Hello everyone! Forever-Sweet at your service! Today I will be retelling the story of the Three Musketeers~! And trust me it's nothing like the original! Just warning you now! This chapter will be read to you by the Three Musketeers themselves! Since this is just the introduction and the next chapter is the actually beginning of the story... Anyways, onward!

Japan: Konichiwa. Once upon a time, because it's in my contract to write that, there was a French king named Francis who had a lot of enemies who wanted to kill him.

Germany: Not that the king noticed.

Italy: Ve~! My turn!

Forever-sweet: ...Just read, before I reconsider this and kill you in my next fanfic.

Italy: O.O ! *dives behind Germany*

Forever-sweet: *sigh*

Japan: Maybe this was not a very good idea... The reason why Francis was always in danger is a simple one. He likes to flirt with EVERYONE, including already married women.

Germany: So of course- vhat teh hell- the husbands wanted to kill him! ?

Italy: Francis always being oblivious and all usually had someone else run his country, that someone would be his son, Matthew. Now Matthew was quiet so it's not a wonder he was never noticed next to his father he was near invisible, not that he was bitter.

Japan: Despite this minor fact (Germany: Minor?) Matthew loved his father (Italy: Aww!) and worried about his health.

Germany: So, he decided to round up all the French men he could find and put them through a series of tests to see if they were worthy.

Italy: Ve! This may have worked, but there were too many people who passed (Germany: The test was too easy then!). So his father soon found out what was going on and ordered the whole thing to end.

Japan: So-you over use the word 'so' (Forever-sweet: :P)-everything returned to the way it had been, until three men who were running extremely late showed up.

Germany: Once the three cross paths the kingdom will never be the same. This sounds stupid.

Forever-sweet: *pouts* Get over it. Go get dressed~! Because Italy is coming in next chapter!

Italy: Yay~