Rin turned over, his tail swaying in peace as he slept. His breathing was shallow and relaxed. He was rolled messily in the covers but looked very comfy anyway. But the younger twin just sat up and watched.

Even in his sleep Rin could sense someone was watching him because of his demonic nature that heightened his senses. He lazily opened his eyes and rubbed the sleep away from them.


He could make out his silhouette sitting tensely upright on his bed across from him.

"Yukio?" Rin repeated sleepily. The figure only hung its head and Rin realized it was shaking.

"Why are you still up?"

The silence of the small dorm room was a bit chilling as the younger just stared at him and if Rin didn't know any better he knew his brother probably had on that indifferent expression of his. So the demon was absolutely shocked when he heard a bit of a spastic worry in his twin's voice.

"I-I don't know what's wrong. I just can't sleep."
From what he saw the figure was tugging at its hair in frustration which was odd for Yukio. He looked genuinely distressed and it made Rin's older brother instincts come out. He sat up and wobbled over to Yukio and sat next to him.

"What's wrong spotty?" The younger didn't seem to be bothered by the insult.


Rin leaned over and put his head on his twin's shoulder. His tail wrapped around Yukio's side without Rin's control.

"Tell me. It's alright, Yuki chan."

"I had a...Nightmare."

Rin yawned.

"About what?"

He waited when he felt Yukio tense up again.



Rin held his twins hand and began to stroke his fingers. He did this when they were young but now it brought them both a different feeling that was a little far from brotherly.

"It was about you...And Satan. He c-came and he-he took you Niisan...He t-took you away from m-"

Rin sat up straight in shock, and his grogginess went away when Yukio burst into hysterical sobs. The demon almost didn't know what to do. He hadn't seen the young exorcist cry in years so it was extremely...odd. Rin smiled a bit seeing just a small glimpse at the old Yukio. Rin felt extremely awkward but could see Yukio's blushing wet face in the dark. He looked adorable.

Yukio took Rin's silence as him feeling uncomfortable so he began vigorously wiping at his face (absent of glasses) to gain his composure but he just couldn't get it together as he thought about the dream more and more.

"I-I'm sorr-"

He was shocked when he felt something soft up against his lips and then his big brother pulled him in a hug.

"You'll never lose me. Ok?"

Rin sighed when he felt his twin hiccup.

"Stop crying please. We're twins; you know if you start I'll start."

Finally Yukio stopped.

"Y-You kissed me."

Rin's face went from confusion to uncomfortable to frustrate.

"Well... I just did what I wanted. You feel better now don't you?"

"Can you... Do it again?" Yukio asked shyly.

"Do what again?" Rin teased. Yukio's face became serious and Rin shrunk back just a bit.

Rin leaned in and kissed him again. This time seconds longer that the last.

"Thanks Nii san. I think I can sleep now."


As Rin started making his way back to his bed he felt a hand on his arm.

"Rin can...I um sleep with you?"

Rin smirked.

"Ugh! You know what I meant! Can I sleep with you...In your bed?"

The demon just nodded and got into his bed making room for Yukio.

Rin felt so strange. Yukio was always so collected these days. To see him scared and flustered like when they were young was weird. That dream must really have shaken him up, Rin thought. Yukio looked so cute in his arms, his face void of glasses, the cute moles on his chin and under his eye. It reminded Rin of when they were younger and he would hold Yukio all night and save him from the 'demons' he always claimed to see. If I only knew then. Rin thought as he heard light snoring from his little brother.

Goodnight Yuki chan.