Author's Note!

Okay, so hello readers!

I'd just like to thank everyone for the astounding response to this story, including over 100 reviews in two days! Wow. I'm so happy you all warmed to my story so quickly even though this was just a quick drabble sewn together over a few days, but, hell, the response was stifling.

Some of you wondered if there would be a sequel, and honestly, I'm thinking about it, but I'm not too sure at the moment. As I'm on hiatus due to exams right now, I sure would love to write a sequel if it was demanded! I do love pressure! ;)

Got any questions or whatever? Then don't hesitate to PM me.

Just thought I'd address the "duplication drama" while I was here. So, apparently "twilightered" or whatever, who stole my story and re-posted it as their own. Yeah, apparently, they have now had their account removed or something, so good.:) I must admit, I wanted to give up writing if people were just going to steal my work, but I wouldn't want to do that because writing is my life and they can go f**k themselves.

And thank you for bringing this idiot to my attention through PM. You guys rock.

Phew. Rant over.;)

So yeah, pretty much it, I guess.

I'm ready for a chat in my PM whenever! So don't forget to drop me a line if you're feeling lonely. I love new friends.

Love you TwiH00rs.