A/N: Just the product of boredom. What were Apollo's other lame poems?
Behold, some of his failures at limericks and haikus... XD
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Apollo's Poems
There once was a goddess from Sparta
Whose gift to the mortals was parkas
The people complained
Drove the goddess insane
So she turned them into dogs that just bark-ad
Artemis' Hunters
Criticize my great poems
I torture their lives
Yes, I was born first
We've argued for endless years
Artemis, epic fail
There once was a man named Luke Castellan
Determined to help Kronos' army win
But he had a good heart
A nice man from the start
Gave his life in the Last Olympian
Annabeth haters
Say she is a Mary Sue
Who cares, I'm awesome
Yikes, Nico di Angelo
Feeds hamburgers to the dead
Let me keep the toy
Perseus Jackson
Rules the water and speaks horse
I'm still more awesome

The great Pan is dead
The satyrs say it's only
Al Gore propaganda
Half-blood, Thalia
Turned into a magic tree
Wow, her life so sucks
Hera helps half-bloods
Make a wish, good luck, goodbye
POOF! – she's annoying
Evil algebra
"X" equals mad Kindly One
Tough, tough equation