Drop of Blood

Here we Go!

Suzaku sighed as he walked down the corridor of the Engineering building. It wasn't a bad day for him, no it was a normal day. Somehow, after the fight in the ghettos, he had been dragged into being the understudy, more like guinea pig, During the ghetto fight he had been called to use the Lancelot. Apparently, Suzaku did pretty well compared to other pilots and Llyod made it his mission to make him pilot it.

While the whole debacle with Prince Clovis's death and the ghetto fiasco had worried Suzaku, he was more worried about Lelouch. 'It's been so long, and I to think I may have lost him again.' Suzaku thought with a bitter frown. In this messed up world they were living in, Suzaku knew he could trust Lelouch. But if Lelouch was alive, that meant Nunally was also probably alive. He would've gone searching for her, at least to know if Lelouch was alright, but he had no time. Between working with Lloyd and being a test dummy, he was exhausted every day. It also seemed that the assistant of Lloyd, Cecile, was trying to keep him hidden from prying eyes. Suzaku understood the risks of having a Number as a pilot and welcomed the bit of reassurance. The Emperor was sending new officials and rulers for Area 11.

"Dammit!" Suzaku growled as he smashed his hand into another captured knightmare. There were not as many as he had thought. Most of the knightmares had gone underground and made themselves scarse, these were only the stragglers. Suzaku was only halfheartedly destroying them. He was racing back to the warehouse that Lelouch and he had been in.

Looking at his rear camera, he saw the warehouse in plain sight. Driving the Lancelot close the entrance, Suzaku looked at his controls and cameras. "hey how do I get heat signatures on this?!" Suzaku called out, hoping that the lady, who had been coaching him, would respond.

"Press the blue button on your left near the lever for the left arm."

Suzaku spotted it and saw the words 'Heat' written on the button. 'convenient enough' Suzaku thought. He pressed the button and saw his cameras turn into shades of blue, red, orange and yellow. Sadly, it was mostly blue with waning wisps of yellow and red. He saw many bodies on the ground, and Suzaku closed his eyes in anguish. 'that's not good'. Worry flashed into his stomach. Taking one last look at the radar to confirm no one was around, Suzaku exited his vehicle and looked into the area. 'A knightmare had been through here,' Suzaku thought as he examined other track marks. Suzaku looked at the bodies of the other soldiers and grimaced. Looking around, Suzaku could not find his friend's body. A brief flash of hope filled his stomach as he realized that Lelouch may have survived.

Afterwards, Suzaku had checked the morgue and went through the very long list of names. 'they killed so many. Some of them retired and young, Children!' Suzaku felt his blood boil as he thought of the massacre. The former Japanese minister's heir wanted to cry in outrage at the massacre, in anger at the dishonorable acts, in pain as he let people die, and in despair as he could do nothing but accept it. The honorary britannian gripped his eyes shut, but he could still see the names, the long list of names. The causes were death were simple, casualty of war. But there had been no war, there had just been senseless fighting.

'Am I even doing the right thing' Suzaku thought. He wondered sometimes if he had sacrificed too much, put too much into trying to change things. Could he even change this? These soldiers were willing to kill innocent people for what? Because they were ordered to? Suzaku shook his head and reaffirmed his thoughts. If he stopped now, than his, their, sacrifice would have been for nothing. Suzaku just hoped the results would justify the means.

A blonde haired butler stood firmly at the edge of the bathroom. He ignored the putrid smell and the horrible noise that came from the bathroom. He didn't bother to look in as he knew what was going on. But every time he heard a hurl or a cough, Naruto felt his stomach clench in fear. It was natural thing for humans to be repulsive of killing. Naruto, when he first killed, had thrown up at the Bridge. He had killed that boy because he had 'killed' Sasuke. But Sasuke wasn't even dead. Naruto had killed the boy anyways.

Naruto had to admire the boy's mercy though. Even when they fought against his master, the boy had the heart to spare him. Naruto believed. No, he knew, that if anyone tried to attack Lelouch, he would respond with deadly force.

Naruto paused as he heard the gasps stop and the sound of running water flow. Naruto went through his mental checklist of Lelouch's schedule and anything his master may have forgotten. 'It is 7:39 right now. He has class until 5 and than we were going to go interrogate Jeremiah. The woman still hasn't woken up, I may need to, no... I will send a Kage bunshin to watch her.' Naruto broke himself from his thoughts as he watched his master walk towards him. He looked ragged as if drunk, but Naruto knew the true source.

"A towel, Master." Naruto whispered, holding out his arm. Lelouch grasped it and murmured thanks. The young boy, now young man, who had saved him could not meet his eyes. Naruto felt a pang of pity and regret at Lelouch's state.

"Lelouch" Naruto started out gently. He only used his master's name on the rarest and most important of occasions. Lelouch looked up and purple eyes met blue ones. Naruto gave a small smile. "It is not weakness that you feel revolted. You are simply going through the process of learning."

Lelouch gave a chuckle, that felt breathless almost in despair. "Of what? Of being a murderer, an assassin?"

Naruto reached out gripped his shoulder, squeezing it. "No, of being a leader. Make the hard decisions because you have the mental fortitude to do so. If not you, than who else. You were given intelligence, bravery, and this new gift. It would be wrong to not use it." Naruto stressed. The former ninja paused as he waited to see Lelouch's reaction. The black haired boy nodded slowly, still unsure, as if trying to digest the words. Sensing the feelings, Naruto spoke up once more. "You are not alone, Lelouch. I will be with you every step of the way."

Lelouch nodded, this time with a much more solid feeling to it. Naruto's young savior straightened and walked out the door. Naruto blinked and sighed as he ran after his master. Master Lelouch had forgotten his shirt.

Downstairs, Naruto cleaned the plates off under running water, placing them in the automated dishwasher. While he preferred not to use the suspicious, automated machine. He was not abhorrent or even annoyed by the technology. In Konoha, there had been technology similar but no where near advanced. Even then, the technology was no where near as sleek. From time to time, he still admired the figure and workings of a car. The way that each piece worked together in unison was amazing.

Naruto checked his watch. The phone should have finished transferring. Naruto moved swiftly to the lower basement of the house. Sayako had installed it in case of an attack. Naruto had commandeered it for, different uses. The butler moved towards the end of the room where a long metal table sat. On the table were several wires, key cards, an assortment of data chips, and 2 laptops, though one was dormant. This was one of the things he had collected over the years. While he never really understood the theory behind computer chips, he did understand the function and necessity.

Naruto moved towards one of the laptops and looked over the data presented. Nodding to himself, once he saw everything was acceptable, he moved towards the left and disconnected a small cellular phone.


The person in question turned from his spot at the doorway. He was about to go outside to greet a waiting Rivalz, with his car. Lelouch looked over to Naruto, approaching swiftly. His butler held out a hand and Lelouch eyed the new object. Without a word of questioing, Lelouch took it and put it into his pocket.

"The red button, it has an emergency GPS. Tap it 3 times and than hold. I have reprogrammed all your friend's and acquaintances' numbers into the phone."

Lelouch gave a small smile. "Efficient as ever Naruto."

Naruto scoffed. "Only when I want to be."

"Hey Naruto!" a jolly voice came. Naruto looked over Lelouch's shoulder to see Rivalz waving. Naruto smiled and waved back. Rivalz was a good friend for Lelouch. He had to admit though, the poor boy was being corrupted by Lelouch. Before the blue haired, motorcyclist, would never touch a betting ring. Now the only thing the boy could think about were odds and money.

"And now, we will move on to the next Era in Number 11's history." the teacher droned, looking at his notes carefully.

Lelouch was only half paying attention. More focused on his plans regarding crushing a dictatorship, and killing his father, than lectures on the past. He did, however, need to work on a single problem he had come across, Jeremiah..

'I need to see what information I can garner from him. Than I can send him back on the streets without memory of the incident. I could even have him as a sleeper agent and when the time is right, wreck havoc.' He experimented with his Geass throughout the day. Using it to control one of the teachers, to give him the answers to test. At least, he didn't have to study for that one. It seemed his abilities were limited to one use per person, and required eye contact. He would need further testing.

"It's good to see you back, Kallen."

Lelouch looked up in curiousity. Kallen Stadfield, the resident sickly student, had returned. She was out so often that it was hard to remember her face. Red hair.

Red hair. Where had he seen that before? 'The terrorist?!' Lelouch thought to himself. His eyes narrowed. This would need looking into. If she indeed was a terrorist, it would explain the disappearances. But what was the motive, why attack Britannia when she, herself, was one.

The bell rang for lunch and Lelouch immediatley walked to go make a call.

"Hey Lelouch, President wants us in the meeting room." Rivalz called after him.

"Yea," He replied. "I need to make a call. I'll catch up." Quickly exiting the room, the britannian walked to the stair well. He didn't need to worry about reception, these phones were designed around that. He took out the phone and looked for the red button. Pressing it three times, the prince leaned back on a wall and waited.

"Lelouch-sama." A voice crept up from the staircase above him. While he felt surprised still, he didn't question the speed at which Naruto showed up. The man was fast, and with his unusual abilities, he had yet to show Lelouch, he could probably much faster.

"Kallen Stadfield. A student in my class. I believe she's a terrorist. I want confirmation and motive." Lelouch paused and nodded to himself. "Also, I will interrogate Jeremiah today. If we wait any longer, it'll be harder to put him out on the streets."

Lelouch paused for a moment. "I will confront her later. But for now it would be better to not reveal my presence. If she is a terrorist, I may have use for her."

"Understood" His servant said quietly. He heard a rustle of wind, confirming Naruto had left. Lelouch sighed as he started walking back to class. He had many things to think about. Test out his powers, research military sites, etc etc. But before everything, he needed men. He could not wage a one man... no a two man war. While Naruto's skill were quite impressive, he needed a hammer to bludgeon the shield.

'The terrorist group will do well to serve my needs' Lelouch entered the classroom and sat down quietly. He gave a quick smile to Rivalz and stared back at the board. ' I need to protect my identity. Naruto's identity. A mask perhaps? No. A full costume.' Lelouch let his small smile stay on his face, feeling giddy from finally doing something. He would bring down Britannia, bring it to its knees.'

Finding out Kallen's identity was child's play. While the girl had good alibi, she did not have experience with hacking and security cameras. The girl, of course, covered her face with glasses or a hoodie, but that did not stop him from matching height, hair color, and other measurements.

'All the data fits.' Naruto leaned back in his chair, computer fluttering before him. 'Time of her sick dates and time of rebel activity.' Naruto tapped his chin on how to approach this. He flipped open is phone and texted Lelouch his findings.

He paused as he looked at the contact list for Lelouch, 'Savior'. Naruto shook his head in amusement. Savior indeed, for his soul, his purpose. The former shinobi stood up and cracked his back. Over the years, he wondered, at times, what made him follow Lelouch. It wasn't just because he had saved his life, it wasn't just becaues he gave him purpose. It was the simple fact that Lelouch was him. He was his mirror, his self. Lelouch would never abandon his comrades, and neither would Naruto. And to see that Code, he was drawn like a moth to flame.

Naruto walked upstairs, out of the basement, to go to the kitchen and make some lunch, for himself. Nunally and Sayako had gone out to the gardens at one of the famous Clovis parks. As he walked up stairs, he heard a rattling. 'Intruders' Naruto moved silently towards the edge of the kitchen. His flared up his chakra senses and tried to focus on the person. The intruder was not trying to be particularly quiet, nor was he or she trying to hide either way. In fact, the only person who could be here without setting off the numerous alarms were...

Naruto moved into the kitchen swiftly, grabbing one of his many knives. He saw his target and wrapped his arm around her neck, making sure his bicep was around her throat. It allowed optimal control of over the body, and allowed him to stab without fear of hurting himself.

"It seems you have awoken, miss." Naruto whispered towards his captive. Her green air brushing his nose. The woman sighed and slouched as if annoyed she had been stopped.

"Yes, and I am quite famished. If you would be so kind as to let go, so I could find something to eat. That would be wonderful. Or if you're planning to do something with that knife, you might as well stab me and get it over with." She droned sarcastically.

Naruto let go of her and stepped back. The Green haired woman spun around, looking quite cross at him. "Well, are you going to attempt to kill me or cook me something to eat. I would prefer I eat something first before you stab me, but whatever you prefer, I'm not picky."

Naruto raised the eyebrow at the woman's lack of care. 'But she did survive a bullet wound to the head. And gave Lelouch-sama powers.' Naruto put away his knife swiftly, before reaching for the fridge door. Opening it, Naruto silently went to work making Lunch.

"Hmph, Pasta with Mushrooms?" The girl boosted herself onto the counter, Naruto felt a bit of annoyance at the fact he would have to clean it afterward.

"What is your name?" He asked, as he continued to work.

"You may call me C.C. I am the one who-"

"Gave my master powers, yes" Naruto cut her off. 'C.C. Acronym or code name. Either way-'

"Master? Has he used his Geass on you already?"

At this Naruto's body moved on its own. He immediately pulled his gun and held it straight at her forehead, finger almost pulling the trigger before stopping himself. He looked at the girl, C.C. To see any reactions. She didn't even looked phased. Looking at him as if he was a blank statute in a dreary museum. Bored.

'How Dare She. To even imply that Lelouch had-' He felt his blood boil.

"Oh, that would be a no than?" She smirked at him. "Well, That means he must have your undying loyalty."

He put away his gun, cursing himself for the lack of self control. "And you gave him powers for what reason?"

"A contract. One that is only privy between me and him." She replied.

Naruto twitched at that. Lelouch never said anything about a contract? Was this a subconscious thing. That was not good.

After a long pause, of Naruto making food and C.C. Idly looking around. Naruto decided to break the silence.

"Sorry about threatening you. You hit me in a personal spot." Naruto started. Placing two plates on the table, and the appropriate utensils next to them. He sat down, with C.C. Sitting across from him.

C.C. eyed him. Naruto felt like she was trying to discern his sincerity, or maybe trying to make him feel bad. Either way, Naruto dug into his lunch, ignoring the woman.

"hmph" He heard after a moment. "Not bad."

Naruto chuckled at the compliment, even if it was half heartedly. After a few moments of eating in silence, C.C posed a question to him. "You are a his servant, yes? The boy I gave the contract to?"

Naruto nodded. "His name is Lelouch."

"I know. I saw his life, when I gave him the contract." C.C stood up, grabbing a glass cup and filling it with water from the refrigerator.

She paused after a moment, and filled up another cup. Handing it to Naruto, and returning to her seat, the green haired colored girl eyed him carefully. "You. Are not from here."

Naruto paused in eating his pasta, before setting his utensils down. "Yes." Naruto didn't try to deny it. He had seen Lelouch gain power through this girl, so it is not a far stretch that she could sense power. "Did you sense it or...?" Naruto trailed off letting her fill in the rest.

She flicked her hair out of her face, nonchalantly. "Your presence. It's a fire compared to everyone else. Which means you are not a geass user. A geass user usually feels cold."

"You feel?" Naruto asked. It could be similar to chakra sensing. This geass must be the ability that Lelouch has. "But either way," Naruto discarded his previous question in favor of more important matters, matters that had to do with his charge. "Geass what is it."

C.C leaned forward, clasping her hands in front of her. Giving a slight smile that almost seemed predatory. "A wish fulfillment. Power for a Contract. He gets his power. I get my wish. Simple as that."

She paused before adding. "I am willing to help see him to his goal. I will do everything in my ability to keep him alive." her face, though it showed little emotion at all, held sincerity.

Naruot nodded solemnly. "We will need to make an identity for you. Get you a background so we don't have to explain your prescence."
C.C sat back in seat, an amused playing across her face.

"What do you have in mind."

"So." Lelouch looked down at the notes, and fake ID in front of him. He looked up at the disinterested girl in front of him. "Clara Cheese?" Lelouch rolled the last word over his tongue. 'Why cheese?' He thought to himself but ignored the question.

"It'll give you reason to call me C.C. I have a cover story of being Naruto's cousin." C.C tugged at her shirt. She had been given one of Naruto's dress shirts and dark jeans to go with it. Wearing a prison uniform would lead to problems for the trio.

Lelouch nodded, continuing to look over the notes. Background history. Date of birth. Country. All of it matched what he had made for Naruto. "Good work, Naruto. We'll file these later, when we have time. But first we need to interrogate Jeremiah."

Naruto nodded, standing to the left of his master.

"By the way boya~" C.C. Called out. "How are you enjoying that power I gave you?"

Lelouch paused, looking up at the green haired girl. He smirked as a red symbol appeared over his left eye. "Why don't you come with us and find out?"

Jeremiah growled as he awoke. He had a bandanna stuffed in his mouth and was blindfolded. His legs and arms were tied down, probably chain judging by the cold metal. Last thing he remember, were cursing elevens and than some coward had knocked him out from behind. He had to escape and than he'll get pay back.

"You are awake than." A voice jostled him out of his struggling. It was a young voice, judging by the tone.

Jeremiah was now confused. Someone young had taken him prisoner? A rebel? But this boy didn't seem to be older than 18?

The bandanna was ripped from his mouth. Jeremiah licked his licks and stretched his jaw. The cloth had been extremely uncomfortable.

"Jeremiah, you are leader of the purists in Japan. A powerful figure and a staunch warrior. You spit on Elevens and are known for no mercy. However..." there was a pause, a rustle of sheets. "You served as Queen's Marianne's Security Detail. Yes?"

A pang filled his heart. Yes the Queen. He had failed to protect her. Protect her children. He was every bit a failure for letting that happen. He could still remember their faces. But they were all dead, Queen Marianne, Prince Lelouch, Princess Nunally...

"Yes." He replied. Not bothering to hide it. The pain from his honor, his loss. It pierced him sharper than any sword.

"Do you know why she was murdered?"

Jeremiah growled. Know why? If he knew why? If he even knew who? He would not stop, would destroy anything in his path to gain a chance at redemption.

"I didn't" He spat. How dare they think that? If he had a hint, if he even knew a single clue. He would've chased it to the ends of the Earth.

There was a silence from his captors. And after a few moments, someone stepped forward into the light. "Do you recognize me, Jeremiah." A boy in a school uniform glared at him. His face seemed familiar, but where had he seen.

"Prince Lelouch" The words escaped from his lips, like smoke from a boiling pot. And he felt his heart boil.

"My lord" the leader of the purist faction, bowed his head. "I am so sorry, for my failures. I-"

"Enough." Lelouch spoke quietly.

Jeremiah felt Lelouch's voice pierce his soul, his very being. Here he was, the epitomy of his failures. Here stood, everything he had failed to protect. What drove him to Japan in the first place.

"You do not know who killed my mother?" Lelouch asked.

"No." Jeremiah said solemnly. And than he thought for a moment. This was a chance. A gift given from the heavens to his feet. Here was the son of Queen Marianne. The one he swore his life to. Here was what he should've protected, who he should've served. Not clovis. Not the purist faction. Not even Britannia. He should serve the offspring, of whom he had sworn his loyalty to in the first place. "But I swear that I will do anything to help you to bring justice for her murder."

He bowed his head. Waiting for the response.

"Will you serve me?" His prince asked with a small voice. Almost a whisper. Yet it rung loudly in Jeremiah's heart.

"Cut him loose." Another man came forward. He had blonde hair and blue eyes, with faint marks on his cheeks. He looked capable and was dressed finely. But Jeremiah did not miss the slight bulges, weapons, at certain places, a bodyguard for his prince.

The man cut his bonds cleanly and stepped back behind Lelouch.

"Kneel." Lelouch commanded.

Jeremiah knelt, his head down.
"Do you, Jeremiah Guttwald swear to serve me. As one of my knights."

"I, Swear on my honor, my name, and the very soul of Queen Marianne." A silence was held between them. A silence of finality. Of resolution.

Jeremiah heard a small whisper, a girl's voice. "Didn't even need to use it than."

Yet, there was this small, buzzing feeling. Of something growing under the surface, of power and of revolution.

Jeremiah stood up. "What would you have me do, My prince."

His prince merely smiled.

"So this is Japan." A young girl said, as she steppd out of her Airplane.

"Yes, Do be careful though. This country is filled with disgusting mongrels"Her older sister spat out.

The two moved along, men unloading their things. "How long do we have to stay though?" the younger girl asked.

"Only till we quell the Rebellion. It seems rather minor." The older sister replied.

The two walked into the hall, as people bowed to them. Bodyguards pushed away onlookers, and cleared space for them. They would go to the main Governor's house, where they would stay. They were royalty after all.

"Hmph." The younger girl pouted. "Why couldn't they just send Cornelia to do it, Guinevere?"

The grey haired princess sighed. "Because, she is busy with the uprising in the middle east, Carine."

The shorter princess grumbled. But after a moments pause, she smiled slightly. A cruel look spread across her face slowly. "At least I will have plenty of toys, those elevens, I wonder if they scream well."

"And announcing the Welcome of our New Viceroy, Guinevere su Britannia. Her sub-Viceroy, Carine ne Britannia-"

Lelouch turned off the T.V. And sighed.

"They do not seem like difficult opponents." the Green haired witch spoke quietly, her voice ever mocking.

"It is not what they can do on the battlefield that worries me." Lelouch started but pause as he heard the door open. Naruto stepped in with a tray of Tea. He set it down and poured out 3 cups for each of them. The three of them had spent long nights, working Jeremiah, to plan things out.

Lelouch grabbed a cup, and passed C.C hers.

"You said there was something worrying you." Naruto asked. He sat down at the chair opposite to him. Lelouch nodded, as C.C moved to sit down at the remaining chair.

"They are not known for their kindness, rather the opposite." Lelouch sighed. "I need to rally the Japanese before they can start instilling fear. And they will instill fear with brutality." the young boy spat, in disgust.

"So than. Lelouch." C.C leaned forward. "What's the plan."

The Devil Three was born.

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