A/N: Spoilers for episode eight!

Between all of the people he had to watch over, Avatar Aang was the busiest man in the spirit world.

Sokka and Toph weren't much help.

The airbender's eyes flipped to Pema briefly; her arm was pressed against her back as she bent over to pick up a piece of trash from the floor. Once she was upright, he turned to watch Jinora practice airbending for a moment. For a moment, he was young again, training with Gyatso. His heart swelled with pride.

"Lin's working outside the law!" Toph cheered, watching her daughter prepare. The earthbender had invented a song and dance by now to rub it in their faces. "She was the chief of police, and now she's a thief, stealing back her meeetalbeeee-eeenders!"

It wasn't exactly a good song.

Sokka was sitting crosslegged, watching intently as his great-grandchild attempted to push herself onto all fours.

"Suki, Suki, look at this, she almost did it this time!" he insisted, pointing and jumping up and down.

"That's great." Aang turned around for a second to see his wife roll her eyes from her seat near the moon spirit, and then he refocused on Katara. She was shopping for new clothes for the season. His old bones creaked along with hers.

Like him, the moon spirit was very busy. She rarely got to visit, but it was always interesting when she did. At the moment, Sokka's two great loves were discussing the advancement of women in the Northern Water Tribe.

"Yue, isn't she the best baby in the whole world?" the nonbender breathed. The moon spirit smiled wistfully and nodded. She knew that in another life that would've been her great-grandchild, but she didn't regret her decision. All of the water tribe were her family now.

"Not for long," Aang replied distractedly, "Bumi's daughter's expecting too." He was chewing his nails down to the bit, watching Korra as she fought yet another enemy. His heart beat a mile a minute.

"Can't you help her out a little, Yue?" he asked. He was clearly worried.

"Lin can get by without the help of the moon spirit," Toph bragged.

"Speaking of help," he said, "Can you guys please lend me a hand here?"

"Fine," they whined.

Yue left to do her moon spirit duties. (Aang still wasn't clear on that). Suki, Sokka, and Toph focused on the ground.

"Katara's buying a new jacket," Sokka informed him.

"Oh!" Aang exclaimed. He quickly focused on the South Pole, smiling as she pulled it on. He leaned on his hand, eyes wide and gooey. Sokka grimaced.

"It doesn't match her boots at all." He turned up his nose at her and turned back to his own descendants.

"Ty Lee's driving Zuko and Mai crazy," Suki chimed in.

"What else is new?" Sokka said. Aang laughed. Zuko and Mai made the perfect grumpy old couple, but Ty Lee was the same as always.

"They should be in Republic City," Toph grumbled. "Zuko is powerful enough to make the benders listen to them, and Mai and Ty Lee can speak to the nonbenders from experience.

Aang turned back to Republic City. Tenzin sat, head in his hands, in front of a large stack of paperwork. The Avatar frowned. He knew his son's stress was from more than just the papers. Tarrlok was still giving him trouble.

"Korra's in deep water," Toph shouted, turning back to Aang, "Can't you help her out with some glowy action?"

"No," Aang shouted back. Frustration was evident in his voice. "I can barely even send her ideas, let alone combine power!" He pushed his memories at her, grimacing. He could see in her eyes she was registering them.

It might be too late. She was still collapsed, and now she was being bound.

"Fucking Tarrlok," Toph growled.

There was nothing he could do until she awoke, and so Aang flipped briefly to check up on Kya. She was curled up on a chair outside of her igloo, lazily bending the snow into new shapes. Her spouse came outside, smiling and carrying tea. Satisfied, her father turned back to Korra.

Later Aang'd have to have a discussion with Yue about Tarrlok's bloodbending.

"I've got my eye on her," Suki told him, "There's nothing you can do right now. You should check on everyone else."

"Okay," Aang murmured. He did his rounds.

Bumi, Tenzin, Kya. All of the grandkids. Lin, carrying a knapsack, was fleeing under the cover of nightfall. He wanted to watch to make sure she was okay, but he knew she could take care of herself. He checked up on Korra again. She had gotten the gag off of her mouth, but she was using the element of surprise to her advantage. Naga followed the van a bit behind. He breathed a bit better. She'd be safe.

The former avatar checked on Zuko and the others. He did his best to watch for only a few seconds each. He had so much to do. Finally, he allowed himself the luxury of checking on his wife. He always saved Katara for last; his forever girl took the longest.

The elderly waterbender had moved out of the compound when Korra did. She was living in an igloo at the center of town. After setting down her purchases, she'd gone back outside, wrapped in her new winter jacket.

Katara was surrounded by children. They clutched at her legs, begging for stories and lessons and snacks. She leaned down, laughing and insisting that they give her a break. One of her hair loopies came loose and fell into her face. Frowning, Aang reached through the air for it.

For a moment, he could feel her hair in his fingers. Then it slipped away. Katara looked up, startled. Her hands flew to the loose strands and fixed it.

She smiled briefly, and he smiled back.


The avatar was brought back from Earth.

"Yeah?" he muttered, turning to Suki.

"You should see this."