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Alice's POV.

What a riot! Ha! That was amazing! As if it was Rose though I was a bit peeved when I found out it was her, she smiled wickedly at me. Millie was looking madder than ever.

"I can't believe you killed me Rosie." Emmett pouted.

"At least she didn't throw you out of a bathroom cupboard!" Jasper laughed.

"I was chucked down the fucking stairs!" Emmett protested.

"Language!" Millie yelled.

Emmett made a disgusted sound and carried on talking to Jasper.

I got a call from Carlisle,

"Hey Dad!" I almost yelled, getting everyone to shut up.

"Will you let me in please? The door is still locked." Carlisle chuckled down the phone.

"Sure thing Dad!" I smiled and rushed off to open the door.

Carlisle's POV.

Alice opened the door for me and as I suspected she was all dressed up for the game,

"Not been done long then huh?" I smiled at my daughter.

"No, it was a really long game, Rose was the killer so not fair! Why didn't you pick me Daddy, don't you love me?" She fake pouted.

"Nice try Allie." I ruffled her hair and went towards the living room, Emmett and Jasper were hiding behind the sofa Millie was sat on, poking her and tapping her shoulder making her really annoyed.

Edward was with Nessie and Bella reading a book out loud.

Rosalie was surfing through the tv channels occasionally sighing and the lack of good shows.

"Hey kids!" I grinned.

"DAD!" Emmett and Jasper jumped up scaring Millie half to death in the process. They snickered.

"Ugh I need to get changed." Bella groaned, tying her hair into a messy bun, obviously she'd got sick of the party dress.

"It' late kids why don't you get ready for bed eh?" I suggested.

"Sure Dad." Everyone said and raced up stairs.

I was left alone with Millie.

"So how was your day?" I asked politely.

She turned to look at me with a look of fury in her eyes.

"You really want to know how my day was?" She asked.

"Just making a conversation." I said.

"It was terrible, they are terrible, you think they're all little angels well guess what Carlisle they are anything but angels." She ranted.

I sighed and rolled my eyes, trying not to let anger show, I thought of Esme's sweet nature and instantly calmed.

"I would prefer it if you didn't insult my children like that thank you Millie, they aren't perfect but then again neither are you." I said and left to my study.

That's how I'm always so calm, I think about what's important to me. Everyone gets angry just not everyone knows how to deal with it.

There was a knock at my door, Emmett came in with Alice, both in pj's , Alice wore a pink mr tickle top and short pink shorts and fluffy pink slippers. Emmett was in some spongebob pj pants and a tight fitting cookie monster top, he had odd socks on.

I tried not to laugh at the pink pixie and the mix matched giant.

I heard Edward snicker at my thoughts.

"What's wrong now guys?" I asked.

"Her." They said at the same time.

"What's she done?" I sighed.

"She 'forbid' us from playing haunted house ever and yelled at me and Jazz for pranking when we hardly have AND we were getting dressed when she did it!" Emmett growled.

"She threw away 10 pairs of stilletos and 3 pairs of my boots! And said I was dressing like a slut!" Alice hissed.

"Calm down both of you, what else?"

"You'll have to ask the others 'cos she's pissing them off too." Emmett folded his arms.

"Language Em please." I said softly.

"Sorry but she is."

"Fine let's go and talk to her." I smiled.

Everyone was again in the living room, Rose was in a tight pale pink vest and some betty boop pants with rabbit slippers reading a cars magazine. Edward had superman pj bottoms on with a white vest, on his piano, Jasper was pretty much the same but batman bottoms, reading a book looking aggravated as he turned the pages, Nessie was in a teddy bear nighty and some 3 quarter pink bottoms and was on her laptop, Bella had on an Arizona 2003 jumper on with some shorts, listening to Edward play, Jacob was in a black vest and some shorts, already asleep in the armchair.

Millie herself was in the middle of the sofa in her scruffy blue nightie scowling at the floor.

"What now?" She glared at the three of us standing by the door.

"Nothing." Alice said. "Just watch her." She whispered.

"Em, look at this car! It's gorgeous!" Rosalie looked up at Emmett. He smiled and joined her.

Millie's POV.

Something was definitely going on, all of them looked angry, angry at me! What had I done? I looked over to the piano where Edward and Bella were, Bella was leaning on his shoulder and her hand was on his knee while he played. That's a little weird if you ask me, not even my husband and I are that close, something was definitely going on between them. Then Emmett and Rosalie who were on the same sofa as me, they were sprawled out side by side both holding the car magazine, hiding their faces but laughs and giggled came from behind it every so often. I would have to tell Carlisle about this.

Edward looked up at me almost as if he knew what I was thinking and looked worried for a second. He looked like he was mumbling something to himself, then 5 seconds later Rosalie jumped up and threw a pillow at Jacobs head.


Jacob woke up and glared at her.

Well that was weird.

Edward's POV.

Thank God I distracted her! Close one!

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