Me: I'm back! Vacation's been a bit rough since I had to leave for a while...

Crash: Just like every other summer.

Me: Is it my fault I can't stand being in the same place for the summer?

Coco: Yep pretty much.


The morning sun shined over a distant beach. On the sand, a female human hybrid bandicoot stirred.

"…Hrm…..C-Crash….Crash!" Coco woke up with a fright as she looked around the beach seeing her bandicoot brother nowhere in sight. "Crash? Where are you?" She called out. After she walked around the beach she noticed a single shoe dug up in the sand. "Oh no…" Coco soon thought that Crash might have…

"OUCH!" A certain voice yelped. Coco heard this voice and suddenly someone in the distance running around in circles. Upon walking closer to the figure she soon saw that it was indeed Crash.

"GETITOFFGETITOFFGETITOFFGETI TOFFGETITOFFGETITOOOOOOFF!" Crash repeated. Still holding the shoe in her hand, Coco saw that a crab had latched itself onto Crash's rear.

"Crash…Craaash!" She tried to get his attention. As the bandicoot heard his sister's voice he immediately stopped and glanced at her as she had her "I'm not impressed" look on her face.

"Coco!" He rushed over and tackled her to the ground. "You're ok!" He hugged her until she practically began to turn dark blue from the lack of air.

"Crash….can't….breathe…" She choked out.

"Oh…sorry." Crash let go of his sister embarrassed.

As the two regained themselves, they finally noticed the large jungle that was a short ways from them.

"Where are we?" Crash asked.

"N. Sanity Island." Coco responded.


"N. Sanity Island. It's just far off from Wumpa Island. We're pretty far from home right now."

"Hm." Crash began walking but he soon tripped and fell flat on his face from something that was lodged into the ground.

"…Ow." Angrily, he got up and examined what he just tripped on, "Huh…stupid box!" But as he did the classic kick the rock cliché, he surprisingly heard a mumbled yelp.

"Crash?...Did you hear that?" Coco asked.

"Um…Yeah." Crash was just a weirded out as she was.

The Bandicoot kicked the crate again.

"Ow!" The voice sounded again. The crate started to shake this time. Crash and Coco looked at each other for a minute then nodded. They both stomped on the crate which soon broke and revealed what looked like a mask with feathers on it. "Who keeps doing that?" The mask demanded.

The siblings stood quiet.

"Well?" The mask demanded again.

Still quietness. The masked observed the two who were still in shock.

"What? You haven't seen a magic talking mask before?" The mask asked.

"Nope." Crash said bluntly.

The mask sighed, "Ok…My name is Aku Aku and I am a powerful witch doctor who protected this world from a great evil long ago. Now I ask you both, has Uka Uka been sealed away?"

They looked at the mask clueless, "What's an Uka Uka?" Crash asked.

"Uka Uka is my evil twin brother who wishes only to rule this world. Sad to be related to the guy…" Aku Aku explained. "Now who may I ask are you two?"

"My name's Coco and this is my older brother Crash. We're mutated bandicoots that washed up here on this island because of some scientist who goes by the name of Dr. Cortex." Coco explained.

"Cortex? I've heard that name before. He's an evil man who conducts experiments to create his own army of mutant human soldiers."

"He said something about me being a general of his army but luckily I managed to heroically escape and get me and Coco out of there." Crash gloated.

"Yeah, by jumping out of a window and also leaving behind another one of us…"Coco deadpanned.

Crash instantly slumped in depression, "…I know that."

"Well if he already has an army of mutants at his command then we have stop him now! Do you know where his lair is?" Aku Aku inquired.

"Probably on the other side of the island. It'll probably take a few days or so to get all the way across. And knowing Cortex, we might encounter some of his 'experiments' here and there." Coco explained.

"Then we better be on our way before something evil happens! C'mon children!" Aku Aku floated off with Crash and Coco following behind.

Me: I've played Crash Bandicoot before and I've never seen an actual introduction for Aku Aku which is sorta weird...

Crash: Maybe the makers meant for him to be a power up but instead made him a character in the sequel?

Me: Yeah but why wouldn't they do it for first one?

Coco: You do realize you two are breaking the fourth wall right?

Me: Again?! DARN!