Me: W0000t! Re-update! THE HYPE'S RETURNING!

Crash: Congrats. You just proved you're still alive...

Me: Don't ruin it. Yeah so this story was inspired by 123soliel on DeviantArt. She deserves the credit...Look at her art...seriously. Look. At. It. I don't own this genius concept...

Somewhere in the Southern islands, a lone castle stood and in it contained various amounts of machines and gadgets. One scientist stood before a giant machine, a scientist know as Dr. Neo Cortex...

"Now the final mutation process is about to be complete! Bring in the last subjects!" Dr. Cortex commanded. His assistants, N. Brio and N. Gin, came in with 3 bandicoots, 2 female and one male.

"Now these are the last subjects. When we are done, we'll have the perfect army!" N. Brio gloated.

"Yes! Now this one will be the general of my new mutant army!" Cortex set him down before the machine.

"N. Brio! Engage the Evol-vo ray!" Cortex ordered.

"Dr. Cortex, I'm afraid that the Cortex Vortex is showing signs of technical difficulties. I suggest that we should stop for now and-..." N. Brio was cut off by Cortex.

"Nonsense! I WILL have my mutant general! Now engage! I'm so close!"

The machine crackled violently until the process was complete, turning three small bandicoots into actual humans. The three humans stood before the scientist.

"Yes...YES! You!" Cortex pointed at the brown-haired male human wearing an orange jacket with ears on the hood over a yellow shirt along with jeans and regular high-tops (123soliel's Crash). Crash pointed at himself in confusion. "Yes, you! Say something...General-like!" Cortex ordered.

But instead of a response, Cortex received a loud burp in his face. "Yeesh! What did I eat?" Crash said fanning his mouth.

"Wh-what? You should be my genius commander!" Cortex threw a mini-tantrum.

"Genius isn't exactly the right word." Crash then started wandering around the laboratory. "Hey, do you have anything to eat around here?"

"You pathetic excuse for a human! You should be treating me with more respect!" yelled the scientist.

"Last time I checked, the saying goes 'Respect your elders' not 'Respect warped scientists who try to do weird experiments on you'." Crash retorted resting his arm on Cortex's head.

"I warned you Cortex. The Vortex was not able to take any more mutations but did you listen? NO! Now we have another failed experiment!" N. Brio continued his rant leaving the room.

"Enough! I will not stand here and be insulted by my own creation! I don't need a general! I can be the boss of my OWN army! Now my LOYAL mutants get that bandicoot!" Cortex ordered his previous experiments. (123soliel's human bad guys)

They all towered over Crash with an evil look in their eyes.

"Now fellas m-maybe w-we could w-work something out here." Crash attempted to reason but instead, he dashed away, dodging all of their attacks.

"What should Tiny do with little girls?" A giant (123soliel's Tiny) holding the other two former bandicoots (123soliel's Coco and Tawna)

"Throw them in my dungeon! I'll figure out what to do with them later." Cortex said.

"Hey put us down!" Coco shouted.

"Crash! Help us!" Tawna called out.

"Guys! I'm coming!" Crash called out. As he ran towards them, he unknowingly tripped and spun into a mini tornado, instantly sending the gang flying in different directions.

"What? No! You fool! Don't come any closer!" Cortex noticed that Crash was coming in closer and was beginning to suck him in. Cortex was then launched toward the Cortex Vortex, thus destroying it.

Tiny who was still holding the two females, walked toward the dungeon. He was about to open the door when, "Hey!...Ugh. Let them go!" Crash yelled dizzily.

"Master tell Tiny to put girl bandicoots in dungeon...But Tiny was to crush little orange bandicoot!" Tiny tossed Tawna and Coco aside and charged at him. Crash sidestepped and only stuck his foot out, tripping Tiny and in turn, knocking him out.

"Crude, yet effective." Crash pointed out.

At that moment, an alarm sounded and Crash ran his sister's aid. "You alright sis?"

"Yeah I'm fine. We have to get out of here!" Coco explained.

"But wait! Where's Tawna?" Crash asked worriedly.

"There they are! Get them!" screamed a very annoyed Cortex with his recovered mutants. The mutated humans cornered the human bandicoots.

Coco looked back at Crash, "How are we gonna get out of here?" she asked. Crash inspected his surroundings and saw a nearby window.

"Coco, do you trust me?" Crash asked.

"Of course I do! Why?" Coco responded.

"Because you're gonna hate me for this..." Crash grabbed her hand and jumped through the window.

"Hold on Crash! Wait! Aaaah!" Both of them plummeted into sea below with a SPLASH!

Cortex looked through then window at the sea below, "Well...That didn't go so bad! At least I still have the other one..." Cortex said referring to a scared Tawna held captive by Pinstripe.

All life around to castle could hear the scientist's evil laugh echoing. And the adventure begins...

Me: Cliffhanger! So what's in store for our new heroes?

Crash: Anyone who's played Crash Bandicoot 1 knows that answer!

Me: Stop breaking the fourth wall!

Coco: Aren't we all breaking the fourth wall?

Me:...Now I know why I left...So I'll try and update whenever I can and How it all Began will be put on a short hiatus until further notice, sorry fans!