"Jett come on mate we'll be late" Courtney called up the stairs to her son.

They were getting ready for a BBQ at the Braxton's house; Brax thought it would be a good idea for Jett to be introduced to his family properly. Courtney smiled as she watched Jett walk into the room wearing a pair of dark jeans and a blue check shirt "This is too much isn't it?"

"You look great baby" Courtney smiled "But boardies and a t-shirt would be fine"

"Have I got time to change?" Jett wondered.

"Yeah" Courtney nodded as she slumped down on the sofa and waited for Jett to come down stairs again. When he reappeared he was wearing a pair of black board shorts and a yellow t-shirt.

"Lets get this over with then" Jett sighed as he looked at his mum.

"Hey just relax" Courtney said as she put her arm around Jett "You're a Braxton remember, they'll love you"

"I hope your right" Jett said finally before following his mum towards the car that was parked on the drive.


"Please don't probe him and pump him mum" Brax frowned at Cheryl who was pulling some kind of salad out of the fridge "And since when did you eat salad?"

"Well I want to show Courtney we are more than capable of looking after the kid when she's gone" Cheryl shrugged as she put the salad on a tray with some sauces and carried them into the back yard.

"Firstly mum he is more than just the kid, his name is Jett and secondly please be nice to Courtney I know you guys never saw eye to eye when we were together"

"Alright I'll watch my p's and q's ok" Cheryl frowned.

"Ok they're here" Brax said as he watched Courtney pull up outside the house.


"Relax mum, I'm sure it'll be ok. And if its not we can just leave" Jett smile when he realised how nervous his mum seemed.

"Yeah I know, it's just the last time I was here, Cheryl…your Gran threw me out" Courtney sighed as she though to back to the last time in the house. Courtney's attention was quickly restored when she spotted Brax coming out of the house.

"Hey Brax" Jett beamed as he jumped out of the car and walked towards the house "Mum's nervous"

"Jett" Courtney gasped as she watched her son smile widely at her before disappearing inside the house.

"Well he definitely has the Braxton confidence" Brax laughed as he walked to the house with a very worried looking Courtney "It'll be fine I promise"

"I hope you're right, your mum hated me at the best of times" she replied as she took a deep breath and followed Brax inside the house.

"Mum you remember Courtney" Brax reintroduced Courtney t his mum.

"Hi Cheryl" Courtney winced as she waited for some kind of angry or harsh reply.

"Hi it's good to see you again" Cheryl smiled almost sincerely "Thank you for bringing my grandson to see me…even if it did take 13 years…"

"Mum" Brax warned.

"Well I'm only saying it would have been nice to have been introduced to him sooner" Cheryl replied as she looked at Jett "So do you like surfing Jett?"

"Yeah I love it" jet replied quite excitedly.

"Well that's good, you'll it right in with the boys then" Cheryl smiled "Now come and help your old Nan take this outside"

Brax and Courtney both smiled as they watched Jett follow Cheryl outside, Heath and Casey were already waiting "I am sorry I didn't get in touch sooner" Courtney apologised quietly.

"Nah you did the right thing keeping him away from me, we both now what I was like back then, you did an awesome job raising him without me, if I was around maybe he wouldn't have turned out so great" Brax said as he continued to watch Jett helping Heath with the BBQ "How are you feeling now anyway I haven't had chance to ask you"

"Yeah not bad" Courtney sighed as she sat down on a chair at the table "Just tired you know" she added with a smile.

"Well if there is anything you need, you know where I am. You don't have to be by yourself court" Brax sat down next to her "Let me help you" he added as he put his hand on top of hers causing Courtney to frown at him. She quickly moved her hand away.

"I'd better go and see if I can help your mum with anything" she smiled as she stood up quickly "I don't want her to have another reason to hate me"


Later into the evening Brax and Courtney were left alone again in the kitchen to clear up, Courtney was laughing at Heath and Casey trying to tackle Jett at Soccer "He'll beat them you know" Courtney giggled "He's the best in his team"

"He's in a footy team?" Brax replied.

"Yeah ever since he was 8 he loves footy and any other kind of sports really" Courtney explained "And don't worry he has the Braxton gene when it comes to surfing too"

"Yeah…I'll have to take him out some time then" Brax replied before his face fell a little "I wish it didn't have to be this way, I'm only just getting to know you again" he added as he brushed some hair from off Courtney's face "I'll never forgive myself for the way I treated you back then, I had no idea what I was throwing away"

Before Courtney could reply Brax leant forward and kissed Courtney's lips gently, Courtney returned the kiss for a few moments before pulling away quickly "I can't do this I'm sorry"

"Courtney…" Brax tried but Courtney cut him off.

"I'm dying Brax and nothing is going to change that" Courtney said sadly "I can't get caught up in something like this now, it'll just complicate everything and that's not fair on me, you or Jett" Courtney added as she rushed into the back yard and sat down next to Cheryl. Brax rested his hands on the kitchen work top and watched Courtney chatting to his mum.


"I still can't believe all this is happening" a voice interrupted, Brax looked up and saw Casey standing next to him "I never thought Courtney would walk back into our lives, never mind introduce us to our nephew and you son"

"Yeah it is a bit surreal" Brax frowned as he continued to watch Courtney through the window.

"You still have that spark you know" Casey grinned when he realised what Brax was looking at "I've seen the way you guys look at eachother"

"Oh come on Case, its not like we can do anything about that" Brax replied as he looked away from Courtney "She's dying"

"Yeah but she's not dead yet" Casey replied honestly "Do you honestly want to spend the rest of your life regretting what could have been, tell her how you feel before its too late, ike you said before she doesn't have long"

Brax frowned, how could his youngest brother give such good advice? He was right though, Brax couldn't keep hiding the way he felt about Courtney, he wasn't sure what had happened but for some reason his old feelings for this young woman were haunting him.

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