So, the first...4 chapters will be kindda short, and these all happened a long time ago...So enjoy! I don't own Monsters vs Aliens! Bye!

Isabella's POV:

"IZZY!" Called my father, I turned my head, and whipped the cookie behind my back. I ran over to him.

"Isabella, give me that!" He said as he ripped the cookie out of my hand. "This is a radio-active disc! Don't eat it, you'll die!" I understood nothing he said, no living four year old should, because to me it just looked like a glowing cookie. "Now, I need you to watch this, and if the red button starts to flash, please call me." He told me. Again, I caught none of that.

As he walked away I focused myself on the glowing water-like-stuff move around through the window to the next room over. It was so memorizing I almost didn't hear the loud beeping go off.


I was just about to turn around and scream for my dad when the explosion erupts. I don't know when I was hit, but I was and suddenly I couldn't cry out, couldn't talk, I could barely moan.

Later, in the hospital, the news was on, and because I had just gotten out of surgery and I could barely breathe without an eerie pain creeping through my throat. There was a reported talking rapidly, I couldn't understand because he was talking so fast, but then they turned the camera and I got it:

There was a monster attacking Tokyo.

But the worst thing happened, when they came in and told me my father was killed in the accident, I would've screamed for hours...

If they hadn't taken my voice box out.