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Emma's Nurse

Emma was let out of the hospital after her terrible accident and went home with her wife, Regina and her son, Henry. Henry went to go have a sleepover with Mr. Gold's son Bay. So, that meant Regina and Emma had the whole house to themselves. "Alright my sweet go and lay down on the bed and I'll show you my surprise", Regina told her with a sly grin.

"Yes Madame Mayor", Emma replied as she laid down on their bed and waited for Regina. Within minutes she stepped into the room and Emma's mouth dropped when she saw her. Regina was wearing a red and white nurse's outfit. Her skirt barely covered her butt and her vest looked more like a bra and was see through. Her shoes were red heels and she was wearing the little nurse's hat.

"I was told there was a sick patient in here that needed medical attention immediately", Regina purred as she walked over to Emma. She climbed on top of the blonde woman and unbuttoned Emma's blouse exposing her bra. Emma was still transfixed on Regina's outfit that her mind just went to mush. Regina gave her a smirk as she undid Emma's bra with her teeth. Then she sent a trail of kisses down Emma's stomach until she reached Emma's pants. She unzipped them with her teeth and pulled Emma's underwear off with her teeth. Emma's body remained frozen all she could think of at the moment was damn Regina looks fucking hot in that outfit.

This might get a reaction out of her, Regina thought slyly as she began to suck between Emma's legs.

Emma yelled out in pleasure as she snapped out of her trance and pounced on Regina. Using her teeth to rip Regina's clothes off. Emma bit into Regina's nibble causing the brunette to yell out in pleasure. Yet, Regina wanted to remain in control. So, she flipped Emma on her back and very quickly handcuffed her to the bedpost. "What are you doing?" Emma asked as she jerked her handcuffed hands.

"Simply my dear I'm nursing you back to health", Regina said with a smile as she kissed Emma's lips. Emma let out a moan as she allowed Regina access into her mouth. Regina's tongue searched every nook and cranny of Emma's mouth causing the blonde to moan. Soon the kiss ended and Regina turned her attention toward Emma's breasts as she sucked on Emma's nibble.

"Ah God harder!" Emma shouted as she panted.

"Of course my sweet Emma", Regina replied as she sucked harder. Regina slid down her stomach again kissing every inch of skin she could reach.

"No fair Regina let me touch you!" Emma shouted as she struggled against her cuffs.

"Sorry my dear Emma but I'm the nurse and you're the patient now just enjoy the pleasure I'm giving you", Regina purred as she kissed Emma again. Within minutes the handcuffs were off and the two women were holding each other tightly.

"Next time I get to be the nurse", Emma told her as Regina kissed her wrist.

"Of course darling if you can find the handcuffs", Regina said slyly and kissed Emma passionately on the lips.

The end

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