I'm back.

And I've decided to make this one a lemon, with fluff on the side.

This is not the last chapter.

Enjoy! (Heh heh heh... I'm so evil...)


Kevin kissed her neck, his mouth moving down towards her breasts, leaving a trail of kisses and nips. She gasped as her captor gently bit her hardened nipple, his fingers toying with her clit. Wave after wave of pleasure shot through her as he teased her body skilfully.

It was the third night of the amazing imprisonment, and Gwen was beginning to look forward, every day, to seeing his devilish grin and smug looks as he pleased her every night.

His mouth moved downwards towards her clit and, to Gwen's ecstasy, he began licking and stroking it roughly, and when her moans had become gasps of pure pleasure and he was sure that she was about to cum, he stopped.

"No! Please!" She panted, breathing heavily. "Please, Kevin, don't stop!"

Kevin smirked and continued, loving the way she begged. Gwen cried out as she cummed and fell back on the bed, taking deep breaths o recover from her orgasm. Kevin hadn't needed to tie her up that night. Gwen was enjoying the sex so much that she didn't resist any more; she was always so eager.

Kevin took his clothes of and positioned himself, waiting for the cue from Gwen. She nodded, and he began.


Ben drove through the town like a madman, furious at the ex-con for kidnapping his cousin. He drove to the dot on the map, hoping she was alright.

He didn't know what Kevin was doing to Gwen, but he had an idea.

A horrible, twisted, perverted idea, inspired by Kevin and Gwen's past romantic relationship.

It would have been serious, if it had lasted. Ben guessed Kevin just wasn't taking her on nice dates this time.

He sped through the narrow streets, barely missing the kerb a few times, worrying about Gwen, and hoping his idea was wrong.


Kevin slammed into her faster, feeling her walls clench around his dick and noticing her fast breathing. His dick was long and thick, and Gwen cummed as he hit her G-spot and released. He pulled out of her, barely having enough energy and collapsing at the side of his girlfriend – because this was what he thought now, that she was his and his alone, and Gwen thought the same about him. Boyfriend and girlfriend, in love. Just that there was no dating and no sweet, innocent moments, and she had no choice.

But she liked it that way.

They lay in each other's arms for a while before they heard a thud. Then another thud, then a crash as the front door was smashed off the wall, setting off an alarm.

"Gwen!" Ben called, in his Swampfire form as he rushed through the house to reach the stairs, Julie and Ship close behind.

"Quick." Kevin threw Gwen's clothes at her and pulled on his jeans and shirts, then rushed out of the door to hold off Ben while Gwen got dressed. Kevin would be dead in a matter of seconds if Ben knew he had raped his cousin.

Gwen put on her clothes and rushed out, just in time to see Kevin flee out of the window and Ben rush after him.

"Gwen! Thank goodness you're OK!" Julie flung her arms around Gwen, hugging her tight. Ship bounced proudly around their feet. "What did he do to you? Did he hurt you?" Julie looked her over, looking for a cut or a bruise. "What happened to your neck?" Julie noticed the many red marks and tiny bruises caused by Kevin's mouth.

Gwen stayed silent, a tear running down her cheek. Ben would get Kevin; Ben was much stronger than him. She doubted Ben would have mercy on her lover.

"Gwen?" Julie turned Gwen around to face her, but Gwen avoided her gaze. "What happened? Did he rape you?"

To Julie's horror, Gwen nodded and wrapped her arms around herself.

"Oh my God," Julie gasped, hugging Gwen again. "Are you OK?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Gwen lied.

She was not actually fine.

Her boyfriend, whom she loved, was gone now, maybe forever – Ben would throw him in the Null Void or worse, kill him. She would never see him again. Tears rolled down Gwen's cheeks.


Gwen was curled up on Julie's couch, arms around herself, still crying. Julie was getting suspicious.

"Gwen?" Julie sat down next to her friend. "Do you want Kevin to be caught?"

Gwen was shocked by the question. Julie was smart. "N-no," she whispered. "I love him."

"Was it consensual?" Julie pressed.

"Not at first," Gwen mumbled. "He tied me up. But I loved it, and it was consensual last night..."

"Shall I call Ben?" Julie asked. "He hasn't caught him yet. Well, I don't think so, anyway." Gwen nodded, the tears stopping. Her friend was so thoughtful and understanding.

Julie got out her phone and dialled Ben's number, hoping that Kevin was still alive.


"You're dead meat," Ben hissed to the rapist, turning the dial on the Ultimatrix. He was about to slam down on Rath when his mobile rang. He recognised Julie's ring tone.

Ben pulled the phone out of his pocket and opened it. "Hello?" He said into the earpiece.

There was a pause while Ben listened to Julie, his fists clenched, then Ben screamed out angrily: "Kevin's a rapist! He did stuff to Gwen! What do you mean don't hurt him?"

Kevin gaped at Ben. How had he known? Had he noticed because they came out of his room? And why was Julie telling Ben not to hurt him?


Kevin gasped. Consensual? Had Gwen told her that to protect him? Did she really love him back?

"Fine." Ben put the phone away and turned back to Kevin, arms crossed. "Julie says Gwen said it was consensual. I'm not allowed to hurt you."

Sighing in relief, Kevin sat down on the floor. He was exhausted.

Ben glared at the ex-con, and he had an evil idea to keep Gwen safe, and to punish Kevin. "But you can't see her again. Ever. I'll order for guards outside her house to make sure that you never go there, and you are to be kept away from her at a 50-mile distance at least."

Kevin's heart felt like it would never properly work again. "You can't do that," he whispered.

"Yeah I can. You'll never see her again. And if you ever even think of going anywhere near her, I'll kill you." Ben turned and walked, away. He meant everything he said.