Wife Swap, Cullen's vs. Clovers.

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Chapter 1.

Alice's POV.

Jasper and I where relaxing on the couches in the front room with Edward, Bella and Nessie. Emmett and Rosalie where in their room, Carlisle was in his Office and Esme was making her way back from the post office.

I peeked out of the window again, FINALLY, Esme was back. She ran to Carlisle's office jumping up the 3 stories to the window. Confusion displayed on her features as she held the thick white envelope in her hand.

I sank into Jaspers chest and blocked my thoughts from Edward, thinking of clothes, nothing suspicious.

Esme and Carlisle where murmuring in his office. I heard the envelope open after a few seconds they flew past us, Carlisle shouting,

"FAMILY MEETING, NOW!" We all got up and went into the dining room.

"Rosalie, Emmett! I don't care what you're doing, down now!" Esme shouted up to them.

Grumbles from upstairs. They were down in a few seconds, looking a bit pissed off. Carlisle and Esme looked mad too.

"Well?" Rose asked.

"Why don't I just read it?" She shrugged and lent into Emmett's chest, which must have been hard on the dining room chairs.

I was so excited, or as Emmett called it, a pixie time bomb.

"Dear Dr Carlisle Cullen,

I have written to inform you that you have been accepted into wife swap."

"WHAT!" Bella, Rose and Jasper.

"Oh, there's more,

We found your entry video rather amusing and extremely interesting. We will pick up Esme Saturday 19th May 2012; she will be going to Oklahoma.

Thank you, Dawn East. Wife swap manager."

Carlisle and Esme still looked mad, Nessie looked excited, Rosalie was glaring at the astounded looking Emmett. Edward, Bella and Jasper looked suspicious. I noticed everyone was looking at Emmett.

"How could you do this Emmett?"

"Too far."

"Not funny man."

"Why didn't you tell me baby?"

Everyone said it at once.

"What? I didn't do it!" He put his hands in the air. Everyone rolled their eyes.

"I didn't!" He whined like a child.

"Sure Em." Jasper said.

"Wait, he's telling the truth." Edward said.

"YES! SEE, I'M INNOCENT!" He did a little victory dance.

"Then who?" Esme asked.

"Jasper?" Carlisle questioned.

"What? No way!"

"Truth." Edward narrowed his eyes.


"Nope, I didn't!" She smiled.



I giggled, "Guilty."

"Truth." Edward growled.

Carlisle wanted to see the video.

Emmett's POV.

Wife swap, wow! Alice is a genius! Could be a minion, I joked to myself. Eddie laughed at me.

Bloody mind rapist.

I can't believe they all blamed me at first though, thank god or whatever for Eddie and his weird super power which is mostly just super annoying.

"Gee, thanks Em." Eddie chuckled. "And stop calling me Eddie." He growled at me.

"Never! Evil laugh time, MWAHAHAHAHA!" I laughed evilly, maybe I should get a cat, all the bad guys have one that they stoke funny when they're talking to a victim….Eddie laughed so hard that Bella asked him if he was okay, I laughed at him.

Then Alice was back with the video.

Carlisle's POV.

I can't believe she did this! Too late now, Essie has to leave tomorrow, we got the post late.

We all sat in the living room and watched the entry video.

"Hello, my name is Dr. Carlisle Cullen and this is my entry for wife swap." A perfect imitation of my voice said while looking at our home, now in Alaska. "Let's go inside!"

Alice /I showed all of the rooms downstairs then went upstairs.

"I have 8 children, all adopted, let's see what they're up to." We went into Alice/ Jaspers room, Jasper was lay on the bed reading a sports magazine with his I-pod on.

"This is Jasper, he's 17, he's Rosalie's twin brother, he's been through some rough times and prefers not to speak of is past, he seems quiet at first glance, but he's not once you get to know him, we adopted him when he was 4." Edward/ Bella's room was next,

Bella was reading a book with her I-pod on, she was humming to herself too.

"This is Bella, she's 16, and she likes to read and keeps to herself most of the time. She was orphaned when she was 7, so we adopted her."

Then it was Rosalie/ Emmett's room. Emmett was sat up on the bed, remote in his hands and a head set on, there was some modern music blaring from his I-pod docking station.

"This is Emmett, he's 17, he and his family where mauled by a bear when he was 4, luckily he was saved. He's very loud and fun loving and can seem a bit scary at first but he's a big kid at heart who loves to joke about." Emmett jumped up from the bed then, someone had killed him on the game,

"NO! YOU FREAKING….GOLDFISH!...oh how mature Jerry." He yelled at the screen. He sat back down and started to play again.

"Emmett, have you seen Rosalie?" Alice /I asked him. He didn't take his eyes from the screen,

"Pixie's wardrobe." He said.

We went back into Alice's room then, into her wardrobe.

Rosalie was singing Christina Perri's A thousand years while putting her make-up on.

"This is Rosalie, she's 17, she's Jaspers twin sister, and she doesn't talk about her past either. She can be mean sometimes but is a really nice young lady once you get to know her."

The scene changed to the forest then, Edward was pushing Nessie on the swing.

"This is Edward and Nessie, they are twins, both 16, they lost their parents in a car crash when they were 3.

Edward loves playing his piano and listening to music, he can annoy his siblings, mind you who doesn't? He's the most mature but still has a joke once in a while.

Nessie is a ball of energy, she loves to have fun and spend time with her siblings, she loves fashion and clothes like Rosalie and Alice."

The camera moved to the flower garden, Esme was planting some new roses,

"This is my wife Esme, she loves all our children as if they were our own, she loves gardening and spending time with her family, she's 34."

The scene changed again, to Alice picking out some clothes, she was doing the voice over without moving her lips.

"This is Alice, she's 16, she doesn't talk about her past either, we adopted her when she was 6, like Nessie, she is a ball of energy, and like Emmett she is loud despite her size, she is a shopaholic and loves to shop and she usually picks everyone's clothes."

The scene moved to the house again,

"So that's my family, I hope you pick us for wife swap, bye!" The DVD stopped.

Everyone was laughing, maybe we can do this.

Dawn East's POV.

This will be the best Wife swap yet! The Clovers are so strict and boring whereas the Cullen's are, so entertaining and interesting, and not to mention so god damn hot! I mean, wow!

Most of the kids look older than their Dad says and Esme, his wife seems so much younger than 34! She looks about 27! They must use a lot of products.

I can't wait until we can film them, both of the families. They will CLASH! Our ratings will go through the roof!

Millie's POV.

I held the letter in my hand, thrilled. So is my husband, Cameron. Wife swap! Sorting out a broken family.

"Children!" I yelled.

They ran downstairs.

"Don't run in the house!" I scolded.

"Sorry." They all hung their heads.

"Accepted." I nodded. "There's something we need to tell you."

They looked up.

"We're going on Wife swap!" I smiled.

"Wife swap?" Tyler asked. " Why?"

"To help a broken family, to show them how a real family works."


They don't even look excited, maybe they don't want me to leave.

"The letter says I'll be going to Alaska. Who knows where that is?" I asked.

No answer.

"Honestly! Go look it up in an Atlas then!"

They rushed off, ah, sweet discipline.

I think the new family will be,

The Father, A drunken man in his 50's who's always down at the bar. The Mother, a druggie stripper who doesn't care. The children, around 4 of them who are rude, uneducated and do as they please.

I'll turn that around.


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