I don't own Night World. I just thought it would be quite fun to write a drabble or two hundred (Okay, maybe I'll start with 25). JezxMorgead, just before she leaves. If any of you lot can think of any prompts, then go ahead and give 'em to me ;) Can't promise that I'll use them, but I'll do my best!

Prompt #6 - Empty

Empty. Why do I feel so empty? How difficult can it be, to get away from people who will surely kill me as soon as they found out what I am? How difficult can it be to get away from someone I hate?

Hate. It's a strong word, and I'm not sure whether it completely applies to Morgead and I. Okay... sift through what I'm feeling. Hate? Maybe not. But not much love is lost between us. Perhaps that helps.

I walk in circles around my room and come to a halt at the window. If I lean out slightly and focus my eyes, I can just about see the corner of Morgead's street. And for the first time in a long time, it doesn't call me. I know now, I'm no longer a child. I can't want to know him any more. I can't worry about him. He hasn't been worried about me since we were children; I have enough bruises and scars from his fighting sticks to know that. How difficult can it be to forget about someone who doesn't care about me, whom I don't care about? Shouldn't be this hard. Shouldn't.

I start repeating it to myself, like a mantra. And when I turn away from the window, my mind doesn't beg for one last look.

Shouldn't be this hard.