~Vegeta's POV~

"Vegeta-ah…" I heard him moan when he woke up. I noticed that while I was sleeping, I grabbed his tail, harshly "Sorry…" I said and saw that his eyes were closed-shut and he was blushing a lot "I thought that it didn't hurt when your tail was grabbed" I said and loosened my grip on his tail "It doesn't hurt…" he said and opened his eyes "Why did you let go…? I really liked that touch…" he smiled. I smirked and my grip on his tail got tighter again. He closed his eyes again "Ah…" he moaned. Still holding his tail, I kissed him. Passionately. I heard him moan louder as our tongues playfully twisted together.

After a few minutes I let him go. We stared at each other for a few moments, then he smiled "Hey, Geta-kun, ya think we can live here?" "Well yeah, it's a great place to live and train. And since nobody else knows about this place, we can have some fun" I said and licked the scar on his neck. He sighted in delight and sat up "Vegeta…?" "Yeah?" "They're gonna find out soon…" I noticed he looked a bit sad "Kaka… Don't worry… I won't let them take you away from me…" I said and sat up. He smiled at me "Promise?" he asked. I placed my right hand on my chest – on the area where my heart was "Promise" I lifted my left hand up "Cross my heart and hope to die" I said. He giggled "Hey Geta, ya think it'll be OK if I go to that human's house for a while and get a few things?" he asked. I chuckled "Sure, knock yourself out. I'd better get some things too… And this house needs some fixing up if ya haven't noticed" "I know" he sweat-dropped.

We both got up and exited the house "Meet ya here in an hour, OK?" I said. He nodded "Hai, see-ya, my prince!" he said and flew away. I watched as he flew away and saw that his aura wasn't what it used to be – it was dark blue and pure evil. I sighted and smirked "His aura isn't the only the only one's that changed…" I flew off to that bitch's house.

~Goku's POV~

I landed right in front of the door of Chichi's house. I opened the door and walked up to my room. I saw that Chichi was standing near my door "Where were you last night?" she asked me angrily. I didn't pay attention. I looked around my room and saw a back bag in the corner of the room. I remembered that I used it when we went on a trip a few months ago. I took it and started putting my clothes in it "Why are you wearing Vegeta's shirt?" I heard her ask. I turned to her and felt how my anger started taking over for the first time "Why do you care?" I muttered and put the bag on my back "And where do you think you're going?" she asked again "Anywhere but here" I growled and jumped down the stairs "I'm not gonna live with humans that always piss me off…" I growled "Wow, Geta-kun was right. I really am starting to act like him…" I noticed that Goten was standing in front of the door "Daddy, what's the matter with you?" he asked "Nothing" I said and walked pass him.

I was about to fly away when suddenly I felt that Chichi grabbed my arm. I felt how my Saiyan Instincts took control. My skin turned pale, eyes dark blue with thin, sharp, black pupils, my hair messier, my nails longer and sharper, teeth became like a wild animal's "GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF OF ME YOU BITCH!" I shouted. She screamed in terror and jumped back "Goku! What happened to you?" "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS HUMAN!" I shouted again. Goten turned Super Saiyan and jumped in front of Chichi "Dad, there's something wrong with you" he said. I didn't answer, just growled. I turned around. I wanted to get away from them. But I couldn't control myself: I turned around and kicked my son in the stomach. He got smashed to a wall. He coughed out some blood and I heard Chichi scream again "GOKU! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?" "Nothing, I just hate every one of you" I growled again and flew off. I looked back to check if they're following me. When I saw that they weren't, I landed and turned back to normal. I started walking to mine and Vegeta's house.

~Vegeta's POV~

I jumped through my bedroom's window and started putting my clothes in a back bag I found. I didn't want to see any of those people I used to live with. I growled as I remembered those times. Yes, I was sane back then, but I didn't have Kakarot all to myself. Now, I don't care if I'm insane. I have Kakarot. That's all that I need. I was about to leave, when suddenly my door opened "Daddy! Where were you?" my daughter - Bulla asked. I glared at her "None of your business" I said and jumped through the window. I looked back to check if anyone was following me. Nobody was. I landed and started running, hiding myself behind the trees.

~Goku's POV~

I stopped when I saw the house. I looked to the right and saw Vegeta in a far distance. I smiled and waved. He waved at me also and ran towards me "So, are we gonna fix our house up?" I asked. He nodded "Eyup" he said. I smiled. The rest of the day we fixed the house up – fixed the roof that had a few holes in it, replaced the broken windows (Yes, we stole the new windows… WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL?), fixed the door (Yup, we stole that too…), and, of course, we re-painted the house. It was really fun having a 'paint fight' with Vegeta. We were both joking around, laughing, telling each other stories through the whole time we worked. It was great! Then, we started wondering what should we do about the furniture "How about we just steal them like we did with all the other stuff?" "I don't really want to steal from those humans' house…" I muttered. He chuckled "Who says we'll steal from them?"

The next hour or two we stole from the furniture shop. Oh God it was so fun hearing the people curs and call us aliens and demons! I think they called us aliens because we have tails, but I don't know why did they call us demons… But it was still fun throwing out all of the old furniture, smashing it, blasting it. Then we had to place all the furniture. It wasn't hard, but we couldn't really decide where to place them. After 30 minutes (I think) we left the furniture outside and started re-painting the house from the inside "Maybe we'll come up with somethin'…" Vegeta said after he suggested doing that.

It was really fun, and we got even DIRTIER. We didn't pay attention at first. Then we waited for the paint to dry. Only when our stomachs growled we noticed that we were all covered in dust, dirt, paint etc. At first we were surprised that we didn't even notice this, but then we burst into laughter. We both knew that there was a bit river near us. We were about to go to that place, but our stomachs growled again "We should get something to eat" I said. He nodded and looked at the forest "Wanna go catch a bear?" he asked me. I nodded, smiling "Sure!"

When we got back after a few minutes, we were dragging two BIG bears. Vegeta looked inside our house "Looks like the paint's dry" he said. I looked at the furniture "So, where are we gonna place them?" "You think I know that?" he sighted. I laughed and looked at him "Well, let's get goin'!" he smirked. We both started pushing the furniture around, yes, we argued, but we still managed to place everything. Then we started eating. We still joked around, especially Vegeta. I've never seen him like this, but I liked this side of him.

After that, we started swimming in the river. We washed all the paint and dirt off. We had a little water fight. We both had LOTS of fun. Then, we went home. About half-way home, he started chasing me, shouting that he'll eat me alive. I was laughing the whole way. I ran into the house and ran upstairs to OUR bedroom. He was running after me. I noticed he had an evil smirk on his face. I ran into the room and closed the door. I jumped onto the bed and covered myself in the bed sheets. The bed got wet, probably 'cause I was still wearing the wet clothes I wore when we bathed in the river (Yes, we swam in the river with clothes, what's so weird about that?). I heard the door open "Huh, that's weird… I could have SWORN that I saw my lover run into OUR bedroom…" Vegeta said "Where could he be?" I heard his footsteps that were coming towards our bed "Is he under the bed sheets?" he tour the bed sheets off of me and I saw him – smirking. I smiled nervously "Well, time to EAT YOU!" Vegeta laughed. I fake-screamed "Oh no!" as I dodged Vegeta.

He smirked and I felt how Vegeta grabbed my tail. Harshly, just like when I woke up. When I felt his hand grab my tail, I let out a delightful moan. He pulled me closer and in seconds I was sitting on his lap. I felt how his tongue glided up my neck "Did you really think I would let you go that easily?" "No…" I smiled. I was glad that he didn't let me go. I felt how his hand went under my shirt and glided up my back to my neck "You'd better get out of these wet clothes before you get sick…" he whispered to my ear. I smiled again, feeling the blush appear on my face. I lifted my arms and took my (The shirt was actually Vegeta's…) wet blue shirt off. I threw it on the ground and felt how my mate started pulling my pants down. I sighted in delight as I felt his wet but warm hands touch my skin. I helped Geta pull my pants down and threw them on the ground.

I was only wearing my boxers when I slid from Vegeta's lap to his left side and I grabbed his shirt carefully "Hey, how come YOU'RE still wearing your clothes…?" I asked him. He looked at me and smirked "Good point, KakaBaka" I saw how he took his red T-shirt, pants and the bandages off of his chest. I got curious "What is he hiding behind that bandage on his eye…?" suddenly he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a kiss. I blushed more as I felt his tongue twist with mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck. I couldn't help but moan his name through the kiss. I felt his arms around my waist. I moaned as I felt how our tails interwove together. I felt how his hand glided up to my neck then back down. Up, down. I love that touch. I love being Vegeta's…