The Time Ship.


Harry, even with his genetically enhanced body, was feeling his age as he saw the events that led to the wizard taking refuge in the far future, 800,000 years into the future. The TARDIS had brought him to this point in time without his knowledge until he'd walked out of the doors. So, for the next half an hour, though he would've preferred it if he could leave but his feet were planted in the ground, making him stand still.

The Magical Purge. The age where the magical world's arrogance and complacency finally shattered the barriers separating one world from the other.

He'd seen and studied this war, the time where the non-magicals used their superior scientific knowledge to wipe out all forms of magical creatures from the Wizard to the Centaur.

After his brief stopover with his crude time machine long before he'd grown his own TARDIS, Harry had studied that war. The person he'd spoken to had been surprisingly vague about the war, but once he'd studied it in detail he'd learnt more about the origins of the conflict.

The original rise of Voldemort had taken the magical world by surprise, but it went even further to the time of Grindelwald who'd spouted off the muggles should be enslaved, for their own good, but his war devastated Europe, but since World War 2 was being fought the muggles hadn't noticed the carnage left in his follower's wake.

But Harry had seen it. Several times. It was amazing, with his abandonment because his parents had allowed a man to play god by planting him with the Dursleys to make him into a weapon to kill Voldemort like he had no other purpose or any kind of future in life, Harry had thought the magical world had run out of ways to make him ill.


Harry had seen Voldemort and Grindelwald cut a path of murder, their followers destroying everything in sight. The Death Eaters had reminded Harry vividly of the Ku-Klux-Klan, hardly a surprise considering their resemblance and their similarities in ideology.

Voldemort's death, whilst a god send in itself, had become a rallying cry to the pureblood supremacists, and in an act of incredible stupidity, they organised into a group, and they carried out a vicious attack on the muggle world, sending a few groups to attack non-magical London, in broad daylight, to show the muggles it wasn't an isolated incident, wearing robes and carrying wands, and firing curses left, right and centre. Another group, and this is where it got stupid, attacked a military base. Quite a few soldiers were killed, but when they fought, back the wizards found out just how dangerous muggles really were. Many of them died, but what the magical world didn't know was what would happen to their remains.

The attack was broadcasted around the world. In the aftermath, hundreds of innocent people who had no idea why they'd been attacked and slaughtered like animals, were used for the new movement, and it's consequences were felt all over the world. It was like an avalanche had been set in motion, destroying everything in its path. It didn't take a genius to work out how someone could be levitated with a flick of the wrist and a few strange words in latin; magic was real, and, like everything not understood by non-magical people, it became feared.

The old medieval attitudes to magic reasserted itself, though it shouldn't have been surprising. If the magical world had been revealed in peace, some of the more forward thinkers in the muggle world might have accepted that magic not only existed, but there were whole communities of people who lived outside the normal world, living alongside mystical and incredible beings you only read about in fiction or fantasy stories, or watched on television. But no, they existed. They were real.

Magic was real, and it was evil. There was no grey, just black and white.

In the aftermath of the attack and the debate about what to do, the families of the numerous muggle born children all around the world did the one thing their children had dreaded for many years, and it started with one very bigoted couple who believed their daughter was the bride of Satan, and they used the attack as an excuse to rid themselves of the child they'd brought up but could never understand.

They supplied evidence by taking everything the girl had; wand, spell books, potion ingredients. Everything was checked out, and the lab studies on the potion ingredients showed they were unknown.

As for the girl herself, well, capturing her had been difficult, even when the parents tried to reassure her the men who'd come to collect her weren't going to harm her, but the girl knew how much her parents hated and feared her, and she'd tried to escape before she was hit with a tranquiliser dart.

When she was asleep, safe in isolation, the scientists studied her. Even when she was asleep, under the influence of drugs, she still showed signs of being magical. Her parents had told the people who'd taken her away that when she was sleeping, that occasionally things would move, and lights would flicker though they hadn't made the connection between her sleeping state and the occurrences until the teacher from that magical school had visited with the news their daughter was magical.

The news had made the scientists examine and watch the girl, making sure to keep her in a heavily sedated state. Her parents had been thoroughly interviewed and questioned about everything they knew about the magical world. It was made clear to them their information had be accurate, but there was so much they didn't know, and their interviewers had quickly become frustrated by their narrow mindedness. Their intelligence gathering on the magical world would go a lot more smoothly if their minds had been more open.

It didn't matter; many of the muggleborn children's families soon learnt of what this family had done, and they started to ask if their own children were being indoctrinated into the magical world to the extent they forgot everything about their old lives.

Their raising of their children had been marked with weird events happening, so by the time their children had hit eleven, their worries had turned into acceptance, and in some cases fear.

In the aftermath of the attacks that had taken the normal world by surprise, that acceptance turned into fear, and in their fear they betrayed their own families.

The scientists worked whilst the governments secretly discussed what should happen. The decision was obvious; destroy the magical world, it was clear they would destroy them sooner or later.

Given the task, the scientists deciphered magical DNA, and used that knowledge to create viruses, and thanks to the drugged muggleborns, they learnt the existence of magical abodes, and they launched their attacks.

The magical world was taken by surprise around the globe as hundreds of their people fell to their deaths, spitting blood.

Part of Harry felt bad that such an old civilisation was being slaughtered right at that moment, but he knew he couldn't interfere. It wasn't just history to him, but because he genuinely felt nothing for the magical world.

His heart felt cold, icy and empty as he looked at the devastation around him.

The answer to the reason why he felt nothing for the magical world was because of what the magical world had done to him, the way he'd grown up in a manner that would turn him into an unthinking sacrificial lamb for Dumbledore's little cause.

It wasn't completely all Dumbledore's fault, of course. The man had some virtues for thinking about the long term future of his world, something he'd had the right to, but his ideas and visions for the future would've been perfect if he'd taken some action against the Darker sides of the world.

Harry had learnt and seen enough of Dumbledore from his time before and during the Triwizard tournament to be aware of Dumbledore's naivety, strange considering the man was over a century or so old. He should've been aware life wasn't always a straight line.

Pity Voldemort wasn't so forward thinking, the idiot had grown up in a muggle orphanage. He should have known there were more muggles than witches and wizards on Earth, he should have known what his followers did not the muggle world had advanced culturally and scientifically, and the aftermath of the blood supremacists attacks on London should've given the magical world a clue that muggles were incredibly dangerous.

When the realisation set in they'd made a terrible mistake, the muggles struck back; the losses the muggles had left in their wake of their return attack was a wake up call, and the response was to try and negotiate with the muggles to prevent further bloodshed, though some groups hadn't been nearly so peaceful.

Harry had witnessed those attempts many times since he'd begun time travelling, both the war mongers and the peace makers on both sides. Even in the muggle world there were those who wanted to make peace, to learn about the mysteries of the world. Pity the peacemakers on both sides of the coin were overshadowed by those who wanted to destroy the other.

The war between magic and non magic, wand against gun, spell against nuclear bomb or pathogen would last for centuries, and when the human race finally left Earth though they left behind a small group which degenerated into two factions which were shadows of their former selves, Eloi and Morlock, magic was known.

Harry knew the magical race had originally cast themselves into shadow by means of spells and a ritual, but it had been lost to the mists of history. Voldemort had personally gone after the descendants of those who'd originally cast the ward preventing the muggles from finding the magical world, and he'd murdered them in cold blood to prevent the knowledge from ever being rediscovered, he needn't have worried because it had been lost to the ages. He'd wiped them out because he planned, stupidly, to exterminate and subjugate the muggle world. It had never occurred to him the old wizards could've done that if they hadn't seen just how dangerous they were.

Hogwart's motto was never to tickle a sleeping dragon, or something similar around those lines. How apt to describe the relationship between muggle and wizard. It never failed to amaze Harry about just how stupid the wizards were, and yeah he knew he was repeating himself on that one, but he couldn't help it. It must have made even the most ignorant and bigoted fool in the magical world and any historian question the reasoning behind their locking themselves away, didn't any kid point out that if magicals were so powerful then they should be able to overcome the muggles without making any effort.

The next trip Harry took to see the future of magic was off world. The second he stepped out of the TARDIS, he saw at once the old hatred and fear was still present, even in this far off future. He supposed it had something to do with the way the non-magical members of the planets population were exasperated, terrified, and furious their ancestors attempts to stamp magic out had failed.

He watched as the muggles took out oddly shaped weapons, clearly they were specialist weapons designed to incapacitate magical beings. Harry had learnt enough about the energy called magic that it was actually a sort of tap in the universe that enabled particular, and gifted people to perform incredible feats.

Pity the non-magical people didn't see it like that; they fired their weapons at a small group of magical people, some of them even children. After watching the hunters fire electrified cables at the group, he'd had enough, and yielding to his conscience he decided to do something about it. It was the least he could do considering it was pretty much his fault they'd been hunted down and persecuted for thousands of years. Harry teleported them to a distant planet, and told them to hide any trace of their presence from the others. Inspired by that, Harry travelled across the galaxies searching for human life. The TARDIS scanners were programmed and designed specially to pick up the energy wizards called magic, and relocating them was easy since they'd been trying to avoid being hunted for centuries. Some of the magicals Harry met in the years following his participation in the tournament had gradually lost the knowledge on magic. The muggles had known even if the purge had been worldwide, a few would slip the net. Not a problem. The magical world had been a powerful enemy when they'd begun their purge, and that was because of the knowledge gathered and formed over the centuries. When they'd stormed the manors, libraries and schools of magic, the muggles had burnt them all, but Harry had known the muggles had underestimated the resolve of some of the magicals to preserve their culture and knowledge. Some of the magical books had been smuggled with the groups of humans with the gift of magic, but they'd lacked the materials to make potions or wands, and some of them hadn't even had a simple, basic spell book with them. They'd had to make do, but humans are a particularly inventive race, and they used magic their own way, learning to use meditation to allow them the ability to channel their magical energy.

The TARDIS eventually took Harry to a planet where the magicals had eventually migrated to so they could avoid being hunted anymore, and they had embraced peace and privacy. The world they were on was unspoiled, lush and natural. The descendants of the magical world, the various splinters that had survived, at last came together to form their own world.

They had learnt the lessons of the past, and now they simply wanted to live in peace.

Harry dropped in from time to time to make sure they were alright, and he also made sure to check if they were being actively hunted again. The people on the planet still maintained spacecraft in caverns to maintain their safety and to preserve them, but they never ventured out into space again though they trained their children and their children's children in how to maintain and how to fly them.

The muggles eventually stopped their hunt of magic in their race, convinced they had finally ridded their race of the evil of magic. Time was a great healer, and it was a great way for the hatred to be lost to the ages. Eventually, the purge became nothing more than a myth. On Earth, the magical race had had to live with their counterparts behind barriers, and the people became stuck in a dead end lifestyle, and believed their counterparts were in the same boat.

That misconception cost thousands of lives over millions of years. Now, separated the two races could live in peace but the magical race would and could never forget the fear and pain on both sides of the coin, and they resolved to never repeat the mistakes the old magical world had committed.

As for Harry Potter, well he continued with his wandering life, and he never set foot in the magical world of the past again. As for Lily and James Potter, well he wouldn't forget about them though the world certainly moved on from them.

To all those readers and reviewers, thanks for liking my story. The next Harry Potter story will be similar - Look out for The Time Traveller.