Summary: What if Suze lived in Salem, Massachusetts during the Salem Witch Trials? What if Paul was an angry suitor who knew her secret? What if instead of a ghost from the past Jesse was a shifter from the future? This story answers all those questions and more.

Disclaimer: I don't own The Mediator. I own none of the characters in this story they are either Mediator characters or historical figures from the real Salem Witch Trials. This applies for all chapters ahead (the character thing might change but I'll tell you if it does).

The Mediator of the Salem Witch Trials


My name is Susannah Simon. I live in Salem, Massachusetts in the year of our Lord 1692.

I am afraid to say that Salem is in a state of chaos as of late. There is a witch hunt running through our small village. Everyone has been driven mad by the fear of the devil's servants. Sometimes I wonder if there truly are witches here.

It all started when a group of girls said they had a vision of being attacked by a few members of the community. Now wither this did or did not happen is debatable.

The girl that seems to be the leader of the girls is the young Abigail Williams, whom I have known her entire life, as I am sixteen and she is only twelve and Salem is such a small village that all the members of the community know one another. Abigail, as much as it pains me to speak even the slightest evil of her, has always loved the attention of others and she surely gained that after the first accusation of witchcraft. I believe she made more accusations to keep that attention but I do not believe she meant for it to grow to the extent that it did.

So after the first few witch trials people became mad with fear and some hungry for power. It hurts me to see neighbors who have known one another for all their lives turn against each other because of fear and greed. I have seen respected members of the community, who were good God loving people, condemned to hang as witches with the only perceivable reason being the land they owned. Time after time once a person is hung their land is sold to the person willing to pay the highest price.

The people who are most often the ones willing to pay the highest price is the Slater family. The person who will be the reason I hang will be the oldest son, Paul. Paul Slater knows a secret about me that would guaranty me trip to the gallows.

I shall never say this to anyone but I have the ability to see spirits. Do not mistake me. I am not a witch. I have never signed a pack with the devil. I have been seeing the spirits of the dead since I was born. However if I was to say that at a witch trail they would either say I was lying or that my mother signed a pack with Lucifer before I was born, though they all know she is not the woman to do such a thing. If they switched the blame from myself to my mother, instead of I being hung at the gallows it would be her.

I will tell you that my father died while I was still young and while I still see his spirit on occasion I am not eager to become an orphan by the loss of my mother. True I would not be alone in this world, for since my father's death my mother had remarried. My mother's husband, Andrew Ackerman, a widower with three sons, would continue to keep me should my mother pass.

Still I would be might fearful of the people of Salem finding the truth of my secret. What scares me most is the fact that Paul Slater knows of the fact that I see spirits. He knows because he has the same ability.

However, that would not keep him from revealing me to the community because he knows he would remain safe. Paul is a prideful person and I know he wishes our marriage at some point, something both out families support. However, I know Paul has an evil about him.

He would reveal me to the community out of scorn if I refused the marriage, which I must for the same reason he would reveal me. He is an evil man and I cannot see myself marring an evil man.

If I am hung for refusing him, then so be it. Being hung for refusing to tie myself to evil is better than living a life of fear and hate.

A/N: By the way for those of you wondering. Yes Abigail Williams was a historical figure in the Salem Witch Trials. I know she is a character in The Crucible but like me Arthur Miller used real historical figures. Oh and I tried to keep the language as accurate as I could but I know it is not perfect.