"Marrying kin-chan is the right thing to do," kotoko reminded herself for the tenth time.

"I mean I love him, but why am I having doubts?"

"Kotoko!" Kinnosuke enthusiastic voice called

"You stay out. You know its bad luck to see the bride before the ceremony." Scolded Jinko-Chan .

"Don't worry she's fine," said Satomi assisting Jinko in pushing kinnosuke out of kotoko's changing room

"But her grandmother is here,"said kinnosuke

"Grandmother, "gasped kotoko

"So many people has come to witness our wedding." thought kotoko

"Are you ready kotoko,"asked her father as he entered.

Kotoko, clothed in a white gown, looked as beautiful as ever, nodded as she took her father arm

"It's time,"

As the bridal party marched in Mrs. Irie sat with her family near the front pew with a disappointed expression. She had come so close to getting kotoko and Naoki together and now she was waltzing out of their lives.

She shot a glare at her unfeeling son, and her husband and to be daughter in law,chris. She had a lot of nerve coming. She hope they were all happy.

"hey check out kinnosuke," said Yuuki as they rose to welcome the bride. Naoki looked at kinnosuke.

"Ah, grinning like an idiot. Hopefully after this I won't be seeing him again…or kotoko. I won't be seeing her aga-

Kotoko appeared near her father.

"What a beautiful bride. What am I thinking, it's kotoko."

"if anyone has a reason to object speak now or forever hold your peace"

One hand shot up in the air. It was the hand of no other than…...

"Yes?"Asked the priest.

was stopped with a hand on her mouth.

"Don't mind her," said while carrying his wife outside.

" really want's me to be with Irie-kun, but I love Kin-Chan, right? The truth is I feel that I was forced to love kin-Chan I mean I d-,"

Kotoko's thought was cut of by the priest.

"For you lawful wedding husband?"

Kotoko looked up and saw a huge smile on his face. She didn't want to disappoint kin-Chan but a side of her wasn't sure if she loved him.

"I …. I ….. I …. ," stammered kotoko