Drop of blood

Chapter 1: Birth of Two Demons

This is something I thought up in a spark of imagination. I really enjoyed writing this. This is also an homage to Absolute loyalty, a harry potter fanfic. Only two chapters but its really good. I'll try and update this as soon as I can.

I am the raging malestorm. I am the silent wind. I am the avatar of death. I serve one master and will only serve him. What he wants, shall be brought to him. What he hates, shall meet my wrath. Any who oppose him will have my blade through their neck. I owe him everything. I shall give him everything. Should he become the Demon King, I shall be at his humble servent. Should he fight the Emperor with only one man to his name, I shall be his martyr. It is not my choice to follow him, for he is my choice. He is my life. Therefore, I ask of you, Join him or I shall strike you down.

Pain. Tired. Hurt. Ache. Breath. Can't. Sad. Dying.

He was lying on the ground. He was against concrete. He was having trouble breathing.

The blonde boy blinked slowly. The whiskered boy took in his new surroundings.

This boy was Naruto Uzumaki, the jinchuuriki.

As much as Naruto wanted to believe everything in the last 24 hours were false, he was coming to grips with the very cold hard truth. He was dying. He was dying due to the bleeding wound below his heart. The kyuubi's chakra was barely helping and his vision was getting blurry. Sasuke had put that wound there. Sasuke, his surrogate brother, the person who he had trusted, had tried to or would kill him. Naruto didn't know what happened but he did know what had happened before. Shikamaru and had asked him to be on the team. Naruto charged ahead, though his teammates were picked off one by one.

He was foolish. He had been narrow-sighted. He had been an idiot.

When Naruto had found Sasuke, he had tried to make him see sense. Sasuke had tried to kill him, three times. Well it seemed third would indeed be the charm. After their chakra attacks had clashed. Sasuke had stabbed Naruto in the chest. Naruto blasted Sasuke away with a swipe at Sasuke's eyes. Naruto wondered if he had gotten the sharingan. And than the energy around Naruto whirled. Naruto felt like he was being pulled somewhere. But it didn't matter now, he had nothing.

He was not a Konoha nin. He was a Jinchuuriki.

He was in a strange place. He had no more friends. He was alone.

And so Naruto just laid there. Nothing left to do. Every goal shot to hell. Naruto just chuckled and wondered how much of an idiot he was. Now that Naruto thought about it, no one really cared about him. No one truly thought of him as family. Naruto felt his body start to feel light. And then, Naruto heard something he didn't expect.

"Hey are you OK? Hang on." Naruto blinked slowly trying to clear his vision.

"Its OK. I'll get you help." Naruto stared as he watched a person rip his shirt and push it onto his wound.

"What's your name, tell me your name."

Naruto grunted out "Naruto."

Naruto's blue eyes met this person's purple ones. This person was just a kid. But the eyes were so familiar. So young and yet held so much pain. Naruto saw the desperation, the determination, in this person. The young boy smiled as he proceeded to wrap Naruto's wound.

"My name is Lelouch."

Naruto smiled and closed his eyes.

Naruto opened his eyes. Sitting up, the blonde shook his head, a ghost of a smile on his face. ''That dream again.'

Naruto shifted his body and stood up. The silk sheets slipping off his nude form as he stretched his muscles. Naruto moved towards the shower, grabbing a towel from the bar on the side. Rinsing himself quickly, Naruto dressed himself in his normal attire: Black slacks, A white collared button up shirt, and a black vest. Combing his hair once, Naruto moved towards the mirror in the bathroom. Ensuring he looked acceptable, Naruto exited his room and moved down the hall. Checking his watch, Naruto smiled as he was a bit early. It was only 6:00. Naruto moved towards the kitchen and rolled up his sleeves. 'I wonder what I should cook today. They need a bit more protein, they haven't been eating much lately.' Naruto got to work, draping a cleaning towel on his shoulder, taking out frying pans and the necessary ingredients.

Naruto didn't even turn around when he heard someone approach from behind. Instead he moved towards the right, and let his senior work along side him.

"Are you going to wake up, Nunally-sama or should I?" Naruto asked quietly while carefully putting the dough into the oven.

Sayako shook her head. "It is quite alright. I will wake up Nunally-sama, you can wake up Lelouch-sama."

Naruto nodded as he wiped his hands on his towel and put the towel onto a nearby metal bar. Walking up the stairs towards his master's room, Naruto hummed a small tune. Over the past 10 years he had learned quite a lot. From music to English to engineering. He had a lot of spare time and even more spare time with Kage bunshin. Naruto moved towards the door and knocked on it twice.

"Lelouch-sama." Naruto paused waiting for fifteen seconds and opened the door. Naruto smiled as he saw the black haired teenager sprawled on top of his bed. Naruto moved forward, past the bed, and to the window. Opening it and letting the light rush in, Naruto heard a small grunt.

Naruto's savior tossed and turned.

"Naruto its only 8, and class doesn't start till 9:30."

Naruto gave a small smile to the younger boy. "Yes, but if I recall, Miss Milly asked you to be there at 9. To prepare for a school year. And also, you should remember your … activities at 4. You're chess match."

Lelouch looked at the blond with weary eyes. Naruto obviously knew about his meeting through Milly, because the president was quite fond of the blonde and used him to remind Lelouch. But, the ex-prince had stopped wondering long ago how Naruto knew about any of his betting matches. Lelouch got up and shook his head. Naruto already had a towel waiting for when Lelouch got out of the shower. Lelouch sighed as he went through the motions to prepare himself for the morning. Taking only ten minutes, Lelouch exited and stretched. Grabbing the towel from Naruto, Lelouch realized something.


Naruto was preparing Lelouch's outfit, so his back was turned from his master.

"Yes, Lelouch-sama."

"I just realized, Today is the anniversary of our meeting."

Naruto, who was picking up the outfit, paused. He already knew this. He had counted the days, made sure to be thankful to whatever gods there were. They or He or it, whatever, had given him purpose that day. Lelouch had never asked how he gotten those wounds. Had never asked why Naruto had devoted himself to Lelouch. For that Naruto was grateful for, even if he was already infinitely grateful to Lelouch. Naruto straightened and put the uniform into Lelouch's hands.

"Yes, it is Lelouch-sama. I will always be grateful for you saving my life." Naruto said with a genuine smile.

Lelouch shook his head as he dressed. "I didn't save your life, I simply tried to help."

Naruto chuckled, Lelouch had done a lot more than just stop the bleeding. "Well, Since it is the anniversary, I guess we can skip out on practice today."

Lelouch gave a small flinch and nodded slowly. Lelouch walked out of the room briskly to eat breakfast, before Naruto could change his mind. Naruto chuckled quietly as he followed behind. Every day, Naruto would train Lelouch to defend himself. Lelouch was getting quite good at deflecting and dodging. And Naruto was pretty sure Lelouch could run a 5 minute mile if he really pushed it. Though it would forever amaze Naruto, how Lelouch's body refused to grow muscles. Sure Lelouch's muscle were dense as a rock, but he was still thin and very much a pretty boy.

Naruto walked down and saw that Sayako had already gotten Nunally into her chair. The maid was cutting up the bread and ham for the princess. Naruto gave a small smile and moved forward. Nunally, hearing the footsteps, correctly identified the newcomer.

"Brother, Naruto-san."

Naruto smiled at the girl's senses. She always had quick mind and her senses were heightened due her loss of sight. Lelouch just smiled because his sister is his world. Naruto moved the chair back to allow Lelouch to sit next to Nunally. Sayako than took her place on the other side of Nunally, and Naruto took his place on the other side of Lelouch. Naruto always wondered why Lelouch told them to eat with them. Naruto had never heard of nobles doing such a thing, but Lelouch didn't really cared. It was surprising to Naruto because he also knew that Lelouch Lamperouge was actually Lelouch vi Britannia.

Over the years, Naruto, with the help of Kage bunshin, had gotten used to the world. And being a Ninja, he liked to find his way into things and gain information. One of the ways he gatheredd information was computers, Naruto just so happened to hack into Miss Milly's files and search more information about Lelouch's origins. The only thing he found was that he was sent here from the deceased Japanese Minister. Naruto than looked into that situation and found out that Lelouch was sent here from Britannia, by the emperor. It didn't take much to put two and two together. Naruto never pried into the reasons why his master was exiled, but he knew he would follow Lelouch.

On the more happier note, Naruto took the dishes and proceeded to put them carefully into the dishwasher. Naruto stretched his back as he started to do the dishes. He nodded once to his master, as he moved across the room to go to school. Sayako had gone to take Nunally out to the park. Naruto signaled to Sayako that he would be shadowing Lelouch today. Sayako nodded once and moved with Nunally out.

'Dishes done, laundry done, bed made, lunch prepared, alright.'

Naruto moved up the stairs to his room. It was really simple room with very little aesthetics: A comfy bed, a wardrobe for his clothes, a desk and a computer. Naruto moved towards his bed and reached under. Grabbing a handle, Naruto pulled and unlocked the hollow compartment under the bed. Reaching under once more, he undid the straps and let a metal case fall into his hands.

Naruto moved from under his bed to his desk. After setting the metal case on top of his desk, Naruto unraveled a clean black sheet. He liked black. He didn't know why but it felt like royalty to him. Naruto opened his case and took out his tools.

'Four kunai, the kunai hosltser. 20 shurikens in each pouch. Hand gun... still loaded. 5 clips. Emergency beacon to Sayako. And 3 hand grenades'

The hand grenades were a gift from Sayako. The Shurikens and Kunai were made from a local black smith, one who Sayako trusted. Naruto took out a Hoslter jacket from his closet and put it on carefully. Putting the guns, knives and explosive in their appropriate place, Naruto put the emergency beacon, or the ring, on his ear. He had no idea why Sayako wanted him to have a golden earring, but Naruto accepted the beacon nonetheless.

Naruto sighed as he reached one last time into his wardrobe and got a black jacket. Putting it on, Naruto moved silently towards his master's school.

'Where am I. How am I still alive.'

Naruto opened his eyes and looked around. He was in a room. But where? Naruto sat up and looked around. Where was he?

"I see you are awake"

Naruto jolted, jumping on the bed, moving automatically into a fighting stance. Naruto blinked as he saw a maid in front of him.

"W-who are you." Naruto asked carefully. The woman stared at him, her face impassive. Naruto felt a cold snap of fear hit his stomach. This person was dangerous. Naruto glared at her, "Where is the boy who saved me. Where is Lelouch."

Sayako placed her hands where Naruto couldn't see them. Naruto growled, she might be getting a kunai out. Naruto prepared to attack when the black haired woman spoke.

"He is somewhere safe, why do you want to know."

Naruto paused. Why did he want to know? Probably to thank him. Than what? He had no purpose. And he had to pay that kid back.

Naruto lowered his stance and took a deep breath. "I wish to thank him. I mean him no harm. I swear on my honor."

The two met eyes and stared at each other. The maid nodded and open the door. Naruto jolted when it slid open, but held his cool.

"My name is Sayako, please follow me."

Naruto followed the woman, though it took him awhile to realize that someone had dressed him in weird clothes. Naruto ignored his clothes in favor of looking at the house. It looked like some noble's house. But why would a noble help him?

Mixtures of feelings melted through Naruto as he walked. Fear, but for what. Hope from who? He was confused and somehow still tired. Maybe this tiredness came from somewhere else.

Sayako paused as she turned to Naruto. "He is over there." Naruto looked past Sayako and saw him: Same purple eyes, same black hair. Now that he had a good look he saw the boy was pretty scrawny. The kid was reading a book, looking quite tired. He looked lonely, as if the whole world had turned its back on him. He knew this look because he had seen it in the mirror a couple times. And than it hit Naruto, this kid had helped a total stranger. Brought him to his home, made sure he was ok. But this kid had pain in him, like Naruto did. It was right there that Naruto realized they were alike. Naruto owed him much more than his life. He owed this kid: guidance, protection and a friend.

As if an echo was shown right than, Naruto remembered a lecture from Iruka. When one was indebted, a life debt, they would cut their finger and draw the symbol of their country onto the person's hand. This would symbolize loyalty. With that, Naruto's body moved forward on its own. Sayako followed close behind. The boy, realizing that Naruto was up, straightened himself and was about to ask a couple questions. But he paused as Naruto knelt down to him.

Naruto bit his finger, drawing blood. The kid gave a small gasp. Naruto grasped the Lelouch's hand carefully.

Sayako looked at the scene in front of her with recognition and realized what Naruto was doing. The implications of this were numerous but she would hold her hand for now.

Naruto took his bleeding finger and drew, not the Konoha symbol, but the Kanji 9. He was the jinchuuriki of the nine tails and he had accepted it.

Naruto placed the hand against his head and closed his eyes.

"I Naruto Uzumaki Pledge myself to you Lelouch."

Lelouch rode in the side car of his loyal quirky friend, Rivalz. He was returning to school after his routine chess match. He assumed the black pieces as always, he loved the color. Eight minutes and thirty two seconds, that was all it took for him to turn the tide from utter defeat, to astonishing victory. The noble he played against had a familiar look on his face. The money vs time was definitely more efficient than working at a dollar store. But it was the look on every noble's face, that was the true prize for his gamble. It was the only reason he played against nobility, to put them in their rightful place. He didn't need the money, but how he loved crushing the pride of the high horses. On the other hand, Rivalz has gained a considerable amount of money betting on him.

Lelouch yawned comfortably as he snuggled into the seat. He wondered what Naruto was cooking for dinner. Though neither Rivalz nor Lelouch noticed a black Sedan following them 3 cars back. And than Lelouch heard Choppers and the tires of a screeching truck.

'shit shit shit!' Naruto looked around trying to find Lelouch's signature. There were too many people, but he should be able to pick up his Master's signature. He had sensed the chakra for 10 years, how the hell did he not sense it now? Was something blocking it. Or something over powering it? Stupid Britannians shooting everything they could see. He had to abandon the car and follow the truck on foot. Normally that wouldn't be a problem but the military were trigger happy. He had to kill several along the way, to save civilians. Master Lelouch would never accept sacrificing innocents, not when he could do something about it. Lelouch-sama had tried to see if the people in the truck were alright. Naruto would've done the same thing, but that was because He was expendable, Lelouch was not.

Naruto paused on a collapsing rooftop and took a deep breath. 'Ok I need to focus.' Calming himself, Naruto focused and felt something familiar. 'THERE!' Naruto dashed over to the left side of the building he was on. Pushing Chakra into his legs, Naruto took out a kunai and his hand gun. The blonde servant landed ontop of a broken down warehouse and saw his master do something... incredible.

"I, Lelouch vi Britannia ORDER YOU TO DIE!" Naruto paused. Watching with awe, as the soldiers of Britannia put guns to their heads and shot in a unison.

Lelouch paused looking at the dead body, shaking slightly.

"This power." Lelouch whispered.

Naruto was about to go down, when he saw someone get up.

"You fucking bastard!." Yelled a soldier who had just come onto the scene. Lelouch spun around, ready to use the power again. But he didn't need to, as the soldier was impaled with a kunai through the neck.

Lelouch froze in shock. What had happened.? Lelouch, calculating where the dagger had to be thrown from looked towards the right and saw a person he didn't expect.


Indeed the blonde servant, dressed in his normal attire, was walking towards him. Naruto had a gun, but, thankfully, the gun was scanning for other enemies. Once Naruto seemed to have confirmed there were no one left, he turned to Lelouch.

"That was very interesting, Master Lelouch."

Lelouch paused, 'is he going to kill me. Rat me out to Nunally? Why is he here? How did he get the weapons? I thought Sayako was the only one who was a nin?' He taught me self defense but for him to be an assassin?

Lelouch willed himself to be calm. He could not show weakness. "Why are you here, Naruto?"

Naruto smiled as he moved forward, in front of Lelouch. Kneeling down, Naruto grasped Lelouch's hand, the same hand that he had drawn is loyalty. Taking the hand and placing against his forehead, Naruto smiled.

"I told you Master Lelouch, I Pledge my life to you."

Lelouch eyes widened and than closed. This young boy understand both the power he was given and the power he was being lent. Lelouch straightened himself.

"I, Lelouch vi Britannia, order you Naruto Uzumaki to be my Knight."

"Yes your highness."

And two Demons were born on that day.

And there we go for the Prologue. I'll be updating this off and on. Its something I thought up while re watching Code geass. Imagine Naruto as the butler from Black butler, but nicer and not going to eat your soul. Naruto is devoted to Lelouch BECAUSE he gave him purpose. Naruto, at a time where he was depressed, was given hope. Naruto will do anything to cling onto that hope.

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