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The Difference Between



He was staring at her; his eyes wide with…shock? Rage? It was hard to tell.

It was hard to do anything. She wasn't even sure if his name had escaped her lips. As far as she could tell she was completely paralyzed, and the persistent ringing in her ears had drowned out the world around her. She was stuck to the wall with invisible tacks, her environment spinning around her in silence. First, Inuyasha said something. By lip reading alone she guessed that it was her name. Then something happened to make his expression go blank and rigid. An expanding circle of red appeared on the stomach of his T-shirt and he fell forward.


She still could not hear herself speak. She tried to reach for him, but her arms felt like they weighed six hundred pounds each. No, if they weighed that much she could at least feel herself struggling to lift them. She was completely limp, and her body had been rendered completely unresponsive to her brain's commands. She began to wonder if she was even alive.

Inuyasha's shaking arms reached for the desk to pull himself up. He was still alive at least, for now.

His attacker smugly approached the struggling Inuyasha and stepped on his hand, crushing it to the floor before it could reach the desk. The attacker…who was it? This was not the person Kagome had expected. She tried to focus on the attacker's face but it was difficult to focus on anything. The world was still spinning and the images that her brain processed were glitchy-pixelating and layering over one another at times. She tried to concentrate again, then a lamp on the desk would suddenly come into focus. She tried once more to no avail. The attacker's face—the curtains…the attacker's face—a wig…the attacker's face—a gun.

A gun!

The attacker had left the gun lying on the windowsill. If only she could move, maybe she could reach it. Maybe she could still save Inuyasha. Even if she died, maybe Inuyasha could still live.

The attacker was saying something to him as he pressed the tip of his sword into his gunshot wound. Inuyasha withered in pain and opened his mouth wide in a scream.

No! Please—stop! Neither the attacker or Inuyasha heard her pleas.

The gun. She had to get to the gun. She summoned up every ounce of strength that she could muster and tried to lift her foot. Nothing happened. Invisible pins still held her firmly to the wall.

As she stared out at the attacker killing Inuyasha right in front of her, she had a sudden burst of clarity. This was it. This was the difference between humans and demons. Ever since the invasions began, she had asked herself the question many times. Now she knew the difference. A human was useless in a situation such as this. A human would be helplessly stuck to the wall like an idiot. A human could not save Inuyasha.


She had heard his voice. The ringing in her ears had suddenly stopped, and her ability to hear had returned. Her eyes darted towards Inuyasha's face. She could now focus properly; no more glitching. He met her eyes.

"Ka…go…me… I-I…"

He was dying. He was trying to say something to her. She could tell it was something important—something that she needed her to know; some sort of last words or final goodbye. He was interrupted by the blade of the sword being pushed deeper into his back; ripping past already damaged muscle tissue and making its way to his spine.

The sound of his agonizing scream surrounded her. She could hear better than ever before—she could see better than ever before; feel better than ever before. The world had stopped spinning. Time itself had slowed down. The planets, the stars, and even the sun had abandoned their natural cycle to revolve around this one moment in time. All the world ceased to exist. There were no humans and demons-there was only Kagome and Inuyasha, and no matter what happened in the next thirty seconds, that's all there would ever be.

And without hesitation or difficulty, Kagome took a running start away from the wall.