Chapter 37 – A Conclusion of Sorts

They thought he had finally flipped. It happened occasionally after a prisoner had been paroled from the 'tender care' of the Dementors. They would be perfectly fine for an hour, a day, a week; they would act perfectly normal. But whatever mental, emotional or personal protections had helped the person resist the exposure to the Dementors sometimes disappeared totally – leaving the prisoner floundering.

There was no other explanation therefore to what happened to Prisoner #4470013 – Sirius Black. He had finally gone insane.

His loud shrill voice could be heard over all the other suffering voices at Azkaban Prison. The aurors assigned to the cell block holding Sirius Black finally had to send a request back to the Ministry allowing them to stun the apparently deranged prisoner. No one was on duty that night to approve the request; the screaming continued on for hours.

Interspersed with all the sheer screams of horror, dismay, anger and revenge, the Auror guards would later report that they could make out some words or phrases from the prisoner that foretold a dire future.

"Harry blessed Potter."

"He'll be killed."

"Hogwarts won't protect him from me."

"Damn his soul!"

"There's no safe place for Harry Potter."

"He's not going to be alive much longer."

"I'm going to kill Him."

"Must get Harry…."

"I'll kill him - he won't escape me."

The ranting and raving went on for hours until Black's voice grew fainter and hoarser from the strain of yelling and carrying on for so long. There finally came a moment of silence from the cell and the Auror guards thought that he had finally exhausted himself and gone to sleep.

Xxxx xxxx

Had Harry been conscious, he would have been a little uncomfortable at being the center of so much attention. Madame Pomfrey had not been able to diagnose what was wrong with him in their new apartment so she had brought him back to the infirmary to run further tests. The gossip circuit at Hogwarts being what it was, Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall were only moments behind the group in getting Harry settled into a bed.

Madame Pomfrey wouldn't allow anyone close to Harry on the slim chance that he was infectious in some manner. Vika was holding onto to Ginny and Hermione and trying to comfort them while the mediwitch went to her office to research Harry's condition.

Still sweating profusely, Harry was still cold to the touch and was tossing fitfully in unconsciousness. There was a heavy blanket draped over him to both help keep him warm and restrict his movements. The heavy wheezing cough that racked his frame occasionally brought shudders to the female members in the room.

"Why didn't he ever tell anyone he wasn't feeling good?" Hermione fretted.

"It's all my fault; I should have paid more attention when he was sneezing and saying he was feeling tired." Ginny was especially upset and mad that her husband had fallen so ill while she was supposed to be training as a healer.

Dumbledore came over to talk to the concerned wives after overhearing Ginny's comment. "I think it is sadly a habit left over from Mr. Potter's time with his relatives. Complaining there led to further problems so Harry kept his own counsel on matters of his own welfare."

Madame Pomfrey came back from her office with a thick book tucked under her arm. She consulted it briefly and made a very complicated pass with her wand. The runes that came out of Harry's body caused Madame Pomfrey to shake her head while she was writing them down.

"It seems to be a combination of two things. There is a very exotic poison flowing through Lord Harry's veins but there is also an infection that I have not seen before. They have linked up in a way to attack Harry's core magic itself. I think I shall have to go to St. Mungo's to bring a specialist in exotic diseases back here. He is no shape to go through the rigors of a transport at this time."

The girls crying covered up the sound of the infirmary door opening but the steady footsteps brought a number of heads around to look at the newest arrival.

"So what has Potter, sorry - Lord Potter, done to himself this time?" The disdain in Professor Snape's voice had been curtailed a great deal but he didn't look very worried as he stared down at the occupant of the bed. Ginny was held back from responding in anger at the Potions Professor by both Hermione and Vika.

Madame Pomfrey led Professor Snape a few steps away from Harry's bed as she showed him the results of her last diagnostic scan. Dumbledore and McGonagall joined into the conversation to hear what Snape thought about Harry's condition.

Vika excused herself from Ginny and Hermione and went and sat on Harry's bed. Madame Pomfrey looked over and just told the two Mrs. Potter not to get any closer to their husband. It was Hermione that broke down crying this time and Ginny led her to a nearby bed and sat with her.

Vika began sponging off Harry's face and shoulders with a washcloth and a clean basin of water that she conjured to his bedside table. It seemed to help for a while in settling Harry down and she eased him up to a sitting position to pour a Rejuvenating potion down this throat. Harry was laid back down to a reclining position and Vika began absently running her hand through Harry's messy locks.

She stopped suddenly and then moved her hand back a few inches to just above Harry's ear. "Poppy, come quickly. I've found something."

The shout from Vika got everyone's attention and they all clustered around Harry's bed while Vika explained. "There's a small ridge there, just above his ear. There's something vile in it; I could just barely sense it."

Madame Pomfrey ran her fingers under Vika's and then looked up. "I thought Harry and you two healed all his scars?"

Hermione brushed away a few tears as Ginny answered the question. "We healed up most of them but Harry wanted to keep a few as a reminder of what he had gone through at the hands of the Dursleys. There's still two scars on his shoulder blades that even the bond magic couldn't heal up."

Madame Pomfrey asked Vika to turn Harry's head to the side and then she made another pass with her wand. A bit of black blood bubbled up and ran down across Harry's ear and a very tiny sliver of something shiny came out of Harry's head. Vika floated a pan over to where the sliver was held in midair and Madame Pomfrey dropped the sliver into it.

Harry had gasped once the foreign object was removed but he never regained consciousness. Hermione saw however that the sweat that Vika had sponged away had returned twicefold. Vika had been watching the extraction but turned and told everyone gathered around that Harry was now burning up with fever.

Hermione shook her head and gathered Ginny up into another hug. Meanwhile Madame Pomfrey, Dumbledore and Professor Snape were examining the needle-shaped object in the pan.

It was the headmaster that turned a sad face to the two Mrs. Potters. "We're pretty sure we know what this is but we need some confirmation from you two. Did Mr. Potter have any encounters with any dangerous beasts while you were in Egypt?"

Ginny drew a blank for a second but Hermione squeaked out the answer. "We ran into an Acromantula while exploring a tomb Bill Weasley was working in."

"And how exactly did a small piece of an Acromantula fang end up in Mr. Potter's head?" Professor Snape seemed confused at the unluckiness of the Gryffindor.

"An acromantula lept to attack my brother Ron and we three blasted it."

"To pieces?" asked an incredulous Professor McGonagall.

"We wanted to make sure we stopped it" defended Hermione.

"Foolish children" grumbled Professor Snape, "but at least we have a starting point now. If you'll excuse me I'll go and mix up a counteragent. Those fangs are very, very poisonous."

The Potion Master was halfway to the door when a voice called out to him. "Professor Snape?"


Ginny voice only wavered a small amount. "Thank you for doing this."

"Don't thank me until we see if your husband proves too stubborn to respond to the treatment." With a small swirl of his cape, Professor Snape disappeared out through the doors of the infirmary.

Ginny turned and sat back down on the bed next to Harry's. Hermione came and sat next to her. "This will turn out okay, you'll see."

"Why does it always have to be him though?" Ginny wanted to go touch and hold Harry but she realized that Madame Pomfrey's warning about Harry was needed.

The two didn't know how long they sat there staring numbly at their husband before another presence came up behind them. Dumbledore laid what he hoped was a reassuring hand on each young lady's shoulder. "Harry has always been a fighter and a survivor. Professor Snape's potion may only solve half the problem here. Poppy has gone to St. Mungo's for a specialist. If I might make a suggestion?"

"Yes Headmaster?"

"Have either or both of you tried contacting your husband mentally? While his body may be nonresponsive, his mind might still be functioning and he may have some suggestions for the rest of us."

A small glimmer of hope crossed Hermione's face and she thanked Dumbledore for the suggestion. Hermione turned sideways on the bed and clasped hands with a nervous Ginny.

Xxxx xxxx

They appeared near the top of the Astronomy tower; but the steps up never seemed to steep and never so slick to the two ladies before. "Why are we here Hermione?"

"I don't know; this is where Harry's mind is. I hope." There was grey slime dripping off the walls and on some of the steps but the girls avoided as much as they could in trying to reach the platform at the top of the stairs.

The two ladies were disappointed when they reached the top at nary a sight or sound of Harry. Hermione and Ginny split up and started searching the area in hopes that Harry was just sleeping in one corner or the other.

It was a loud sneeze that finally led them to their husband's mental representation. They found the locker that held all the astrolabes, sextants and telescopes unlocked with a great deal of equipment scattered across the floor in front of it. Cautiously they opened a door and then threw it back when they found Harry collapsed on the lowest shelf.

Hands reached for Harry and he was carefully dragged out and laid out across both their laps. Harry seemed to revive a bit under their touch and he opened his sunken and dull eyes to them. "Sorry, what's happened to me this time?"

"Some unknown infection that linked up with Acromantula poison" Ginny said. She wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry about contacting his consciousness; he looked worse in here than he did in the real world.

"Bugger it! I knew we should have just banished it. But it might have turned into somebody else's problem then."

"Language Jamie."

Harry reached up a hand to caress Hermione's cheek. "Remind me to throw a knut into the swear jar at home then."

"Oh Harry, why are you up here?"

"I'm not sure; I found myself in the Great Hall suddenly after I left the Governor's board meeting. But the Great Hall was rotting and covered in that grey slime you probably saw. Everywhere I ran there was more of the stuff. I tried blasting it, I tried dispelling it - nothing worked. When I realized this really wasn't Hogwarts, I even tried the healing spells we knew. Nothing seemed to affect it."

"Madame Pomfrey told us she's never seen an infection like it."

"Just my luck; so what's the plan then?"

"The sliver of acromantula has been removed from your head and Snape is brewing up a potion to counteract that bit of sickness. But the poison's mixed up with the infection somehow and Madame Pomfrey left to get a specialist from St. Mungo's."

"So nothing definite."

"We're sorry Harry. Both of us."

"It's not your fault so don't go blaming yourselves. I know you two almost as well as you know me. I'm not sure what this slime is but maybe you ought to leave before it gets to you and back to your bodies. I definitely want some cuddle time after this is over."

"We're not leaving you alone Harry."

"I'm not alone anymore. You two are always in my heart and always on my mind."

"This is not a time for that song Harry; you're not up for it" Hermione rubbed her hand across Harry's chest in a gesture he was especially fond of.

"Pity that." Harry coughed again and almost shook himself off Hermione's and Ginny's laps. "Sorry."

Ginny squirmed around so she could place Harry's back laying against her front. It was one of his favorite places to relax and Ginny knew she could stay here and hold him until something definite was decided. "Dumbledore suggested you might think of another type of solution for us to look for."

Harry had a little shiver and Ginny tightened her grip on him. "If Madame Pomfrey's not seen anything like it then probably my intermittent luck has made this something that isn't something of our type of magic."

"Our type of magic? Of course, so an alternate medicine approach" Hermione said.

"Yes, I can't think of anything else. Call for Knop and Dobby and send Dobby to Gringotts for Wrotkill. Maybe between the house elf's magic and what the goblins know, maybe they can figure out what this is and stabilize or cure me."

Hermione leaned in to give Harry a small kiss to the cheek. "I'll leave and go tell Dumbledore and the others your idea but I'll be right back."

"No, you'll both leave." The three turned and looked to see Vika suddenly appear a few feet away from them.

"I'm not abandoning Harry!" Ginny was not going to let anybody come in and try to remove her from her self-appointed post. Not even Hogwarts herself.

"Ginny, I know you don't want to leave and I wouldn't ordinarily ask this of you but I've been down talking to the Founder's."

"What did they say Vika?"

"I told them about Harry's condition Hermione. Both Ravena and Helga feel that you need to save your strength for later. Harry's core magic is severely depleted and you may have to sustain him for a while if there is a solution found."

"I don't want to leave him alone."

"He won't be alone." Vika smiled at Harry's worried wives and the glow that came from her seemed to lift the gloom that permeated the Astronomy Tower. "I'll stay here with him."

"Harry, what do you think of this idea?"

"I don't like it for a number of reasons but it does make sense in the long run. Vika will stay here and pester me and keep that grey slime away. I hope I don't need you to keep me stable but you should rest up in case of problems."

Ginny hugged Harry tightly but then did shift him over to Vika's arms. "I promise we won't snog." The laugh that came from Harry at Vika's comment made the girls feel a little better about leaving their husband.

The girls stood up a little uneasily and Harry nodded to them. Vika looked up with a promise in her eyes that she would do everything she could. As Ginny and Hermione fled back to their bodies, they heard Vika ask Harry to tell her everything about his trips.

Xxxx xxxx

Hermione and Ginny were surprised to find themselves in the clutches of Professor McGonagall when they awoke. "I caught you before you tumbled off the cot together" McGonagall said.

"Thanks Professor" said Ginny.

"I think in light of the crisis and your positions I won't object to you using my given name. Outside of class of course."

"Well Minerva, your husband had a good hunch. Harry has an idea although it might be a little strange."

"We may have to try any resource at this point, no matter how unusual it might seem." Dumbledore had drawn closer to the group and had overheard the last comment.

A couple of whooshes from the floo announced the return of Madame Pomfrey and another older wizard. They both rushed over to Harry's bed to check on his condition. Dumbledore drew the three females a little further away to continue the talk.

Before Dumbledore could ask what Harry's idea was, Hermione raised her voice just a little bit. "Dobby!"

The little house elf appeared with a little pop and then began his usual greeting. "What can Dobby do for Harry…." Dobby face went slack and he turned to look at the bed Harry was laying on. It was Ginny that stopped the elf from rushing to Harry's side by grabbing him tightly.

"Dobby, Harry is very sick and our healers aren't quite sure what to do with him. I have an urgent mission for you – Harry's very life might depend on it."

Dobby stop struggling to get to Harry but his eyes were full of tears as he turned and faced the ladies. "What can poor lowly Dobby do for the great lord and wizard Harry Potter?"

Hermione knelt down so that she looked right into the eyes of the worried elf. "You need to return to Potter Manor and bring back Knop or anybody that knows about healing and illnesses. Wait - before you go! Send he or them back here and go to Gringotts. Ask to see Wrotkill and tell him Harry is sick and we request, that's request his help. Got that Dobby?"

Dobby nodded solemnly and just disappeared. When he left Hermione and Ginny both turned and gave the two adults Harry's guess about a cure. Dumbledore appeared to think seriously about but Minerva McGonagall shook her head slowly.

Madame Pomfrey left the other wizard at Harry's bedside and came over to join the group. "Healer Doohan is completely at a loss to what the infection is. He has a suggestion for a chance but it is very risky in itself."

Calling the other healer over, Madame Pomfrey introduced him to everyone and prompted him for his opinion. "I'm sorry to be meeting you all under these circumstances. I have a possible procedure that may help the lad but I'm not sure it will work."

"Ginny and I are Harry's wives Mr. Doohan. Tell us what you are thinking of doing."

Healer Doohan looked at the two strangely for a second but continued. "I've been told there's potion coming to counteract the Acromantula poison. If Lord Potter handles that well, I'd like to try putting him in stasis and draining his blood from him."

"WHAT? That will kill him." Ginny looked mad enough to attack the older healer but Madame Pomfrey laid a hand on her forearm.

"Lady Potter, Ginny – this is a way to flush the infection out of his body. We'll be giving Harry blood replenishing potions along the way to replace the blood we will take from him. It's decent chance."

"But not guaranteed?" ventured Hermione.

"I can't in good conscience say whether this will work or not" healer Doohan said. "But it's the only think I could think of that might do the job."

Professor McGonagall seemed to hesitate a long time before she asked the healer the next question. "How soon do you want to proceed with this risky venture?"

"As soon as possible would be best but no later than twelve hours. Lord Potter's resistant has been truly phenomenal but I just don't know…"

There were two pops and everyone turned to see two house elves appeared next to Harry's bedside. Ginny recognized Knop and an older female elf that was named Assom. Healer Doohan made a break to remove the house elves but quickly found Ginny's wand in his face. "Do NOT touch those elves. They are ours and will not harm the Head of their House. Is that understood Healer Doohan?"

The healer had faced some irate family members in his time as a healer but he never feared for his safety as much as he did under the fiery gaze of this young redhead. Hermione stepped forward and pushed Ginny's wand hand down.

"I apologize for my wife Healer Doohan. We are all strained with Harry's sickness. It is nearing midnight now. Please leave and make your preparations to return at eight in the morning."

The healer turned to Dumbledore for an appeal but found him agreeing with the young lady. "It would be best for you to go and make your preparations and return in the morning. We here shall monitor the patient until you return."

Healer Doohan looked around and nodded reluctantly. He gathered up his instruments and headed for the floo. He and Madame Pomfrey passed Professor Snape as they exited the room. He was carrying a vial very carefully but he stopped when he saw the two house elves. They stared at him with a measure of suspicion and anger but Hermione called the two to come stand by her.

Ginny went over to watch what Professor Snape was doing. He looked at her a little blankly and asked her to prop Harry up so he could administer the potion. They both were surprised that when Snape bent over to pour the potion in Harry's mouth, his eyes popped open.

"Harry" whispered Ginny.

Harry's face was still covered in sweat and his eyes appeared a little wild and glazed. "Hi precious" he said to his wife.

"I told you never to call me that. You need to drink this potion Harry."

Harry nodded and tried to straighten himself up a little more. Vika suddenly appeared at Ginny's side and helped her prompt him up. Snape began lowering the potion to Harry's lips when his wrist was suddenly caught up in a fierce grip.

Harry's fevered voice was almost a hiss as he spoke to the Potions Professor. "Things are never as they seem; the Dark Mark you still have has had many, many compulsions added to it. Your past is not what you think it was and that has tumbled your present and future. Your losses are not what you think they were."

Harry's voice slipped away and his eyes closed. Professor Snape turned to look at Ginny and Vika. "Tell only Lady Hermione about this but no others. We may talk of this later but it may have been just the fever giving him a false voice."

Ginny nodded but looked very confused. She and Vika watched as Snape carefully poured the potion down Harry's throat. He burped noisily and a bit of blue steam came out of his mouth. It was pretty horrible smelling but the Potions Professor snarkily said that it was supposed to be that way. "Or it could just be Potter's natural odor."

Letting Harry back down, the rest of the people clustered around the bed and watched Harry for a bit. Vika stopped Ginny from jumping away from holding Harry's hand when the reaction began. Harry convulsed once and his sweat turned a dark green. He sweated that way for a few minutes and then regular sweat began appearing.

Madame Pomfrey banished the linens and sheets that had covering Harry. She waved her wand and mumbled 'Levicorpus'; Harry floated off the bed and new linens were changed out under him. She drew everyone away from the bed and asked Hermione and Ginny to put new pajamas on their husband after donning cotton gloves. "He's a little safer to touch now."

The two girls banished the rest of his clothes and hurriedly dressed their still sweating husband. Hermione cancelled the floating spell and Harry sank back to the bed. Madame Pomfrey came back and made another diagnostic pass with her wand over Harry. She shook her head when she saw the results. "The infection has slowed down some but not stopped. We've gained some time."

There was a small sigh of relief from the people around the bed but a small chime seemed to startle everybody. Dobby and Wrotkill appeared suddenly in the middle of the infirmary and Dobby ran as best he could to collapse at Harry's side.

Dumbledore, Ginny and Hermione walked quickly to meet Wrotkill. He had appeared in his full robe and carrying an ornate staff. Ginny and Hermione curtseyed briefly to the goblin wizard and tried holding their voices as Dumbledore explained the situation.

"Let us go see Lord Potter' was all Wrotkill said as he approached the bed. Snape and McGonagall back away warily but Madame Pomfrey seemed reluctant to abandon her ward. A nod from Dumbledore made her step away so that Wrotkill could get closer to the bed. Hermione had to gently order Dobby away so that Wrotkill could look at Harry.

Wrotkill took a good look at Harry first before he laid a hand on his shoulder. He frowned and then raised his staff. Wrotkill whispered some words and a red beam of light from the staff passed from Harry's head down to his feet. Wrotkill lowered his wand and then thought for a long time. He finally noticed the two house elves and waved them over to talk to them.

Hermione and Ginny were worried at the lack of action by the goblin. They (and Harry) had been counting on the goblins' knowledge and magic to heal him.

It was a long two minutes before the discussion stopped and the goblin and two elves approached the waiting group.

"Your Harry Potter is the most fortunate and unfortunate human I have met in many centuries of existence. That his magic could fight off the effects of the Acromantula for so long is amazing. The poison has spread thought out his total body and I think I can remove that. The problem is that his resistance to other diseases was lowered so much that he was caught unprepared for something that he never should have caught."

"What was it?" Madame Pomfrey dared to ask.

It was the house elf Assom that stepped forward then. "It is formally called Cooregatumus but it is more commonly referred to as "younglings blight". Human wizards are supposed to be immune from House elf's sicknesses but…"

"Not one whose immunity has been totally broken down by a terrible poison." Ginny almost broke down crying after she made that statement. Vika pulled her into a hug and they both stared at the quiet form on the bed.

"Is there some medicine or magic you could give Harry, Assom?"

"Lord Harry has no natural defenses against this disease. What we might dare to try to save our master's life is a transmixture."

Dumbledore spoke up to clarify the term for everyone. "That is a blood bending?"

Wrotkill was the one to answer. "Yes but a transmixture between house elves and humans had never been done to my knowledge. The house elves themselves only use it in dire emergencies. There is a chance that the different blood will only compound the problem."

The goblin's opinion weighed heavily on everyone's mind. Either choice they had for Harry seemed slim. Almost non-existent. Hermione's mind suddenly turned a corner to a recent memory. She sprang to her feet and turned to address Knop.

"How complete are the binding oaths between the Head of House and the elves that are under his protection."

"Lady Hermione?"

"Do the pledges of sacrifice and non-harm exist in both directions?"

"Of course; the master pledges his protection and support and we pledge back our lives and magic. This just happened with …"

"Tride was recently bound to house Potter and Harry himself. By the magic involved in the right his blood will not bring any harm to his master during a transmixture."

Wrotkill was astonished that the human female had thought of a magical protection. Knop thought for a second and agreed with Lady Hermione's logic. "I will go and bring Tride back at once."


"Lady Ginny?"

"Go tell Tride Harry's situation. If he willingly volunteers, then bring him back. Harry will never stand for even a house elf to be bullied or forced into a choice not of his choosing. Not even for his own life. Go quickly now."

Knop smiled his understanding and disappeared. Wrotkill came over to talk to everyone, especially the younger of Lord Harry's wives. "You are wise beyond your years Lady Ginny. A willing individual will cause the magic to work much better."

"I don't know about that but I do know what Harry would have said in this situation. He would not order anyone into danger."

It was only three minutes later when Knop and Tride reappeared. Tride walked up to Ginny and Hermione and bowed. "I have been told Lord Harry needs me. What must I do?"

Wrotkill and Assom spoke to Tride quietly and then the three headed for Harry's bedside. Wrotkill made a pass and the bed next to Harry's shrunk down to half size. Tride bowed his head to Harry and then lay down on the bed. Assom produced a knife but turned to explain what she was doing. "The transmixture requires skin to skin contact and blood-to-blood exchange."

"This won't harm Tride will it?" Ginny suddenly thought of the other possible problem.

"No, the binding vows will protect both."

"Thank you Knop; I'm sorry I didn't ask earlier."

"It is understandable. Tride would do this even if his life would be forfeit."

Assom spoke up again. "Six slices on each forearm and then they are bound together for one hour. That should be enough time for Tride's blood to reach all the infections."

"And while that is happening, I will try to remove the poison that has given the infection teeth."

"Thank you Master Wrotkill."

"I unfortunately can only allow the house elf to be near Harry during this procedure. The magics are quite complicated and concentrated on the healing."

Madame Pomfrey had brought some bandages and wrappings for Assom to use and she nodded her thanks. She made the cuts on Tride's arm first. All on the forearm and all straight across in separated rows. She then brought Harry's arm over to line the arms up and made matching cuts on his limb. Because of the difference in size in their arms, Harry's cuts were a lot closer together that Tride's.

Assom asked Madame Pomfrey to bind the two arms together while she held the open wounds in alignment. Madame Pomfrey did it quickly and everyone except Wrotkill sat back with one eye on Harry and the other eye on the clock.

Wrotkill spoke some words and Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall watched as a number of the runes on the magical staff lit up. Wrotkill made on pass along the length of Harry's body and then let it float in midair aligned with Harry's body. Wrotkill conjured a chair to sit in and perched close to Harry's bed.

The magical staff moved gently up in down over Harry's body for the next hour. Wrotkill stepped up and checked on it frequently while time seemed to pass very slowly for the other occupants of the room. Even Professor Snape seemed drawn into the quiet battle that was being waged in Harry's body.

A sudden clap of the hands by Assom let everyone know that the hour of the transmixture was done. Madame Pomfrey peered anxiously over the house elf's shoulder as she unwrapped Tride and Harry's arms. "There is no sign of contamination here. That means the bloods did not fight each other."

Wrotkill stood over Harry's body and reached for the staff one more time. He made a final pass from his head to his feet and declared his part of the cleansing over.

"There is still some poison in his system and it may stay there the rest of his life. The next few hours will tell the story of whether Harry recovers."

Ginny and Hermione came over and knelt before the goblin sorcerer much to the surprise of Severus Snape. "We thank you for the effort Master Wrotkill. Any payment we can make to compensate you for this deed will be gladly met, whatever the final outcome of Harry's health.'

Dumbledore saw the rare smile from the goblin as he reached down to help Hermione and Ginny to their feet. "Lord Potter has proved himself to be a true friend to the Goblin Nation. A friendly conversation or two over a mug of Grok would be payment enough from you three. I shall stay here to see him wake up."

Both Tride and Harry were sleeping although Tride was resting more comfortable. Harry was still having bouts of sweating but they were coming further and further apart. Ginny and Hermione both brought chairs to Harry's bedside and sat holding his hands. Everyone relaxed and tried to get comfortable as they waited for the young wizard with the messy hair to awaken

Xxxx xxxx

Many many miles away a dark splotch rose from the bed of the North Sea. It was deathly quiet around Azkaban Prison as the Aurors and the supernatural Dementors patrolled the grounds and air around the island. No birds, fish or other creature dared to come close to the isolated island where prisoners were held captive by chains, cells and soul-stealing monsters.

It was not until early in the morning that the Aurors discovered that the impossible had happened – Sirius Black's cell was empty! A single newspaper was found on the cell desk with the words Murder scrawled in blood beside a picture of a young man.

A powerful insane murderer had escaped Azkaban Prison and was apparently out hunting for his next victim – Harry Potter.


Xxxxx xxxx

So ends the story of Honestly Harry and the Unplottable Discoveries.

Don't be too worried about Harry; there will be yet another sequel if you readers can put up with my rambling on for yet another story.

"Honestly Harry – The Time of the Vanished Villains" – good title or not?

Just to let you know how all this started out, I found my first working outline of the story layout. This is what I started with:

Unplottable Discoveries

- Griffin's Lair

- in close contact, wards, marriage confirmation, real griffins(?)

- library puzzle, leftover memories(TOM?),future plans

- Potter Manor (Mansion?)

- house elves (1 snobby one)

- facing the families; (fake bedrooms for Ginny and Hermione)

- party for friends and families – telling about marriage

- to Gringotts for multiple titles – Slytherin vault, the Unplottables

- return to Hogwarts

- Basilisk rendering, Snape

- the other secret (s?) in the chamber?

- Going to Azkaban – Lord Gryffindor

- Catching up with Malfoy Sr.- trials?

- Cruise with Grangers

- Venice, boat life, classes, dancing?

- Vacation in Egypt

- Egyptian ministry, Tombs, other buildings, Ron's surprise

- photographer with Harry, Ron and Scabbers

- Return to England – setup for Sirius