Disclaimer: I don't own Psych. Whatever. This set after season 2 and it's AU because Mattie never showed up at the end. Anywho we all know how much Shawn and his dad were fighting still at this time.

Twack! Tut-tut!

Twack! Tut-tut!

Twack! Tut-tut!

"Shawn!" Twack! Tut-tut!

"What?" Twack! Tut-tut!

"Stop!" Twack! Tut-tut!

"Stop what, Gus?" Twack! Tut-tut!

"That!" Twack! Tut-tut!

"That?" Twack! Tut-tut!

Gus had enough and before Shawn could bounce the ball off the wall again he jumped up and snatched it from his friend's hand. "That!" He walked back over to his desk and put the ball in the locked drawer where he kept all the things the Shawn uses to annoy him. Probably why he had the lock was on the largest one.

"But I'm bored Guuuuuuus." Gus sighed and looking over his computer rolled his eyes at his friend.

"Well how about you go and find a case Shawn. We need the money and my other job isn't paying enough to keep up Psych and your jerk chicken addiction." Shawn gasped in shock.

"You wouldn't deny me my chickeny goodness. Would you?" Gus mumbled something that sounded like 'try me' and continued typing up his report on the newest anti-anxiety he was going to start selling next week. "Now I'm hungry." Gus ignored Shawn as he rummaged through the office looking for any scrap of food he hadn't managed to gobble up before. "I can't help it you know?" Gus looked up at his friend who was sitting Indian style on the couch eating on half a bag of Doritos.

"Help what Shawn?"

"The fact that we hadn't gotten any cases in a long time private or from the SBPD." Gus closed his laptop and began packing up his case.

"Well Shawn if you didn't make an ass of yourself on the regular maybe you would get a steady check from the department."

"Moi make an ass of myself? I think not." Gus scoffed and shook his head. "Name three times I did." Shawn held his chin in the air in defiance.

"Let's see. Not counting all the times we were kids; well when that millionaire murdered his son you hopped around in Lassie's arms in front of the whole department." Gus paused as if he was thinking hard. "Oh the spelling bee, our first paying job mind you, you pretended to be the announcer and gave the word banana! And there was that bride..." Shawn jumped up and put his hand over Gus' mouth who promptly licked it causing Shawn to let go and wipe it on his jeans.

"OK. Maybe you have a point Gus but we solved every case, didn't we?" Gus reluctantly nodded his head. "And they continued to hire us. It's just a slow week, err, month with crime things will pick up soon." Gus had finished packing up his case and started to walk out the door.

"Well until then I am going to do my other job and continue to pay your bills."

"Thanks buddy!" Gus rolled his eyes again and exited the building.

Still bored. Shawn rummaged through his and Gus' desk, minus the locked drawer, the cabinets in the kitchenette, the couch cushions, under the couch, the shelves in the office, under the shelves and was about to pick the lock on the drawer when a knock got his attention.

"Come in!" Shawn had straightened out two paper clips and was working on the lock when a beautiful blonde woman walked to the desk looking lost.

"Ummmm...This is a private detective agency, right?" Shawn had his tongue between his lips as he worked. "Sir?" The lock lost the battle and the drawer slipped open and Shawn grabbed the first thing his eyes landed on, his squishy stress frog.

"Yes it is and I am the psychic extraordinaire Shawn Spencer.." He looked up and froze at the beauty before him standing he held out his hand. "Miss?..."

"Barret. Angela Barret." Sitting back down he motioned to the chair directly in front of the desk, which the woman sat down in. "I'm needing your help." Shawn looked over the woman trying to pick up on any clues.

Dark circles under eyes, caffeine jitter, withdrawn. Holding his hand to his head. "You lost something very important to you. Or should I say someone?" The woman began to sniffle and she grabbed some tissues from the box on the desk.

"It's just that my brother went missing three days ago and when I went to the police to report it a detective there told me that I should come back when someone is dead." She dabbed at her eyes and her breathing hitched a little.

"Let me guess tall guy, salt 'n pepper hair heavy on the salt, looks like he's been sucking on Sour Patch kids?" She chuckled.

"Yeah you know him?"

"Know him. Beat him at his own game. Same thing really."

"Well the thing is my brother used to run off but he's changed he has a life worth living here now. You know?" Shawn nodded because he knew all too well. "And now he's gone and I'm worried." Shawn stood and walked around the desk to place a hand on her shoulder.

"I'll find him for you, I promise." Angela stood up and gave him a hug.

"Thank you Mr. Spencer." She broke the hug and handed Shawn a few photos. "This is the most recent photos I have of him maybe you can get something off of them." Shawn nodded and helped see the woman out. As soon as the door closed Shawn jumped up and down and began dancing around the office.

As Angela walked toward her car she threw the tissues on the ground and pulled out her cell phone to make a call. "I hired his kid now it's just a matter of time before we get to the old man." Ending the call she smirked at how naïve the man was and how much pain she was going to cause him and his father.

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