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Crash and the gang found themselves being escorted in chains through the narrow streets of the village. Many of the residents were hiding in their tiny homes and glaring at them through their windows. The large chief leading the three was taking them towards a hut greatly larger than the ones owned by the villagers and was also guarded by two tribesmen.

"Crash, Coco, I have an idea on how to get out of these chains. But we're going to have to act fast if we want to make it out of here." Aku Aku whispered. The two bandicoots nodded, awaiting the witch doctor's signal. Once the three entered the hut, the mask quietly cast an incantation and the chains clamped around Crash and Coco's wrists were finally unlocked.

"Alright, you giant lumbering potato…LATER!" Crash instantly made a mad dash out the hut, taking Coco and Aku Aku at the last second. Unfortunately, a small troop of tribesmen stopped the bandicoot's escape.

The chief's boisterous laughter filled the room, "You cannot escape Papu's village! Only way you leave is by beating Papu himself!"

The trio exchanged looks until the witch doctor finally spoke, "Fine Papu. If we beat you, you let us leave here, no questions asked."

"And if Papu wins?" the giant tribesman smiled evilly.

Aku Aku's expression turned nervous, "Then we'll be your servants for however long you like…" Crash and Coco's eyes went wide as dinner plates. Seeing their expressions the mask soon began to regret those words.

"Ha-ha! Hope you like serving Papu food!" Papu Papu lifted himself from his throne and grabbed his giant wooden staff. Coco looked back at Crash expectantly.

"…No. No. No! No! NO! NO! FREAKING NO! You can't be serious!" Crash defended.

"Crash, it's either this or massaging his feet for the rest of our lives!" The female bandicoot told him. Crash sighed in defeat and stepped forward. Oh how he hated when she gave him that look.

Papu Papu eyed the small bandicoot, "You?! You are the one to face mighty Papu?!" He raised his staff high and slammed it down where Crash stood. Thinking fast, Crash quickly leaped out of the way while Coco and Aku Aku were blown back by the force of chief's staff. But soon, Papu Papu found himself struggling to lift the weapon from the ground. Crash took this opportunity to attack.

"Take this!" Crash spun forward but was repelled back by the force of Papu's belly.

"Oh no! Crash can't attack him!" said a concerned Coco.

"Hmm…I think I know of a weakness that could give Crash an advantage." Aku Aku whispered. "Crash, when Papu swings his staff, try jumping on his head!

The bandicoot was already dodging most of the chief's attacks, "What?! How will that help?"

"Just trust me!" Not wanting to waste time, Crash followed the witch doctor's instructions.

Papu took one more swing at him but he continued having trouble lifting the staff from the floor. Crash leaped and landed on the chief's head, causing him to fall flat on his back. Crash sighed in relief.

"Ok guys, we're good to go! Let's dash before the big guy wakes up."

But Papu however, refused to let this stand. He lifted himself from the ground and swung his staff at the bandicoot, knocking him to the wall of the hut.

"Crash!" Coco was about to intervene but Aku Aku stopped her.

"No! We must let Crash fight his own battle or else Papu will never let us leave!" The witch doctor warned.

The chief closed in on Crash, raising his staff high.

"Now you will be prisoner in Papu's dungeon!"

Papu slammed his staff to the ground, sending a sudden shock to the wooden hut, but unbeknownst to him Crash actually dodged the attack. Acting quickly, Crash dealt yet another crashing blow to the chief's head, causing him to fall to the ground with a loud 'thud' once again.

"I think we should leave before he wakes up." Coco said. Crash and Aku Aku held no argument and quickly ran out of the hut, avoiding whatever tribesmen who chased after them after seeing what the trio did to their chief. Little did they know, they were being watched by three figures just out of their line of sight. The shortest one was a mutated human kangaroo that had spiky blue hair, an insane grin, and a strait jacket (123soliel's Ripper Roo), the medium sized one was a human komodo dragon with light green hair that wore an Egyptian coat and a hat with a spike on it (123soliel's Komodo Joe), and the tallest one, a human potoroo that had black brushed hair and a scowl, wore a red official looking tuxedo and held a cigarette (123soliel's Pinstripe Potoroo)

"Boys, I think we may have a problem on our hands." Pinstripe said.

"They're nothing to be concerned about. Even Ripper could take down that tub of lard." Joe said nonchalantly juggling three swords.

"They won't get far. I say we deal with this before it throws a wench in Cortex's plan. Ripper?" The Potoroo looked at the mutated kangaroo.

Ripper, who was clutching a T.N.T box, looked at Pinstripe questionably.

"Take care of this bandicoot pest for the boss. They're heading towards the river." Pinstripe instructed.

After multiple deranged chuckles, the human kangaroo leaped into the forest.

"Surprised that Cortex actually decided to keep that failed experiment." Joe said still juggling the swords.

"As long as I get my pay, Cortex can do whatever he wants. I don't really give a damn."

The two left the scene without a second word.

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