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~Chapter Thirty-Eight: His Bride, Avenger~


As much as the sleeping brunette hoped for a pleasant dream, she was wrong. When her eyes shot open, she realized a surge coming through her. Does that mean she turned into a demoness the moment she fell asleep? Trying to not wake Sebastian, Jane slowly stood off the bed and headed into her bathroom. She shook her head, noticing that she's still wearing her dress and didn't even bother to change into her nightgown. Looking into the mirror with the moonlight supporting it, Jane let out a quick shriek in which she covered her mouth to prevent any disturbance.

Her eyes... Her eyes turned into the form of a demon's. The process worked, it seems, but the question is, how can she return them to normal? She must find Hannah so that Sebastian can't figure out the truth. Slowly, Jane walked out of her bedroom and went downstairs to search for the flower demoness. Jane's heart is racing, and she felt herself becoming stronger and faster.

Will the library contain Hannah? Jane hopes so. What if the servants find out about her? So many thoughts and such were in her head, it can give her a headache.

"Can't sleep?" the former maid asked in the fire lit place. The brunette gasped, but was relieved to know that it was Hannah speaking. She had her eyes covered, which made the lavender haired curious. "Why are your hands covering your vision?" Jane quickly responded,

"So that no one else can see this." Uncovering her eyes, she revealed to Hannah the eyes of a demon, and Hannah replied with a determined face, but kind voice.

"You've finally become one of us, then." She looked at the clock. "It's only a half hour past three, so I have plenty of time to help you control your demon abilities."

Through four hours of learning to control her demon instincts, Jane laid back on the library couch and panted slowly, exhausted from the exercises. Hannah brushed Jane's bangs away from her face and placed a hand on her shoulder, helping her relax. When the brunette opened her eyes, she found Hannah's and sighed of relief. It surely was one hell of an experience, but it's better safe than sorry, since she doesn't want Sebastian to know what's going on.

As if it was on cue, the two women heard footsteps coming towards them. The darkness revealed the demon walking in the library, and his red eyes looked down at the panting woman. He frowned, worried about his wife.

"I was wondering what happened to you, my lady," he said softly. "Are you okay?" Jane hummed a yes, making sure that he doesn't have to be worried much longer. Pretending to ignore the crow demon, Hannah helped Jane up and started to support her walking out of the library.

"We have to get back to Claude before he gets too suspicious. I'll explain everything." Jane nodded, but with her strength, she hurried and ran back into Sebastian's arms. The demon knows how much it hurts the brunette to be away from him, but if it's to eliminate Claude, then he must let her go.

"What if I need you?" Jane asked with a hint of fear in her voice. Sebastian can feel her lips pressed to his neck, but there was no kiss.

"I'll keep an eye on you. My hearing is stronger than a human's," he replied, which made Jane frown, since she's no longer a human.

"Okay..." she whispered, stepping back to look at him one last time, her hand on his. It slowly slipped away and Jane turned around to walk with Hannah back to the McCloud manor. To make the trip faster though, Hannah had to take Jane in her arms and use her demon speed to make the trip faster and over with.

In only ten minutes, the two made it to the manor without any problems. The dawn sets with a morning sun that glows orange, which reminds Jane of when she stayed here when she broke up the contract with Sebastian. Hannah sighed in relief, putting Jane down.

"If anything happens to one of us, I know a way to communicate with Sebastian," Hannah spoke up, which relieved Jane. The two walked up to the front doors and it was silent as usual. The flower demoness walked with ease, heading to the garden. Jane followed, feeling her heart thud, but she breathed in and out, finally seeing the spider demon knitting with birds on his shoulders.

"That was a long grocery shopping," Claude said sarcastically, yet having his serious tone. "What happened?" Jane did her best to act human while Hannah calmly explained.

"There were thugs that tried to kidnap Jane, so I had to defend her and calm her down, which did take a long time, since she's suffered so much." Claude took the Lævateinn out of Hannah, which made Jane shudder in disgust and covered her mouth. The spider demon laughed quietly and used the sword to pierce through Hannah's chest. Jane trembled and shook her head in disbelief. Why Hannah? Why now?

"Why... Why did you kill Hannah, Claude?!" Jane asked, trembling. Her hands were shaking, her eyes were slightly watery. Despite her emotions, Claude smirked darkly.

"She was trying to make you escape. I'm no fool, but she's always have plans up her sleeve. I'm just following my love's final order." Jane looked shock. Everything in the manor was dead silent.

"Alicia's... last order?"

"Yes, my lady. She wants me to keep you captive and make Sebastian suffer for what he's done to you." Claude walked past Jane, his head slightly tilting to look back at her. "After Hannah's passing, you shall be the next carrier to that cursed sword. If any demon, including Sebastian tries to get to you, use that sword to kill them." Jane wanted to use the sword now and kill him, but his skill is far superior than his.

"Sebastian... If you're near, then kill Claude," Jane said, glaring at Claude. His gold eyes looked at Jane's violet eyes in shock.

That little... he thought, but before he could do anything, Alicia's last command replayed in his head. He cannot kill her, but he can make Sebastian suffer. If only he knew that Jane is a demoness. Jane laughed, and out of nowhere, Sebastian appeared with Jane's sword and three knives. When he tossed the blade to Jane, the crow demon took out three more knives.

"It's time for our vengeance, Claude," Sebastian smirked, his demon eyes showing. After what you've done to my bride, it's time that you pay the price." Claude growled in rage and attacked Sebastian, since he knows that he can't do anything to Jane.

Sebastian managed to slash Claude in the chest, but he was almost cut by the Lævateinn, and with a headbutt on the skull, Sebastian flew back and landed at the wall outside of the manor. It made him a bit dizzy, but he later noticed that Claude was walking towards Jane. His red eyes widen in fear, seeing Claude holding onto Jane's sword he's taken away from her, and thrust it into her stomach.

"No!" Jane started to cough out blood, and then fell to the ground, gasping for air. Claude looked at Jane's sword which was covered with her blood and dropped it on the ground. Sebastian ran to Jane and held her in his arms, his shoulders slightly shaking. "My lady, please forgive me." Jane decided that it was now the time to tell him. Opening her eyes, she sees Sebastian's head on her neck.

"Sebastian...?" The sound of her voice awaken him from his turmoil, and he looked dead straight into her eyes. "I guess I should have told you how I'm still alive now, " Jane said, her eyes changing from violet to pink like Sebastian's demon eyes. Sebastian widen his eyes and dropped his jaw.

"You're..." he utterly said, staring straight into her pink eyes. He got himself back together, embracing the bleeding woman. "You won't take a heavy hit from anything except that sword."

"I know... I have a plan, please act like that I have died, and when the time is right, I'll aid you." The crow demon nodded and laid her down, his face turned to one that is in despair, and he picked up Jane's sword, and ran back to Claude, who witnessed his anger, and he smiled. As they started their fight, the brunette stood up and looked at the top part of her dress.

"Well, this is unnecessary," she said, noticing the blood on her top part of her dress. With her newly demon-like strength, she ripped it, revealing her black corset. It may have some blood on it, but it'll keep hold of her breasts and keep her from being distracted by the scent of blood. Since she's a newborn demoness, she's stronger than Sebastian and Claude, but the sword can still cut her. She ran to the two and jumped high enough to meet their distance, and kicked Claude on the stomach. It was so strong, the spider demon coughed up blood and fell to the ground. Sebastian and Jane landed gracefully and picked up the Lævateinn.

The two looked at each other and nodded, launching the sword to Claude's heart. Before it touched the spider demon, he pictured Alicia smiling, and it broke his heart, since he knows that they'll never be together again.

I'm sorry, Alic-

Jane looked at the dying demon, her eyes changing to that of a demon's. Thunder appeared in the dark clouds, rain coming in for a finishing touch. She grinned darkly, and went to his ear,

"Thank you for giving me one hell of an adventure, bastard." The emphasis on that harsh, but true word that describes the dying demon, was what made Jane felt better into killing a supernatural being. The brunette stood up, and went to the crow demon, never looking back at the corpse of the spider demon. But then she thought of Hannah, so she ran to her corpse.

"I'm so sorry, my lady," Sebastian said with compassion, which is always unlike him.

"She needs to be buried at our manor, and this place haunts us so." Sebastian picked up Hannah's body and looked at Jane carefully.

"Should I set this manor on fire?" he asked. Jane laughed, even though he was serious. It is raining, so it wouldn't start a wild fire. Jane started to walk out of the manor, Sebastian following.

"If you want to. I want to head home as soon as possible."


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