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You look so sad as you sleep

As if you are having a bad dream

But I am here. Right beside you.

And I won't go anywhere.

How do I live without you?

Bird - Yuya Matsushita


~Prologue: Her Butler, Dark, Yet Obedient~


Jane Worthington, daughter of Earl Niles and Anna Worthington, was a gracious and kind female, born on February 14th, 1871, on Valentine's Day. She has her mother's dark brown hair, that almost blackens, it shines with brilliance and beauty, and her father's violet eyes, like two purple pools, reflects on everything she sees. She would be cared for by her kind parents and her parents' butler, Tanaka. She was everything a brought up girl should be. She was with her butler Tanaka for an errand since her parents were planning a perfect event for her what could have been, a betrothed to a distant household. That is, until, at the age of eight, her parents died from murder.

Everything in Jane's innocent, happy world changed when she and Tanaka encountered the Worthington mansion set on fire. Their eyes were wide with confusion and fear. The brunette thought this was an illusion, but it wasn't. The crimson flames scorched rapidly and dramatically as if the earth around the burning mansion would be singed along with it.

"My lady, please stay here for your own sake!" Tanaka said, getting out of the carriage, running to the burning mansion. Jane did what she was told, but what if he got hurt and wouldn't be able to get out? If the others died, Jane would be all alone. She would have no one to look out for her. Violet eyes flaring, Jane got out of the carriage and hurried to the Worthington mansion. Flames greeted her sight, while fear wrapped her presence.

Her foot caught something before stepping on it completely. Her necklace from Christmas, decorated with amethysts, her birthstone, and diamonds was on the floor. She put it on around her neck quickly and ran to find her parents. What caused the fire in her home to start? Was it her cook's accident, or did someone put too much fire at the fireplace?

"Mother! Father!" Jane screamed when her parents were at her sight, slaughtered in flames and blood. She got down on her knees, tears pouring down her face as she mourned for her deceased parents. Just as she was about to open her eyes, she saw a woman, who smiled as if nothing happened. Blood covered her right hand, and her back seemed to be wings, white like the snow. Jane tried to get a good look, but she was then taken by a figure who sneaked up on her. It laid her on a table, ripping off her dress and quickly covering her up with a black cloth.

"We have her now. How should we torture this little brat?" a voice said, sounding masculine. Jane wanted to scream, but no one else was there but herself and the two figures that were surrounding her.

"The same as her parents: kill her," another voice said, sounding feminine. Jane closed her eyes, wanting the life-like nightmare to end. God wouldn't dare rid her of this place, but it seemed that He had other plans.

"There's no God..." Jane whimpered, tears blinding her sight.

Before the two figures tried to kill Jane, another one came down from above and revealed out its claws. It managed to slash the male a bit, but the female escaped with her wings.

"We should retreat," she said, flying to the sky.

"Agreed," the male replied, following the woman.

Jane didn't know whether to open her eyes or not, if she's dead or still alive. She took the risk of opening them, and at her sight, was blackness. The black cloth was still covering her body, and the table that was below her wasn't there anymore. She was floating. She refused to move her body or to make a noise, however. She needed to know what's going on and what she's here for.

"Don't be afraid," a deep, manly voice said. "You are safe for now." Who is this mysterious person? And better yet, where is she?

"Who are you? W-what do you want?" Jane asked. She's afraid, but she shouldn't be more afraid. She can't see the man speaking, only black feathers and a dim light.

"I am nameless. All you should know from me is that I am a demon. After the horror you've been through, I shall have something in store for you. However, think through this, little one. You have your faith since birth, but the chances of you entering the gates of Paradise will be out of your reach." What is this so-called "demon" saying? What is he talking about involving reaching to Heaven?

"A creature like you...? Why on earth should I take something from someone who goes against God?" Jane replied. Her words made him laugh lightly as if she told a joke.

"Little one, I shall ask once more. Do you wish to form a contract with me?" Jane could think of nothing but revenge. She must find the people responsible for the deaths of her parents, and the destruction of her home. With no hesitation, she has her answer, ready to be spoken with her voice.

"I do! If we have a deal, then show me that we did!" Her command came just in time. The feathers went around the little girl as if a tornado was spinning around her. Blackness was then at her sight once again, but that doesn't mean she can't hear well.

When she opened her eyes, she was still inside her burnt down mansion. What came to her mind was where was the voice that offered her a contract. She went outside, only to see dark clouds. If this was some joke of some kind, then she might as well be damned.

"You know that you don't live outside," a voice said. Jane gasped and looked at the owner of that voice.

That was when it hit her: a tall man around six feet, almost the half of Jane's height for being around four feet, was there at the corner of her eye. He didn't even look like a demon at all. He sported with black silky hair, ruby-red eyes that glistened with shine, and a face so devilishly handsome, it's like he's the most beautiful man Jane has ever seen. And she was not even lying through thought. He is beautiful.

"So that's your human form, isn't it?" Jane asked coldly, but nervously as well. A quiet chuckle filled with darkness escaped the man's lips.

"That's right. You wouldn't want to see me in my true form, don't you?" The small brunette shuddered, feeling a chill run up her spine. She gripped the black cloth that's wrapped around her.

"Why, isn't it scary?"

"I wouldn't say scary, it's more likely... traumatizing," the demon replied, walking towards Jane. He got down on one knee and placed his left hand on her left eye. "This will hurt, little one." His eyes changed from red to fuchsia with slit pupils.

"What do you me—Ah!" Jane yelled in pain. The demon felt a little regretful for doing it to a little girl, but it was important to do it, hiding his empathy with a smile. Normally Jane would cry, but she will not. She'll have to replace that with screaming or gasping. When his hand went away from her eye, it was no longer violet, but more of a contract symbol that is exactly the same as the demon's.

"Now that I am yours, what will you name me?" he asked her with a smile. The eight-year-old had her expression turned into a cold, serious, and calm girl. She will no longer show positive feelings to anyone, but smile when others are, support those who need her, and since it's just her and the demon, she will need to find Tanaka, and have around three servants for more support. Jane thought long and hard until the first name popped in her mind.

"Sebastian... Your name will be... Sebastian Michaelis." Jane responded when the rain started to pour with thunder roaring for emphasis. The tall man opened his mouth slightly with a smile and bowed down to the young girl.

"What a wonderful name you picked for, me... my lady."

This is Jane's life now: to find those who burnt down her home and parents. With her new demon butler Sebastian, she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. In the future, that doesn't mean she will expect it to be easy. It also means that she might face some feelings that will happen around her teenage years, despite not wanting to...


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