Edward's POV.
We all wandered around alone now. Bella was still using her shield so I couldn't read anyone's mind, it was either, my Bella, Rosalie or Jasper, it couldn't be Millie, I mean why would Carlisle pick her? Plus she's way too scared.
I was in Carlisle's study, under the desk waiting for someone to come in.
The door creaked open.
"Edward?" I heard Rosalie whisper, she sounded upset. "Edward, are you in here?" She sounded scared too.
Even though I'm younger than her physically my big brother automatically came out.
"Rose?" I whispered.
"I'm scared Edward." I saw her heels from my hiding place.
I stepped up from under the table and looked at her,
She looked petrified.
I walked slowly over to her, holding my arms out, she ran into them dry sobbing.
I wrapped my arms around her. "Shh, it's okay Rose, it's only a game."
"I know, I'm just so scared Edward." She sniffed.
I patted her back in comfort. She leant into me, so her mouth was at my ear,
"You're dead." She whispered. I tried to move but she had an iron grip around me.
"You tricked me!" I blurted out.
"I never said I would play nice." She giggled and killed me, letting me fall into Carlisle's chair.
She laughed and walked out of the room.
Rosalie's POV.
That was so fun! I love acting! Over the years Emmett and Alice had taught me a few tricks, they were masters at acting as they pranked so often. I took one last look at Edward and smiled at my work.
"Well, the hair has fallen into the chair! Run unfortunates! Find him!" I said into the microphone once I was in the kitchen.
Bella ran past me and screamed when she saw me.
"Oh my God Rose! You scared me!" She smiled and we went to Carlisle's office together.
Jasper and Millie were already there waiting for us, Edward was in the same position that I'd left him in, I tried to hide my smile of victory.
"I think it was Jasper, he was here first." Millie blurted out.
"I think it was Bella, I mean she has guilt written all over her face." I said, not looking her way but I could feel the glare being aimed at me.
"Well I think it was Rosalie, she's refusing to look at anyone." Bella said, I whipped around and looked her dead in the eye and smiled.
"It has to be Millie, she's was the first to vote, to get it over with maybe?" Jasper said.
We all went our separate ways.
I went to find my next victim.
Jasper's POV.
I was sure it was Millie, I mean she's always there at the right time and says it at the right time, I don't know why Carlisle picked her though, I pondered this as I walked. Suddenly I got the horrid feeling that I was being followed. I whipped around to see Bella right behind me. I yelled out in shock.
She screamed and ran away. Now I wasn't so sureā€¦
I heard a yell from across the hall way, I froze.
"Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb." Bella, she's been killed. I ran towards the yell that I heard, there she was, lay behind the plant pot with a speck of dirt smeared across her cheek.
Rosalie came running then Millie.
We glared at each other.
"We don't vote now, it's the death round, you need to find the best hiding place you can, the first one the murderer finds is dead." I explained.
"Let's go." Rose said and ran off downstairs.
Millie looked at me in hope but I ran off too, I hid in Emmett and Rosalie's bathroom, under the sink there's a small cupboard that I can only just squeeze into but I can see through the small gap.
"Well looks like you two are hiding? Why? Are you scared of silly old me? Ha! I'm coming to get you!" The voice said. I heard footsteps then, I closed my eyes as they got closer, they were so close to me, the cupboard door swung open, I opened my eyes slowly to see Rose smiling wickedly at me.
"It's you?" I asked, baffled.
"What was that sweetie? I was just deciding how to kill you." She giggled and killed me, she ran out of the room swiftly.
Millie's POV.
I really hate this game! I heard a THUMP from above me, almost as if someone had fallen, or been thrown on the floor.
"Goldilocks seems to be in the pixie's bathroom, will they ever wake up?" The voice said.
So it was Jasper all along! No wonder he kept on blaming me! I ran upto Alice and Rosalie's bathroom and yanked open the door, to my surprise it was jasper who was sprawled out on the floor, it looked like he had been dragged out from the cupboard. Rosalie appeared behind me.
"It was you all along?" We both said at the same time.
She glowered at me and took off. I ran, I ran as fast as I could. I knew she was after me, she was going to kill me. I heard screaming, it took me a while to realise that it was me.
A door slammed.
"Will you shut up?" The creepy voice said, it sounded like it was behind me. I turned around, Rosalie was talking into the microphone, looking directly at me and smiling.
I screamed and tried to run in response,
"I wouldn't do that if I were you." She laughed.
"W-w-w-why?" I stuttered.
"I don't think you want to know why." She mocked then ran towards me, smiling evilly, until she had her arms around my neck.
"I WON!" She said, the door opened and everyone came in, smiling.
Everyone was babbling about how fun it all was. How was that fun? I mean a game about killing people? Hardly appropriate! What would God think if he was watching?

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