Title: Departure

Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure I don't own The Mentalist.

Rating: M

Summary: Out of all the things Lisbon had thought they'd do in their relationship of five years; going on a vacation together had never once entered her mind. TL/RJ. Sequel to Informant.

This story follows the alternate universe set up in "Sanctuary" and "Informant", so if you haven't read those…you probably should first! I also should explain that this story does involve a Lisbon/Red John pairing, and that the M rating reflects all of the sexual situations (in later chapters) rather than the violence.

With all of that being said, enjoy!


With her cellphone in one hand and her notepad in the other, Teresa Lisbon left her office and stepped past the various working agents within the crowded bullpen. Her team; Agents Grace Van Pelt, Wayne Rigsby and Kimball Cho remained hard at work behind their paperwork cluttered desks, while Consultant Patrick Jane lazed around on his brown leather couch with his eyes closed. If it had been any other day, Lisbon would have rolled her eyes and commented on his perpetual laziness, but she knew he'd probably feel bad enough for the next two weeks when her boyfriend—Ross Crawford or Red John, the infamous Californian serial killer—"kidnapped" her for their first vacation together. Instead, she just shook her head and turned to address her team.

"Cho, Rigsby." Lisbon addressed and both men glanced up from their desks. "Go out and question Charles' fiancée, Katherine Arnett. Something doesn't quite fit up with her story from yesterday." Both nodded and stood up from their desks, probably more than ready to go out onto the field again. "Van Pelt." Lisbon turned to glance at her younger agent, who looked back with an optimistic expression. "I need you to check into the financials of Charles' cousin, Nancy Joanne." Van Pelt grimaced in noticeable dislike, but Lisbon ignored it.

"Did your Confidential Informant give up any juicy tidbits, Lisbon?" Jane asked her from his couch. Lisbon turned around to eye him and the giant smile he wore, which irritated the hell out of her. "Are we going somewhere, Lisbon?"

Lisbon nodded with a sigh. "The CI heard screams down at 3574 Convened Drive. He or she thinks something bad is taking place down there, so I need to go check it out." Jane continued to stare up at her from his couch.

"By yourself?" Jane asked. "Is that a good idea?" He almost sounded concerned, but she didn't put it past him just to fake it, so he could try and get out of the office.

"I have a gun, Jane." Lisbon told him, as she flashed him her gun. "Half of the time, these calls are pranks. I'm only checking on the offhand that this tip actually awards us with something useful." She watched him sit up on his couch.

"I'm coming with you."

Lisbon blinked in faux surprise. Even though Ross had wanted the consultant to come, she had to ask herself what Jane could (or would) do if anything did go wrong. Jane didn't have a gun and although the running of his mouth had saved them on occasion, she doubted it would save him from Ross's various "friends". Jane completely moved off his couch and she frowned. Taking Jane with her hadn't felt right, mainly because she didn't want him hurt or worse, dead. Dating a serial killer or not, Jane was still her friend and she did honestly care for him.

"If the call was a prank," Jane continued brightly, "we can go and get food afterwards." Lisbon shook her head again; Jane and his stomach. "Shall we go, Lisbon?" She gave him a nod and without another word, they both exited the CBI.

Almost an hour later, she and Jane quietly entered into the massive abandoned warehouse on Convened Drive. Jane moved at a slower pace behind her, while she retrieved her gun from her holster. She had considered herself pretty fortunate on the ride over, especially as Jane had remained somewhat quiet on asking why she had been late that morning to work. Lisbon hoped his quietness had been because of the pointless of his question, and not because he had figured anything out from her posture.

"Did the Confidential Informant tell you exactly where he or she heard the massive screaming?" She heard him ask from behind her and she rolled her eyes; she hadn't even said massive screaming, she had just said screaming. "All I see are the three ghosts of foreclosure: rats, abandoned machines, and graffiti." Lisbon did a brief scan of the room with her eyes; both she and Jane stood in the center, surrounded by various machines, which had probably seen better days. Shattered glass pooled beneath their feet from most likely partying teenagers, who had thought that an abandoned building was the best place for underage drinking. She heard Jane move behind her and she turned to stare at him, as he crotched down to stare at something beneath him.

"What are you doing, Jane?" Lisbon questioned him and Jane pointed at the ground.

"It's blood." Lisbon gave an inaudible sigh at the droplet of blood beneath Jane's finger; it looked pretty fresh, but that didn't mean anything at all. The ground around the blood didn't look too disturbed, which quite possibly meant that somebody had placed the blood droplet there to make them both stay.

"Stay here." Lisbon ordered, as she started toward the large cluster of rusted machines with her gun pointed in front of her. She honestly hoped Jane would heed her instructions, because Ross had been constantly looking for reasons to get rid of the consultant. Last night though, Ross had promised her that he wouldn't hurt either one of them in this staged kidnapping. She couldn't help and worry about what would happen, if Jane stumbled upon her—willingly—leaving with one of Red John's lackeys (or even Red John, himself).

Lisbon stepped behind one of the machines, when suddenly, a hand clasped over her mouth and she felt a sharp burst of pain against the small of her back. In shock, her gun tumbled from her hands with a loud clatter on the floor and whoever had their hand over her mouth, kicked the service weapon away from them both; the weapon flew under one of the various machines.

"Lisbon? Are you okay?" She heard Jane ask. Warm breath descended upon her earlobe, which caused a shiver to dance up her spine.

"You'll tell him yes, Agent Lisbon." The voice, who wasn't Ross, replied. "Or we'll kill him." Lisbon stiffened. Would the man really kill Jane? She felt him push whatever he held into her back again and she realized Ross's word or not, she had to play along. Her mouth became uncovered.

"I'm fine, Jane!" Lisbon tried to keep her voice steady, dare the "Great Lie Detector" detect some nervousness in her voice. "I just saw a giant rat." She rolled her eyes at herself; she doubted he'd believe that lie, especially considering the amount of mice they found with the CBI, but it apparently worked. Jane hadn't felt the need to stumble upon the "kidnapping" taking place, which made her worry somewhat less.

"Now, Agent Lisbon." The voice continued on softly. "Red John would like a word with you." And she wanted a word with him too; the fact that he had sent one of his lackeys to kidnap her, and he obviously hadn't warned said lackey to play nice, irritated her. Her captor rammed something into her back again and with an aggravated hiss, she threw her elbow back, which collided into his abdomen. "You bitch!" Lisbon heard him splutter into her ear, before the man shoved her forward and she completely lost her balance.

Lisbon's head and body hit the cement floor with a thud; she groaned, as she felt her captor stick his hands into her pockets. Moments later, she heard something—my cellphone?—being thrown across the room and clatter on the ground. She felt her body being lifted hastily and moved, as the semi-darkness of the warehouse faded into shadowed daylight. Her eyes blinked at the sudden blurriness of her vision. Where was she? Where were they going?

"Fucking bitch hit me." Lisbon heard through the ringing in her ears. "I hope he teaches her a…respect." The words faded in and out of her attention, before she felt herself being placed on something soft. Her head pounded and her stomach felt queasy, probably due to the massive headache coming her way. I hope I don't have a concussion, she thought, as her vision and concentration kept coming and going. "Take her to... I'll take care of the…one." In her semi-daze, dread filled Lisbon; what if Ross hadn't told his friend not to kill Jane? She opened her mouth to speak out, when she heard a second voice.

"You didn't hurt her, did you?" Again, Lisbon couldn't place the voice.

"Nah," the first voice lied, "she got me good though." Lisbon almost wanted to get him again, just out of spite.

"Good." The second voice replied, he sounded almost relieved. "If you had, Red John would not be pleased." Lisbon allowed her shaky nerves to ease slightly; Ross had warned them against hurting her and the lackey, it seemed to her, had only made a slight error in his judgment. She closed her eyes, as she couldn't follow their conversation any longer. Through the continued daze and the pounding headache, she vaguely heard something slam shut and the roar of an engine in the near distance.

To be continued...