Eight Months Later….(Give or take a week)

"You were the one who broke into Mrs. Angle's house and stole the painting but you didn't anticipate for the housecleaner to be there, you panicked, and shot her." Shawn pointed at the gruff looking man. "Lassie arrest this abomination to hairstyles everywhere. I mean really a mullet?" The suspect lunged at the closest person to him, which just happened to be Shawn, and drew a particularly long knife. Shawn froze, unable to speak and to the outside observers he wasn't breathing either.

"Shawn!" Gus was torn between wanting to protect his best friend and being very, very afraid of the knife that was pressed against his best friend's side. Shawn, on the other hand, only had one concern and that was not to get stabbed, cut, or just generally eviscerated by that knife. He grabbed the arm that was wrapped around his neck and scrabbled to try and stay standing as his leg gave sharp bursts of pain with every heavy step backward. He paled visibly and sweat sprung from his forehead and lip.

"Don't do it Stalet! Drop the knife!" Juliet kept her aim steady and true as Stalet continued to drag a now very pained looking Shawn backward.

"This is the only kidney he has right?" A Cheshire like grin crossed the man's face as he began to push.

Carlton had been quiet the whole time stealthily circling around the pair as the knife wielder kept his vision on Juliet. When Stalet pushed the knife further and Shawn let out a whimper the detective acted leaping forward, shoving the fake psychic out of the way, and subduing the assailant.

"Shawn!" Gus was by his side in an instant checking for damage. Gus sighed with relief when all he saw was a little pinprick that had already stopped bleeding. "You ok man?"

Shawn took Gus' proffered hand and stood up with as little as a struggle as possible and with both Gus' and Juliet's help hobbled over to the red Impala. Shawn leaned heavily on the hood just as the suspect's head was slammed on it as he was cuffed by one pissed off head detective.

"Spencer I would appreciate it if you would quit pissing off knife wielding maniacs." Carlton clenched his jaw as he caught the look in Shawn's scared eyes. "Look Spencer…." Shawn just waved him on and once Gus handed his cane he hobbled away toward the blueberry.

"Carlton!" The man in question shoved Stalet into the back of his car and gave his partner a look.

"What O'Hara?"

"He is still recovering, you know that."

"I know O'Hara but he just gets himself into these situations." Carlton shifted uncomfortably under his partner's stare and something pulled on his side, something painful. He hissed as he put his hand to the source of pain.

"Crap." When he withdrew his fingers, blood stained them.

"Carlton!" Juliet was by him in an instant pulling at his shirt despite his protests and pulling his shirt back down. "Stop it Carlton!" He gave in as she gave a particularly hard tug effectively untucking his shirt to expose the wound. Juliet's gentle fingers probed the area sending little shocks of pain through his side but nothing too painful. "It's not too deep and seems already to be clotting." She grabbed a few napkins from the console of the car and pressed them to his side, causing another hiss of pain. She looked up from the now clotted wound worried and when saw his patent go-away look being shot her way she went back to his side making sure her partner wasn't hurt anywhere else. Her vision came across a familiar looking scar eye widening in recognition. "Carlton? What is this?"

He closed his eyes and mentally cursed, of course the perp would've picked that side to slice. "It's nothing O'Hara. They had to remove more than intestines or did you forget that bullets cause a lot of damage." Juliet was smiling too widely to have heard the condescending tone in his voice.

"Carlton I think I would've remembered you needing a kidney removed and well this is on the opposite side than you bullet wound." She stood and crossed her arms an almost childlike glee in her eyes as she watched him retuck his shirt.

He tried to glare menacingly but gave up with a sigh. "One word O'Hara and I will live up to my nickname and fetch it back." Juliet kept the shit eating grin as they got into the car.

"You do know, though, that you will have to apologize. Giving him your kidney or not."

Carlton crinkled his nose. "I know." And in silence they drove toward the station.


When Shawn limped into the station with the help of Gus he was met with some familiar faces and one not so familiar face. He started with the most hostile looking one. "Dad? What are you doing here?"

"They wanted to come and visit you." Henry eyed his son up and down. "You ok kid?" Shawn just nodded. "Bullshit."

"Mr. Spencer!" Henry closed his mouth with a click as Sam brought forth a little bundle. "I advise you to watch your mouth around little Shawn."

Shawn furrowed his brow. "Little Shawn?"

Sam deposited the little being in Shawn's arms and pointed at him. "Little Shawn." And then pointed at him. "That'll make you big Shawn."

Big Shawn grinned and limped away gently cooing over the baby as the little group watched him. "What happened, Gus?" Gus leaned over and told Henry the whole story. Henry showed an appropriate amount of worry but it was mixed with anger.

"Damn kid trying to get stabbed on his first case back."

"If I recall you said you were proud of him." Sam quirked an eyebrow at him.

"I heard it too." Kevin smiled as Henry seemed to turn several different shades of red.

"Doesn't matter." He turned his attention back to his kid rocking the baby and smiled softy. "I'm glad his ok though."

"We all are Mr. Spencer." Sam reached out and held her husband's hand.

Shawn had just started humming a lullaby that for some reason was always in the back of his mind when he was tired and couldn't seem to sleep when Juliet and Carlton came in with Stabby McMullet.

"O'Hara does Spencer have a baby?"

"Looks like it." Juliet let her partner lead the suspect to lock up and went closer to Shawn. He seemed to be in his own little world as he swayed gently leaning on his good leg for support and was humming something to the baby in his arms.

Sensing someone was near-by Shawn looked up. "Jules, meet little Shawn." He held out the baby for Juliet to get a better look.

"Little Shawn?" Shawn nodded.

"They named him after me isn't that neat?" Juliet couldn't help but smile at the glee in Shawn's face and nodded. Shawn went back to the humming.

"When do you think those two will figure it out?" Sam turned toward Henry and Gus who were watching the Shawn and Juliet.

"Probably never." Sam and Kevin laughed.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that." Gus pointed at Shawn who now didn't only have a sleeping baby in his arms but a tired looking Juliet with her head on his shoulder.

"What's going on here?"

Gus pointed. "Shawn is rocking little Shawn."

"Little Shawn? Oh god not a world with two of them." Carlton look genuinely scared but as soon as he made sure no one was looking his way he gave a small smile at the sight before him. He knew that one day his partner's defenses would be broken and she would date that idiot but he would have to deal with that problem then now he was just grateful that she was no longer in that slump she was in after Shawn's assault. "Guess it could be worse." As for apologizing to Spencer, he did have some coupons for free chips when you buy a sandwich at the Sandwich Hut.