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Nina's POV

I wonder where Amber is. She never came home last night. I hope she's okay, she would have told me if she was staying with family or something.

" Ms. martin do you know the where abouts of miss Millington ?" asked Victor as he walked into my room.

"Sorry but no. She wasen't at supper, but I think she went on a date with Alfie." I said. Victor crossed his arms.

"Where is she ? I know that you know. Did you send her off to get information for the ankh cross? If you did, then you have to give me the information." said Victor rudely.

"Excuse me? How dare you accuse me! I don't know where she is and why would I send her off to get information when I can get from you since all you do all day is read the book of Isis and talk to freaky dead stuffed animals!"I yelled. I lost my tempore and couldn't hold it in.

"miss martin , you are not premitted to speak to me in this tone!" Victor yelled.

"Why? You speak like this to everyone this! You have no respect for any of us you 100 year old freak!" I yelled

"What did you call me?" he yelled back.

"A 100 year old freak that is absessed with living forever!" I screamed. Now the whole house was standing outside the doorway listening.
"You're the one with no respect! You break the rules by sneaking into the attic and celler,breaking curfew, and skipping class." yelled Victor. I kept going back and forth at each other and I eventully heard an oh snap through the door.

"I wouldn't have to if you didn't try to find the mask before us and kill us!" I screamed.

"I was never trying to kill you." said Victor.

"I'd beg to differ. If you found the mask first, then senkara would have killed me,fabian,patricia,amber,and alfie!" i screamed.

"She is so getting the tooth brush." I heard Amy say.

"You are banned from electronics for 3 months and cannot leave this room unless it's for school or the bathroom for a month." He yelled.

"That's not fair!" I screamed.

"Life is not fair Nina, life is not fair." he said as he walked out of my room.

Amber's POV

I woke up with Alfie sleeping next me. great, I was still on this blasted island!

"Alfie, WAKE UP!" I yelled while shaking him.

"(yawn) good morning Ambs." He said as he got up

"good morning? This is a terriable morning. We're still on this stupid island!"I said.

"It's okay Ambs, I'll call the rescue boat." said Alfie.

"Why don't we just go in our boat?" I asked.

"Well... our boat floated away." he said. He's so cute but can be so stupid at times.

"Why didn't you tie the boat to a tree or something?" i asked

"I forgot. I was really tired." he said.

"Oh Alfie." I said as I gave him a kiss.

"I'll call the boat." he said

after 2 hours of no electronics or anything, the boat came and brought us back to the dock. We called a taxi and went home.

I went upstairs and went into my room. I ran up and gave Nina a hug a told her all the good parts of the date and then the bad parts.

"Let's go into town and get some lunch." I suggested.

"I can't." she said.

"Do you have a date or something?" I asked her.

"Nope. Im grounded." she said.

"Why?" I asked and then she told me about what happend. At first I felt really bad because I thought it was my fault for getting lost but then she told me about all the names she called Victor and I couldn't help but laugh. Victor had a good reason to ground her. But then she told me about the no electronics.

"(gasp) NO ELECTRONICS! that's like no air! How could he do something so cruel? I'm going to go have a chat with him." I said

"Amber no." she said.

"How are you going to stop me? You can't leave the room." I said.

"Amber no..." she started to say but I couldn't hear the rest because I left.

Nina's POV

It's only been one day with my labtop,t.v,phone,mp3 player, or anything meaningful in life! I'd rather be cleaning all the toilets in the school!

"Hey Nina." said Eddie as he walked into my room.

"HELP ME!' I said.

He laughed.

"Look what I brought you." he said as he gave me my dinner.

"Thanks Eddie." I said as I kissed his cheeck.

"I think we should have dinner together." he said as he pulled out his plate.

"You are so sweet." I said as I gave him kiss.

"Any way I can sneak down to the tunnels?" I asked.

"No way, Victor's been watching your room all day." he said.

"gurrrr..."i said

He laughed again.

"I love you." he said.

"I love you too." I said as we started making out.