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Chapter 2- Searching

Sakura woke the next morning. She rubbed her eyes and yawned. Last night had been hard for her, but it had to be done. She could no longer lie to herself. Sighing, she untied the rope from her legs that held her to the tree. She thought it would be best to sleep high up, it was easier to maintain ninjutsu that way.

She stood up and rolled the rope up then put it away in her bag. It was a pretty sunny day, it was as if no trouble had ever happened. Things seemed to move on anyway, just as she figured they would.

Sakura carefully monitored her surroundings before she began to leap through the trees silently. She was careful not to leave a trail behind her as she lept. She didn't sense anyone following her, so she relaxed a little. She would take a break once she got out of the village's range.

~Back in Konoha~

Naruto stared blankly at his wall. He then turned his head to look at the picture of old team 7. He sat up and picked it up.

"Sakura...why couldn't I stop you?" he whispered. He sat the picture down and silently went to wash up and get dressed.

He dressed in his usually outfit and walked out of his house, locking the door in the process. He shoved his hands in his pockets and walked down the streets of Konoha, his usual route if he wasn't going on missions.

After much walking, he found himself at the Konoha ninja school. He stared at the old wooden swing. He went and sat on it and pushed himself back and forth like he did when he was younger.

He breathed out a deep sigh and closed his eyes. Even though he smiled and told Kakashi it would be alright and that they would see her again, he wasn't so sure. He stopped swinging and reached up to his shoulder where Sakura had stabbed him.

He clenched it hard in is hand and his face scrunched in slight pain. He was still hurt that Sakura went to such lengths. Was it because she was tired of waiting for him to get Sasuke back? He knew she said that she loved Itatchi now, but maybe it was also something else, something much deeper.

He clenched his teeth and his fist. He was beating himself up on the inside about it. He let his head fall into his hands and he growled. It wasn't until he heard a snap of a limb before he noticed that some of his friends were watching.

Naruto looked up and looked at the guys watching him. "Lee? Sai?" he whispered standing.

Lee stared in shock, it was rare that Naruto referred to him as Lee and not 'Bushy brows'.

'He's taking it hard.' Lee thought to himself and walked over to him. "Are you alright?" he asked with caution.

Naruto smiled, he tried to hide his fear and sadness, but it only worked a little. "Yeah, just wandering my next move." he said.

Lee nodded and shifted. "What are you doing first?" he asked.

Naruto chuckled and ran his hand through his blonde spikes. "Well, Granny Tsunade said I wasn't to do anything until my shoulder healed." he said.

Lee glanced at his shoulder, and sadness went over his face. "I...woke up this morning...hoping it was a dream." he whispered and looked down.

Naruto's smile fell a little. 'That's right...Lee's in love with Sakura to...I shouldn't be thinking just about how I feel...their are others who loved Sakura as well.' he thought.

He placed a hand on Lee's shoulder. "It's alright Lee. We'll get her back...no matter what." he whispered, giving him a strong clench to the shoulder to show he meant it.

Lee looked into Naruto's eyes and saw determination. It made Lee feel determined to. He nodded and wiped his eyes. "Yes, definantly!" he said and smiled.

Naruto smiled wider, now determined more than ever. Not just for himself, but for everyone else who loved Sakura as a friend. 'I'm coming for you soon...just as I find Sasuke.' he thought.


Sakura huffed and stopped once she reached the desert. She stayed hidden in a cave off the side of a sand mountain, just in case Tsunade sent a message to Gara for her arrest. She sighed and relaxed her back against the cool walls of the dark cave.

She pulled out a piece of bread she had got on the way here in a small village. She ate it and drunk some water she gatherd in a flask in a clear spring a few hours ago. The bread soothed and filled her stomach.

Sakura rleaxed and looked out the opening of the cave and watched as the sun began to sit behind the mountains, a beautiful sight indeed. One she never got to see because of Konoha's valley-like terrain.

She closed her eyes and laid down, laying her head on her bag. She thought of her next plan. She had to find the akatsuki layer. Last she had heard, it was in Orichimaru's old layer. She sighed softly and clutched her chest, she wouldn't cry now. She had chosen this path, now she had to walk it and walk it tall.

She finally managed to drift off to sleep with the sound of the desert crickets chiming in the distance. It relaxed her in a way, distracted her from the thoughts of what all she had to do next.

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