rifle, shouldered the weapon, and fired a quick burst into the direction of the approaching threat. Savage blue energy stabbed through the force, burning wood and foliage that were in the rounds' trajectories.

However that seemed to do nothing in favour for the Commander, as a humanoid figure with claws came charging towards him. John quickly sidestepped, and cleanly dodged the being's claws.

Rumble drug, thought the Supersoldier, or something like it, these people move too fast to be normal humans. Must be Innies.

The claw armed being spun around for another attack; he threw a salvo of punches which the Spartan swatted aside easily. John then slammed the butt of his weapon into his attacker's stomach, quickly winding him. The Supersoldier activated a plasma blade, and plunged the energy weapon deep into his target's abdomen. The human male grunted as the blade burned through his flesh and innards.

John then swiftly kicked the human in the chest, sending him flying back, and slamming into a tree. John had kicked many sapiens in the chest thousands of times, and always he would hear the sound of ribs snapping. But he was just rewarded with the sound of escaping air this time.

Walters pulled herself up from the cold metal decking, she had no clue to why the deck was there, but had more pressing matters at hand. The unknown entity had just subdued Wolverine. Jennifer knew that this armoured being was military trained, most likely a Tier One soldier on steroids.

She also noticed the level of technology the being possessed. The rifle he wielded is an energy weapon of some kind; the blades he emitted out of his hands were plasma. If it weren't for her body's resilience, Jen knew that she would've been killed. The entity had scored so many hits on her with his plasma blades, that it left her costume in smouldering tatters.

"Walters, do not engage the entity, Rhodey and I have a gift for him," said Stark.

"How do you know it's a him?" asked Jen.

"Guess work."

She-Hulk watched on as her two flying armoured allies swooped in, and fire special munitions, specifically for dealing with tanks. Jen's charge was capable of taking out an APC in one go, but the figure manage to resist it with ease.

The unique rounds streaked through the air, leaving a trail of smoke in their wake as they struck the being.

But much to the Avengers' shock and horror, the rounds just ricocheted off what appeared to be energy shields, and explode harmlessly in the forest, toppling over some trees.

"That didn't work point-dexter," growled Walters.

The two Ironmen landed with a dull thud in front of the being, both parties had their weapons aimed at each other.


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This story borrows heavily from Humanity's Legacy in terms of setting, technology and attire.