It was cold, and it was dark. It was dead now, and you knew it.

When people began to wonder, you tried to cover it up. When people began to wonder why your mask only had one open eye, you knew you needed to fix something. You covered the other, no daring to let the white shield be revealed.

There is nothing but a closed, empty, socket. Your left eye, long gone. Along with your old identity when you followed the Mask of Ice. He had taken it. A punishment gone way too far. A beating, that was meant to be light. Only enough to stop you from fooling around. To take your work more seriously.

Being psychic, your memory is amazing. But it's not always a good thing. You remember the ways he struck you. You remember the freezing pain on you skull and back. A frostbite to your head and a chilling whip on your back. You remember the way you wanted to cry in suffering ache. To scream out the agony that filled your every breath. The tears welled to great lengths, but you would not let them escape. Your comrades were there. Being forced to watch in stricken silence, as they could do nothing.

The striking had ended, and you could not stand. Trying to show your strength, but every once had disappeared. You shake uncontrollably, trembling under the conditions. You could feel warm streams running on your face and back. Dripping into small pools of red on the floor.

Everyone had left, under his orders. To make you stand on your own. But she came back. To help you to your wobbly feet. Your partner, one year ahead of you...your only friend: Karen.

Most of the time, she scolds you. But like a little brother, she helps you and carries you along. Sometimes making yourself carry you.

Karen gets the untrained doctors that are around. They say they can do nothing but take out the injured eye. And close the lid. They didn't give you any medicine to make you not feel the pain. They only tore and cleaned the blood dropping off your cheek.

Again, you wanted to scream to the world. You wanted to cry out the pain and suffer. You heard the shrieks you wanted to yell in your head. Pounding through the solid wall. A beat so agonizing, every thought hurt. You wanted to let the river of water flow from your only eye. But you couldn't. They were still around.

Covered with a temporary cloth, bled through already. You make your way to your small room. Lying on the bed, making sure everyone is asleep. So they can't hear you cry in the darkness.