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The trio walked through the leafy landscape of the island. Somehow there had been various TNT boxes, crates, and even traps planted in the area. They all continued forward until they heard noises from the trees.

"Hey…you hear that?" Crash asked stopping the others.

Crash led the two behind two large bushes where they saw what looked like two natives talking to each other in their own native language.

"Those tribal markings…I have seen those before." Aku Aku said. "They are the symbol of Papu Papu!"

"Pa-who?" Crash asked dumbly.

"Papu Papu is a greedy tyrant who steals from other native villages on the island. His village is protected by a giant wooden fortress." The witch doctor explained.

The trio observed that the two natives were carrying giant bags. One of the natives had also reached into the bag and took a fresh apple.

"Knowing Papu, I can only assume that those bags of fruit were stolen!" Aku Aku said. These words angered Crash as he dashed from the bushes in front of the greedy natives. "Crash, what are you doing?" The mask called out.

"Those aren't yours!" Crash declared. The two tribesmen gave the bandicoot a blank stare but then wielded two sharp spears. Crash still kept his determined look as they charged in his direction. He nimbly jumped, avoiding the spears and drove the soles of his sneakers toward their heads, knocking them both out cold. Crash turned back to his companions with a superior pose.

Crash looked back at the two with another one of his overly smug looks. Coco looked at bandicoot with a deadpanned expression.

"I deal with this…every day…" She face palmed.

After their skirmish with the theiving tribesmen they again trekked through the jungle, avoiding multiple wild animals and more crazed natives. The trio had finally reached what looked like a giant, fortified, wooden door.

"When you said the fort was giant, you weren't kidding!" Coco said.

"Indeed. It won't be easy trying to find our way inside." The mask explained.

"Think we can get in if we asked nicely?" Crash asked casually. Coco and Aku Aku only glared at him. "Didn't think so. Well, we won't get inside just standing here! C'mon!" Crash then walked towards the door then attempted push it open but with no avail. "A little help would be nice you know!" The bandicoot called out.

"You're the fearless leader…" Coco said sarcastically. With the added force, they managed to crack the door open revealing the tiny village inside. The villagers however all had their eyes on the three strangers that walked through the doors.

"I suppose we should have taken in account that there are people on the inside too." Aku Aku stated. The villagers soon turned their attention behind them where a seemingly large man holding a wooden scepter and wearing a leaf crown appeared.

"Who dares enter the village of Papu Papu!" The man demanded.

"We do, Papu Papu." The witch doctor responded confidently. The village leader stared down the mask menacingly.

"You enter village again, cursed mask?!" Papu Papu yelled.

The mask and chief continued to glare each other while the two bandicoots looked curiously.

"I'm sensing that they've met before." Crash stated bluntly.

Coco sweat dropped, "You think? They're yelling at each other over Aku Aku coming back here. I have a feeling that something really bad is about to happen."

Fed up, Papu Papu finally brought in his guards who quickly seized the two bandicoots and mask.

"Send intruders to dungeon!" The chief demanded. The guardsmen heeded the demand and took the trio to a giant hut.

"See, I told you…" Coco groaned.

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