About a half hour after leaving the dock, we saw a big ship. So we all left our positions and started waving our hands, trying to get their attention. About 5 minutes later, the boat started heading towards us. When it got to us, we saw Frank at the side of the ship, looking shocked.

"What are you doing here?" Frank asked.

"Well he doesn't sound very happy to see us." I said jokingly, making Joni laugh slightly.

"We're stopping you. Dad. We have a confession." Christina said.

"We were behind everything. All the fights." Phoebe slipped in.

"We tried to break you and mom up. So we could go back to the way things were." Dylan told him.

"We made a huge mistake. And we realized that we should all be a family." William interrupted. Everyone then started yelling, trying to get him to come back.

"I'm sorry, guys. It's already too late. Your mom is really-" Frank started, but was interrupted by the lighthouse light turning on. Frank then told them to turn the ship around. We arrived at the docks, and he declined the job offer. We then drive home, where we were greeted me Helen and the rest of the kids. We walked up and Frank and Helen hugged. Everyone else started hugging after that.

"I'm sorry. This is where I belong." Frank said.

"Me too." Helen replied.

"And I think my kids agree." Frank told her, making the Beardsley's yell their agreements.

"Your kids?" Helen smirked.

"Our kids." Frank replied, smiling while Helen laughed. "Will you marry me again?"

"Yeah. Only this time, the right way." Helen said. About a month later, they had the wedding. All of us girls were in white dresses while the guys wore white tuxedos.

"You know what we need?" Frank asked. "Group hug!" He yelled making us all run in and hug before everyone started dancing. But then a slow song came in and all the couples went out to the floor. I was sitting with Mick, Joni, and Kelly joking around when someone cleared their throat behind me. I turned and saw Michael looking nervous, so I just looked at him questionably.

"Um...do you want to dance?" Michael asked nervously, looking at his shoes. I quickly turned and made the begging sign at Joni, making Mick and Kelly laugh while Joni just sighed and ushered for me to go.

"I would love to." I told him, smiling whiling walking out. When we got out I put my hands on his shoulders while he put his on my waist. We danced for little bit before he pulled me to the side.

"I'm not usually the one to ask girls out so you'll have to tell me if I mess up. But, would you go out with me?" Michael asked nervously, but still looking at me. I smiled and quickly kissed his cheek.

"Does that answer your question?" I asked sarcastically before intertwining our fingers and pulling him out to the dance floor. Usually I hate change. But maybe a little change isn't so bad after all. And to think, we actually fit all of our names into the answering machine.

The End