Chapter 1 – Hello and Goodnight

"We're all getting in trouble for this, you know. We can stay here and face them now if you'd like."

'We go with you Harry from now on and we need to have time to ourselves for a bit to settle down from all the changes. We will face them together when we come back.'

Harry nodded at his bond mates and reached into his pocket again for two objects. Portkeys that he had taken from the Potter family vault. He was not surprised when the two girls both pointed to one of the choices. Harry pulled both girls into a big hug and then clasped their hands firmly. He squeezed the bit of polished stone and yelled out "Griffin's Lair". There was a gold flash and then the Chamber of Secrets was almost empty again.

A few seconds later the gold flash deposited the three Gryffindors on a flat surface somewhere in the dark. Portkeys being another form of magical transport, Harry landed exactly the same as normal and stumbled. He instinctively led go of the two hands he had been holding on to in order not to pull them down with him. It was an unfortunate choice. His body screamed out as he was separated from his bond mates. Hermione made a frantic dive after him as she experienced the pain herself. They had arrived in the dark so her judgment in reaching him was just a little off; her knee found his stomach. The two rolled on the ground a bit but crawled back to where Ginny had collapsed whimpering. They found each other and frantically entered a long hug until the pain disappeared.

Harry was worried at first that he had gone blind but torches and lanterns flared into light as the magic in the room woke up upon the arrival of the travelers. The three stood but Ginny sagged into Harry's side almost immediately. He caught her up and supported her with an arm around her waist before she totally hit the floor again. He looked at the smile on her face and wondered if she was okay.

'Just a little tired. It was a long day to start with and we just used a lot of magic, bonding or not.'

"We should all get some sleep Harry. The magic needs to settle and we've all been under a lot of stress – physical, mental and magical. And you fought that disgusting snake on top of everything else.'

Harry nodded at Hermione and looked around the room they were in. It seemed to be a cave or at least partially underground. All of the walls were formed of a white-streaked dark stone stone although the floors were a combination of the familiar flagstones they had at Hogwarts and a light colored wood. Furniture was set up in various places around the room but the pieces were all covered in drop cloths. They were five openings around the wall that led to closed oaken doors. Harry noticed one wide set of stairways that led upwards and a smaller one that led downwards. He was curious but there would be time to explore the different levels aftera good nights sleep.

The room itself was about forty feet in a roughly circular shape with an irregular roof that was close to about nine feet high. There were two massive windows cut through the rock on one side that let a cool breeze and the sound of distant waves enter the room. Harry was about to ask the girls to go exploring when they heard two small pops. Harry, Ginny, and Hermione turned and saw two house elves that had suddenly appeared. There was a male and a female. Both were dressed in knee length tunics in Gryffindor colors. The Potter family crest was prominently displayed on the upper chest of each tunic.

"Welcome back to Griffin's Lair Master Ja … no it is not him. Master Harry? It has been many, many years since you have been here."

Hermione recovered faster than Harry did at the reference to his father. "Yes, this is Harry Potter, James and Lily's son. My name is… I'm not exactly sure what my name is now. And you are..?"

"My apologies lady. My name is Rettus and this is my mate Llasol. We are the caretakers here at the Lair but since no one has been here in a number of years we were recalled to Potter Manor. When you arrived here, we were notified and came here as fast as we could. We apologize for the neglect and disuse you see."

Harry finally broke through the shock of meeting someone else that had known his parents. "There is no need for apologies Rettus. We have a long story to talk about but for now we just need a clean bed and maybe a bathroom. 'Definitely a loo Harry.' It has been a long day and night for the three of us and we are in real need of some rest."

"My apologies Master, no… Lord Potter! It seems you do have a tale to tell us. I'll go and straighten up the master suite for you and your ladies."

"Rettus, I would prefer if you would just call us by our first names. My name is Harry and this is Ginny and Hermione. None of us have any need for titles from you or any other house elves that serve the House of Potter."

"That is unusual but if that is what you wish Mi'lord Harry, I will try to remember. Give me just a little time to prepare your room." Rettus disappeared with a snap of his fingers.

Harry felt a little woozy himself as the day's battles and stresses finally started finishing off his taxed reserves. He turned to the female elf and tried to clear his fuzzy thoughts. "Llasol?"

"Yes, Lord…sorry, Harry?"

"I know it's either very late at night or very early in the morning but could I impose on you to do something for the three of us? Our clothes are pretty grimy and I have no idea if there is anything fit to wear here. Could you go to Hogwarts School and fetch our three trunks from the dorms without anybody noticing you?"

"Of course, I have fixed your magical signatures and it will be a small matter to get your belongings from the school. We are happy to have you back here Harry. We all have wondered what happened to you after…"

"Thank you Llasol. I think signatures may be a little changed from what they were yesterday. We would appreciate any help you could give us."

Ginny spoke up from her place at Harry's side. "Harry has a mandolin in his dorm room. It's pretty important to him. Could you bring that here also?"

"Of course. Everything will be ready for the three of you when you wake in the morning." Harry barely had time to thank Llasol before she disappeared and Rettus walked through one of the doorways to the right of the trio.

"Your room is ready. I will get busy cleaning up the rest the Lair for your use and bringing in provisions." Rettus pointed to the door he came out of and Harry led the way through and closed the door behind them. They saw a large bedroom with a huge bed covered in some pillows and a thick comforter. Hermione was overjoyed to see the bed and stepped away from her mates. She immediately yelled out with pain and fell quivering to the floor to the floor. Harry and Ginny grimaced also but stumbled over to get to her side. Harry reached down and was relieved to see that Hermione's face relaxed when they touched her. The three made sure that they were all touching as Hermione regained her feet.

Hermione finished wiping away her tears when she stood. "I'm so sorry. I was so relieved to see the bed that I just forgot for a second."

"Don't do that anymore" Ginny said as she placed a comforting hand on Hermione's shoulder. "I didn't enjoy it a bit either but I really hate seeing you in pain."

"We're all going to have to be careful for a while" Harry said. "I hope this isn't permanent; we'd never get anything done. Not that I don't like hanging around with you both but…"

"It would be real handicap for you trying to catch the Snitch with three of us riding your broom."

Harry laughed. "We will have to try that when we get back to school. It would be okay with me if we were all dressed like in that dream we once had. Of course my first move would be to land my naked ladies before anybody saw us."

"Perv" said Ginny but she was smiling.

The three turned and looked around the master suite. The massive bed was at least king-sized and the frame was made up of a wood that Harry identified as Everwood. There was a woodland scene carved in to the wide headboard that contained a waterfall and a pool surrounded by a number of creatures both magical and normal. Hermione noticed with some interest that a pair of griffins seemed to be overseeing the gathering from the top of the waterfall. A wide bench sat at the foot of the bed and looked almost plush enough to sleep on. There were two dressers across from the bed and a number of paintings were hung on the walls. A silk and velvet rendering of the Potter family crest was hung by the door. There were three other doors Harry could see from where they stood.

"I hate to be a bother but I really need to use whatever they have here for a bathroom." Ginny had been fidgeting but Harry and Hermione could see she was really getting uncomfortable.

"Let's head that way first." The three headed to the door to the right side of the room but only found a closet filled with some older clothes at the first stop. The next door opened to the right facility and Ginny breathed a sigh of relief before she remembered something. "As bad as I have to go, I don't want Harry to watch me pee!"

Harry sighed. This was going to be a definite problem. "Let's try lining up in a row with Hermione in the middle and me on the opposite side from you Ginny. Maybe it will be enough contact so you can do your business without the seperation problem. It would be an improvement if we could get at least one hand free. We can't even walk right if we're in a circle all the time."

Harry cautiously let go of Ginny's shoulder and the three arrainged themselves like he had suggested. Hermione had Ginny's hand in one of her hands and Harry's in the other. Harry felt a huge ache and twinge somewhere deep inside him and his pain and anxiety level seemed to be rising by the second. But it was manageable - if it was going to be short.


'I'll try to be quick.'

Harry turned his head and then remembered he had a free hand. He flexed his wrist and caught his wand as the holder released it. He cast a 'Muffliato' spell on himself; that took care of any sounds that might be coming from Ginny's direction. If seemed a long time but then Harry felt a tug on his arm and saw that Hermione and Ginny were switching positions. Hermione didn't take too long doing her business and then she was pulled up by Ginny.

Hermione waved her hand in Harry's face and Harry cancelled the spell on himself. He turned his head back and saw the two girls looking at him. "You better go now Harry. I think once we go to sleep, it's going to be a long time until we wake up."

Harry nodded and went to the toilet. He was conscious of the girls behind him and had some difficulty relaxing himself to empty his bladder. Hermione was thoughtful enough to just place her hand in the middle of his back while he stood there. He hoped the girls behind him had respected his privacy also but he had a feeling the three of them were going to be very embarrassed over a lot of things for the foreseeable future.

Whe harry finished, the three made their way out of the bathroom. Hermione pointed out the big shower as well as the sunken tub that took up opposite corners in the mostly marble and tile room. Harry felt he needed a shower after all the activities he had been through but…

'You're clean enough for us.' Ginny yawned and seemed to have trouble putting one foot in front of the other as they walked back to the bed that took up the focus of the room. There were a few other chairs scattered around but no one was interested in anything but the bed.

Ginny stopped moving to yawn once again and Harry warned Hermione before he reached down and scooped Ginny up in his arms. They made their way to the bench even though Ginny was protesting that she didn't need to be carried. Harry resisted the urge to throw her in the middle of the bed but just set her down carefully on the piece of furniture. "I guess the next bit of coordination involves getting these robes and other clothes off. I think mine are too bloody to be worn again anyway."

"I think we do this one person at a time." Hermione reached down and put a hand on Ginny's head. "We'll have four hands free if we do this carefully. What do you want off Ginny?"

"Robe, shoes, socks at least. I'm going to try getting whatever else off somehow while you two help me."

Harry kept one hand on Ginny's leg as he knelt to untie her shoes and slipped them and her socks off. Hermione worked on unfastening Ginny's robe and she struggled out of it.. Harry kept his eyes closed as the girls worked on removing Ginny's top and skirt. Harry was finally given an ok and saw that Ginny had put her blouse back on and was about ready to go to sleep. "Just the top and some knickers left Harry" Ginny said as she stood up to help the others.

The stripping down continued on next with Hermione who just wanted to get some much needed shuteye. She was less reserved about Harry keeping his eyes closed and she was quickly reduced to her underwear with the help of the others. She looked Harry in the face but turned around to ask him to unhook her bra. Ginny watched astonished as Harry deftly unhooked her bra and Hermione just dropped it on the ground. 'Have to ask how he knew how to do that tomorrow' she thought.

Harry was a little embarrassed as the two mostly undressed girls turned their attention to helping him get rid of the clothes he was wearing. His robe was in a horrid state and was thrown far away from the small pile of other clothes that were now on the floor. His basilisk hide boots were dirty and blood-stained but Harry hoped they could be cleaned up.

Both girls were smiling as they attacked the fastening of his shirt. 'If I wasn't so tired right now I might be enjoying this a lot more.' Ginny's eyes widened as she saw Harry's chest but didn't say a word as she avoided his gaze.

Harry was finally left to handle the last bit of disrobing by himself. He had considered going to bed with his pants still on but when he saw some blood splashes and realized he could possibly get some of that blood on either of the girls. He turned around to undo his belt and unfasten the button and lower the zipper. The girls kept a hand on his back as he lowered and then stepped out of his trousers.

Ginny tried keeping her eyes averted as Harry was standing next to her in just his boxers and a blush. She finally turned his head so they could see each other and put one hand up to touch his cheek. "I'm glad we're all here together Harry but for Merlin's sake let's not waste any more time being embarrassed and just get into bed."

Harry stood looking at the bed and took the girls hands to walk to one side. It seemed easier to get up into the bed if they didn't have to crawl up the length of the bed. The edge of the mattress was about waist high on Harry so they would have to climb up like they did back at Hogwarts. Harry pointed at the big surface and yawned before speaking. "Ladies first is the usual order of things."

Hermione laughed and gave Harry a push on the shoulder. "I think it would probably be best if you climbed in first and got comfortable dear husband."

The wizard stopped his movement for a second in shock. "We're definitely going to have to talk about that."

"Tomorrow!" One of the two girls swatted Harry on his butt and he got the message to turn back the covers and climbed carefully into the bed making sure that he held onto one of the girls hands. Hermione took his glasses once he removed them and placed them on the nearest nightstand.

Harry reached out for Ginny's hand and pulled on her. The push on her behind from Hermione however launched her up and she landed square on Harry's chest. Harry looked and saw the mixed look of anxiety, surprise and shock on her face. Harry smiled wearily and kissed Ginny on the forehead. "I really like this but you probably can find a more comfortable place to sleep." Ginny shook her head no but quickly slid down to Harry's right side and watched as Hermione climbed in next to Harry.

Hermione gave Harry a quick peck to the lips and settled under Harry's arm on his left side. Harry wrapped his other arm around Ginny and drew the two girls closer to him. Both girls peeked over his chest and nodded to each other as if they had just found the right place to be. The reached out a free hand and clasped them over the top of Harry's body after they drew the covers up.

Ginny was the first to reach up and whisper "Good night Harry" into his ear. She gave him a quick peck to the cheek and was asleep almost immediately when she settled back down.

Hermione whispered to Harry that it was bad form to snore on one's honeymoon but then chuckled softly and was silent.

Harry thought the bed was very comfortable especially with the warmth and company of a girl on each side of him. He closed his eyes briefly as he considered his incredible good fortune in the last couple of hours. Surviving the encounters in the Chamber of Secrets and later in Hermione's mind was something he knew was going to occupy his thoughts for a long time.

Harry relaxed but then his eyes popped open with a thought. 'We didn't turn the lights out. Now we've got to get up again.'

A sleepy Hermione squirmed into a more comfortable position at his side. 'You're the master here now Harry. Just order what you want.'

Harry raised his head slowly as he didn't want to disturb the already sleeping Ginny. He whispered softly. "Nox!"

The lights in the master bedroom faded out to darkness as Harry Potter and his new wives settled into a well-deserved and long overdue slumber. Nobody was there to notice the faint glow the three were giving off or the rare sparkle of magic that seemed to dance over the sleeping figures.