Welcome to a Drabble War, ladies and gentlemen.

"C'mon, Bella!" Rosalie and Alice giggle in my ear, excitement oozing from their voices and beings. I roll my eyes and grin at them both, hiding my thawing envy from the beautiful sisters.

Rosalie and Alice Brandon are the ultimate girls. Born and raised in New York, not only are they street-wise, but smart and beautiful too. Rosalie is the tall, blonde, sporty one with ocean blue eyes that seem intimidating at first but are, without a doubt, her best feature. Apart from her rack. Rosalie Lillian Brandon has an amazing rack. From a straight woman's point of view.

Alice is the slightly shorter, elf-like, fashionsta type with straight pixie-style hair and warm brown eyes that invite you in. Her best feature is probably her nose. A button nose, of course. She's so cute you just wanna smuggle her away in your handbag to dress up. Then again, she'd probably complain about your "flawed" fashion skills.

Like I said, cute.

"Yeah, yeah, keep your tiny size 6 panties on, girlies!" I snicker, rolling my eyes. "Just let me put my hair up!"

They groan and I grin. Yep, I just ruined Alice's two hours of straightening my thick, brown hair by putting it up in its usual ponytail, but fuck it. We're about to go on vacation.

To London!

I wonder if their coffee tastes different?